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  • Manifestations Of The Glory Of God


    We live in the greatest days! Great things have happened, and greater things are going to happen. God wants to demonstrate His power in a way everyone can see it. But it is not His power alone that does it. We add faith to it and come together in unity-worshipping and praising God. He will inhabit our praises and manifest in our midst.

    In this session from a 1983 Holy Spirit Seminar, Kenneth E. Hagin lays a solid Biblical foundation for the coming move of God. Learn how God’s Spirit operates and ways to cooperate. Watch as the Holy Spirit moves and prophetic words come forth. The phenomenal manifestations we have already seen are just the tip of the iceberg! Know what to do to get ready for more.

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  • Sin Unto Death


    What is the sin unto death? Who has committed it? Find the answer with an in-depth look at what Jesus revealed to Kenneth E. Hagin when He said, I’ll show you how the devil will get a hold of people, even Christians, if they’ll let him.

    Over the years, this classic teaching by Brother Hagin has helped many believers who thought they committed the unpardonable sin. Very few people have committed it, but our thoughts can open the door to life or sin and death. Satan may whisper from the outside, but we don’t have to entertain his thoughts. We can do something about it. No matter how persistent, thoughts will die unborn if they are not put into word or action.

    Even if you have missed it in times past, there is forgiveness. Put it behind you, rise up, and take hold of the blessings of God!

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  • Precious Blood Of Jesus


    Let the blood of Jesus wash away all sin, shame, and sickness from your life. There is power in the blood to overcome every circumstance!

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  • How You Can Be Led By The Spirit Of God


    This highly acclaimed book – expanded with additional insights from Rev. Hagin’s ministry of almost 70 years – teaches you how to focus on the Holy Spirit’s leading. Step-by-step guidance through the scriptures helps you avoid spiritual pitfalls, hear God’s voice, and follow His direction.

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  • Tongues : Beyond The Upper Room


    Few topics are more controversial than speaking in tongues – the divinely imparted gift that enables Christians to supernaturally communicate with God in a more intimate way than prayer and praise in languages we know. Amid much discussion and debate comes Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s Tongues: Beyond The Upper Room, a comprehensive work with insights from the most authoritative of sources – the Bible.

    Tongues: Beyond The Upper Room looks at common objections to and misconceptions about tongues, scriptural purposes of speaking in other tongues, common excesses, praying out God’s plan, pressing into greater depths in prayer, guidelines to receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and much more!

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  • Name Of Jesus


    From the author of The Believer’s Authority: Legacy Edition and How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God: Legacy Edition comes the third release in this life-changing series: The Name of Jesus: Legacy Edition. First published in 1979, this landmark by Kenneth E. Hagin has dramatically impacted Christians everywhere. Now back in print after more than 15 years, this legacy edition contains new truths Rev. Hagin taught on the Name of Jesus after the book’s intial writing.

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  • Healing Scriptures


    Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin reads aloud scriptures as beautiful, soothing music plays in the background.

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  • Bible Prayer Study Course (Workbook)


    Learning how to pray effectively is one of the most important things a believer can do in his Christian walk. The Bible Prayer Study Course discusses many principles of prayer found in the Word of God. As you apply these principles in your life, you can be sure of an answer every time! Prayer is joining forces with God. It is fellowshipping with Him. It is carrying out His will upon the earth. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that believers know how to pray.

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  • Reality Of Heaven And Hell


    On Saturday, April 22, 1933, Kenneth E. Hagin died-three times. Each time, he reached the gates of hell, witnessed the blazing flames, and was supernaturally drawn back to the earth, finally accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior. Rev. Hagin underscores the reality of Heaven and hell with vivid recollections of his personal experience and firm scriptural foundations.

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  • Healing Anointing Series 2


    In volume 2 of this 2-volume series, Rev. Hagin discusses, among other points, two conditions that must be met for God’s healing anointing to work in a person’s life.

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  • Reigning In Life As A King


    Man was created to reign as a king in this life. God never intended that man be a slave to sin, bad habits, sickness, or anything that binds.

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  • Mountain Moving Faith


    In this six-CD series, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin shares seven key principles of the faith — Mountain-Moving Faith — that God has given every believer!

