Better Day Is Coming


What happens when you don’t find your best life now?Are you tempted to envy the easy lives of ungodly people?How do you rise above the disappointments and frustrations of this life?

Perhaps a reminder of ultimate realities would help. For true followers of Jesus, a better day is coming. Guaranteed. It may be by the miraculous intervention of a loving and resourceful God. Or it may be in the ultimate perfection of His eternal presence. But no matter how hard this life gets, you’ll ultimately win.

In 180 devotional readings, A Better Day Is Coming shows that God is certainly strong and generous enough to heal your disease, protect your job, restore your marriage or give you someone to love.

But though He can and sometimes will do these things, for His own mysterious reasons, He also often withholds them. What we can say for sure is that your day is coming-that day you actually live with Him, when the perfection of heaven is your eternal reality, when sin and sickness and sorrow are banished forever from His (and your) presence.

Take the long view of this short life. God will make sure you’re covered. A better day is coming.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781643527475
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: February 2021
Publisher: Barbour Publishing Inc.


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