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    Summa Domestica Volume 1 Family Life


    Most wives have a deep and existential intuition that she bears primary responsibility for creating the home environment, in cooperation with her husband, who protects and provides for it. When Leila Lawler started her own family, she had no idea how to keep the house, what to expect spending all day at home with toddlers, how to pass on the Faith, and whether the mountain of laundry facing her would prevail — never mind which curriculum to choose.

    She spent decades as a mother and a wife retrieving cultural memories that had been lost and buried under an avalanche of feminist ideology. They’ve been developed and presented on her web site, Like Mother, Like Daughter, and have now been edited and collected in this comprehensive, three-volume set to help wives and mothers who desire to become proficient in systematically approaching home life.

    The Summa Domestica comprises three volumes: Family Life, which delves into establishing the home; Education, which explores basic areas of teaching children and preparing them to learn on their own; and Housekeeping, which gives detailed instructions on taking care of house, meals, and laundry in a numerous household.

    You are sure to find The Summa Domestica to be a powerful how-to book that is also lively, opinionated, funny, peaceful, and serves as a serious compendium of thoughts on making and keeping a home.

    SKU (ISBN): 9781644133927
    Leila Lawler | Illustrator: Dierdre Folley
    Binding: Trade Paper
    Published: 2021
    Publisher: Sophia Institute



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