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  • Confession Series


    Many of us who believe in Jesus Christ don’t understand the importance of confession in our everyday lives. Confession means more than just confessing our sins. But what are we to confess? In this 4-CD series, Kenneth E. Hagin clearly explains the blessings and benefits that come when we who believe make Bible-based confessions a vital part of our lives.

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  • Belivers Authority Series


    The Book of Ephesians unveils the believer’s authority more fully than any other Epistle written to the Church. This three-volume DVD series provides an in-depth scriptural study of the believer’s authority in Christ.

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  • Ministering To The Lord


    In this series, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin shares scriptural truths and personal insights on praise and worship.

    He discusses the place and purpose of praise and worship in our everyday lives. He also explains that ministering to the Lord brings benefits such as healing and joy. We can praise ourselves to victory!

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  • What It Means To Believe With The Heart


    In this series, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin shares important aspects of believing with your heart.

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  • Prayer And Praise


    Do you every wonder why some people are always happy? How they always have a song in their heart and a spring in their step? Why their prayers are always answered?

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  • How You Can Be Led By The Spirit Of God 2


    In this series, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin shows how believers can learn to accurately discern the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Marriage Divorce And Remarriage


    Bringing clarity and understanding to common misconceptions about this subject, the author offers comfort and help from the Word of God on issues related to marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

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  • Bible Healing Study Course (Student/Study Guide)


    Have you ever wondered if healing is for today? The Bible Healing Study Course provides scriptural proof that it is God’s will to heal you. Your healing is an accomplished fact, and this invaluable study course shows how you can make the promise of healing a reality in your life.

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  • Ministry Gifts : Fifteen Lessons On The Ministry Gifts (Student/Study Guide)


    The Ministry Gifts discusses in depth the biblical characteristics of the ministry gifts – apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, helps – and their roles in the Body of Christ.

    This informative study guides answers such questions as:
    -For what purpose did God give ministry gifts?
    -How can you tell if you are called to the five-fold ministry?
    -What characteristics do we look for in an apostle today?
    -What is the ultimate aim of all ministry?

    This dynamic 15-lesson study guide is designed for group or personal devotions.

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  • Gods Word On Divine Healing (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Healing: God At Work
    2. Healing: The Father’s Provision
    3. Healing: God’s Will For You
    4. Two Streams Of Healing
    5. You Can Receive If You Believe
    6. Healing Is A Good Gift
    7. Is It God’s Will To Heal You?
    8. God’s Word Is Health To Our Flesh!
    9. The Abundant Life
    10. Roadblocks To Healing 1
    11. Roadblocks To Healing 2
    12. Spiritual Healing?
    13. Walk In The Light Of God’s Word

    Additional Info
    If you’ve ever wondered if healing is for today, then this study guide is for you! Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s God’s Word on Divine Healing provides scriptural proof that it is God’s will to heal!
    Your healing is an accomplished fact and this invaluable study guide shows how you can make the promise of healing a reality in your life.

    This informative study guide answers such questions as:
    -Is healing for today?
    -What is the abundant life?
    -Is it God’s will to heal you?
    -What does the Bible say about man’s right to be healed?

    This dynamic 13-lesson study guide is designed for group or personal devotions.

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  • Walking By Faith (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Faith In Action 1
    2. Faith In Action 2
    3. Confession: Key To Unlocking Faith
    4. Confession Restores Broken Fellowship
    5. Confession Of God’s Word Builds Faith
    6. Confession Of The Believer’s Privileges In Christ
    7. Right And Wrong Confession
    8. Six Enemies To Faith
    9. Actions That Correspond With Faith
    10. How To Write Your Own Ticket With God
    11. Doubt: The Thief Of God’s Greater Blessings
    12. You Can Have What You Say
    13. How To Train The Human Spirit

    Additional Info
    Faith makes the difference between defeat and victory in a Christian’s life. When believers walk by faith, they experience God’s best – because there is no failure in God!
    In this study guide, Walking by Faith, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin carefully explains how you can lead a life of overcoming-faith.

    This informative study guide answers such questions as:
    -What are the enemies of faith?
    -How can faith be used to move mountains of poverty?
    -How do you overcome fear and doubt with faith?
    -How can you strengthen and train your spirit to be a safe guide?

    This dynamic 13-lesson study guide is designed for group or personal devotions.

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  • Foundations For Faith (Student/Study Guide)


    1. How De We Get Faith?
    2. What Is Faith?
    3. Faith Vs. Hope
    4. Faith Sees The Answer
    5. Faith Vs. Feelings
    6. What It Means To Believe With The Heart (Part 1)
    7. What It Means To Believe With The Heart (Part 2)
    8. Faith For Prosperity
    9. Seven Steps To The Highest Kind Of Faith (Part 1)
    10. Seven Steps To The Highest Kind Of Faith (Part 2)
    11. Seven Steps To The Highest Kind Of Faith (Part 3)
    12. Seven Steps To The Highest Kind Of Faith (Part 4)
    13. The God-Kind Of Faith

    Additional Info
    Faith is the foundation of the Christian Life. Yet many believers don’t fully understand what true Bible faith is.
    Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s study guide, Foundations for Faith, teaches the basic principles of faith and discusses why faith is the key to receiving from God.

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  • Steps To Answered Prayer (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Seven Steps To Answered Prayer (Part 1)
    2. Seven Steps To Answered Prayer (Part 20
    3. The Prayer That Unlocks Heaven
    4. The Authority Of Jesus’ Name
    5. The Prayer Of Agreement
    6. Interpreting Our Prayers In The Spirit
    7. Tongues – A Flowing Stream Of Praise
    8. Prayer On A New Dimension
    9. The Prayers Of Petition And Consecration
    10. The Prayer Of Worship (Part 1)
    11. The Prayer Of Worship (Part 2)
    12. United Prayer
    13. The Prayer Of Commitment

    Additional Info
    If Your Prayers have gone unanswered, don’t give up hope, because God hears and answers prayer! Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s Steps to Answered Prayer reveals several steps that when faithfully followed in prayer, assure the believer of an answer.

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  • Baptism In The Holy Spirit (Student/Study Guide)


    1. The Baprism In The Holy Spirit – An Experience Subsequent To Salvation
    2. The Promise And Its Fulfillment
    3. The Holy Spirit – An Ever-Present Source Of Power
    4. The Evidence Of The Holy Spirit’s Indwelling
    5. Is It Necessary To Speak In Tongues?
    6. What Purpose Do Tongues Serve?
    7. Is It Scriptural To Tarry For The Holy Spirit? (Part 1)
    8. Is It Scriptural To Tarry For The Holy Spirit? (Part 2)
    9. Ten Reasons Why Every Believer Should Speak In Tongues (Part 1)
    10. Ten Reasons Why Every Believer Should Speak In Tongues (Part 2)
    11. The Holy Spirit Within
    12. Seven Steps To Receiving The Holy Spirit(Part 1)
    13. Seven Steps To Receiving The Holy Spirit(Part 2)

    Additional Info
    It is vitally important that we, as Christians, come to know the Holy Spirit. For when we learn what His role in the Trinity is, we will better understand His purpose in our lives. Baptism in the Holy Spirit deals in depth with the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues.

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  • Learning To Flow With The Spirit Of God


    1. Learning What Short-Circuits The Power
    2. Learning To Interpret The Flow
    3. Learning To Control The Excesses

    Additional Info
    There is a very fine line between real spirituality, and fanaticism and excess, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin states. Discover how to yield to the Spirit of God individually and corporately.

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  • Laying On Of Hands


    1. Doctrine Of Christ
    2. Doctrine Of Laying On Of Hands
    3. Empty Hands On Empty Heads
    4. Example Of Jesus And The Apostles
    5. These Signs Shall Follow
    6. Methods

    Additional Info
    This minibook explores a fundamental principle of the doctrine of Christ, with emphasis in the area of healing.

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  • Threefold Nature Of Man (Abridged)


    1. Threefold Nature Of Man
    2. Man’s First Dimension The Spirit
    3. Man’s Second Dimension The Soul
    4. Man’s Third Dimension The Body
    5. Holy Spirit In The Inner Man
    6. Questions And Answers

    Additional Info
    The Threefold Nature of Man is the result of years of study by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin.
    The subject of man’s threefold nature -spirit, soul, and body-always intrigued Rev. Hagin. Like most Christians, however, he had never been taught this essential Bible truth.
    When he began to study the subject, he encountered a great deal of confusion; especially in distinguishing between spirit and soul. Much error has been taught, even from the pulpit, he comments.
    After much prayer and Bible study, he learned that man is a spirit who possesses a soul and lives in a body. He elaborated on the threefold nature of man in this book.

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  • Love : The Way To Victory


    1. Characteristics Of The God-Kind Of Love
    2. Divine Love: The Evidence Of The New Birth
    3. Love: The Law Of The New Covenant
    4. The God-Kind Of Love Forgives
    5. The Benefits Of Walking In Love
    6. Failing To Walk In Love Can Affect Your Health
    7. Judge Yourself — And You Won’t Be Judged
    8. Love Your Enemies

    Additional Info
    Make God’s Love Your Great Quest!

    God has told us in His Word that we are to make the love of God our great quest in life. The Amplified Bible says it this way: Eagerly pursue and seek to acquire (this) love _ make it your aim, your great quest (1 Cor. 14:1). Yet how many of us can honestly say that we have made god’s love our great aim and quest in life?

    In this powerful book, Love: The Way to Victory, Rev. Hagin shows why God’s love is so vital to our lives. He says, The answer to so many of life’s problems is found in this statement: God’s love never fails! Therefore, if you learn to walk in love, then you’re never going to fail either. I’m talking about divine love _ God’s love in us _ not human love.

    Rev. Hagin teaches how to let the love of God dominate our lives rather than to allow our flesh or our redeemed thinking to rule us. So embark on God’s great quest for your life and learn how you can turn around even what seem to be impossible situations in your life _ just by walking in the God-kind of love!

    In this book you will learn:

    The Benefits of Walking in Love
    how To Love Your Enemies
    Characteristics of the God-Kind Of Love
    The God-Kind of Love Forgives
    Failing To Walk in Love Can Affect Your Health

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  • Fresh Anointing


    1. The Anointing In The Old Testament
    2. The Anointing In The New Testament
    3. New Testament Kings And Priests
    4. Empty Cisterns Or Full Reservoirs?
    5. New Testament Pattern
    6. Characteristics Of Those With A Fresh Anointing
    7. Maintaining The Glow In Adverse Circumstances
    8. Second Characteristic Of Those With A Fresh Anointing
    9. Third Characteristic Of Those With A Fresh Anointing
    10. A Fresh Anointing Is Recognizable
    11. Full Of The Word And The Holy Spirit!

    Additional Info
    God said of Israel in the Old Testament, . . . my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water (Jer. 2:13). In other words, God’s people had chosen their own will instead of God’s will and because of that they had become empty, broken cisterns. In this book, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin explains that there is an application in this scripture for the Body of Christ today. We need a fresh anointing, Rev. Hagin explains, so we won’t be empty, broken cisterns that can hold no water! God doesn’t want His people to be empty cisterns; He wants them to be full reservoirs able to hold much living water of the Holy Spirit. Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin shows believers how they can tap into the provisions God has already made for them in His Word so they can receive a fresh anointing on their lives every day!

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  • Triumphant Church : Dominion Over All The Powers Of Darkness


    1. Origins: Satan And His Kingdom
    2. Rightly Dividing Man: Spirit, Soul, And Body
    3. The Devil Or The Flesh?
    4. Distinguishing The Difference Between Oppression, Obsession, And Possession
    5. Can A Christian Have A Demon?
    6. How To Deal With Evil Spirits
    7. The Wisdom Of God
    8. Spiritual Warfare: Are You Wrestling Or Resting?
    9. Pulling Down Strongholds
    10. Praying Scripturally To Thwart The Kingdom Of Darkness
    11. Is The Deliverance Ministry Scriptural?
    12. Scriptural Ways To Minister Deliverance

    Additional Info
    Can a Christian Have a Demon?
    Is It Scriptural To Pull Down Strongholds?
    What Is True Biblical Warfare?

    Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s book, The Triumphant Church: Dominion Over All The Powers Of Darkness is a comprehensive biblical study on the subject of demonology. Rev. Hagin builds a thorough study from the Scriptures on the origin of Lucifer and how Satan became the god of this world. Rev. Hagin shows the difference between oppression, obsession, and possession and discusses various ways believers can give Satan access in their lives.
    This book will show you how to enforce Satan’s defeat in your life so you can live in the victory God intended for every believer. No longer will you have to try to battle to a place of victory once you see the authority that is yours in Jesus Christ.
    As a believer, you are seated in heavenly places in Christ far above all powers and principalities now. So if you’re not looking down on the devil, you’re not high enough! Come on up and sit in heavenly places in Christ where you belong. Learn how to take your place in Christ as the triumphant Church – which is always a position of victory!

    Read this enlightening book and gain insight concerning:
    -Rightly Dividing Man: Spirit, Soul, and Body
    -The Wisdom Of God
    -Spiritual Warfare: Are You Wrestling or Resting?
    -The Deliverance Ministry – Is it Scriptural?

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  • Following Gods Plan For Your Life


    1. Running The Race
    2. Maintaining A Spirit-Filled Life
    3. Consecration To God’s Plan
    4. Learning To Be Led By The Holy Spirit
    5. Different Ways The Holy Spirit Leads
    6. Obeying God Doesn’t Cost-It Pays!
    7. Love’s Way Is The Best Way

    Additional Info
    Run the race God sets before you!

    Are you running the spiritual race God has set before you? If you are trying to run someone else’s race or a race of your own choosing, you are missing the mark. You have a high calling to run the race and finish the course God has uniquely designed for you.

    In this book, the author states, The last days are upon us. The end of all things is at hand. Critical years lie ahead of us, for there is a great work to be done and a great harvest of souls to be reaped….

    Never has it been so crucial for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and for each of us to follow God’s plan for our lives. It’s time to shape up, friends. It’s time to get serious about serving God and to be everything God wants us to be.

    It’s up to you whether or not you ever fulfill the divine purpose God ordained for your life before the beginning of time. Make sure you’re on God’s course for your life!

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  • He Gave Gifts Unto Men


    1. Ranks Or Classes Of Apostles
    2. Fourth Class Of Apostle: Non-Foundational Apostles
    3. Characteristics Of The Apostolic Call
    4. Qualifications For The Apostolic Ministry
    5. The Office Of The Prophet Contrasted In Old And New Testaments
    6. What Is A New Testament Prophet?
    7. Prophets Are Not To Guide And Direct New Testament Believers
    8. Performing In The Flesh VS. Ministering In The Spirit
    9. Foretelling Versus Forthtelling
    10. God Does Not Put Novices In Positions Of Authority
    11. Church Government
    12. The Pastor And The Local Church
    13. Different Church Structures
    14. Ministerial Accountability

    Additional Info
    The role of the apostle, prophet, and pastor in the Body of Christ.

    The offices of the apostle and the prophet have recently come under much scrutiny and questioning among believers. Some claim that these offices are no longer in existence in our day.

    But what does the Word of God say about the roles of the apostle and prophet in the earth today? Does the apostle rule over all the other ministry gifts, including the pastor? Should the prophet lead the local church and who is in authority in the local assembly?

    Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin answers these and other questions according to the clear counsel of God’s Word in this book. He emphatically states that God is not only raising up strong local churches but is also desiring to give clear understanding of the proper role and function of apostles and prophets in the Body of Christ.

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  • Pensar Bien Y Mal


    Lo que usted cree es el resultado de lo que usted piensa. Cuando los creyentes permiten que la Palabra de Dios renueve su mente, comienzan a pensar en la forma biblica correcta y a marchar en victoria.

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  • Art Of Prayer


    The art of prayer, known to early-day Pentecostals, has been virtually lost in recent years. However, in order for God to accomplish what He desires, the true art of prayer must be resurrected in the Church.

    Kenneth E. Hagin’s book The Art of Prayer shows how this can be done and reflects Rev. Hagin’s new, updated material on this subject. Rev. Hagin notes, We believe that God will use this book to raise up and train a great number of people who know how to pray and who will be at the forefront of the work of the Lord in these last days. This book is a must for every prayer group and church.

    The chapters in this important handbook on the lost art of prayer cover such subjects as: praying for your nation, interceding for the lost, praying for deliverance, groanings in the Spirit, fasting, and praying for those in sin.

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  • Holy Spirit And His Gifts Study Course (Student/Study Guide)


    Read about the meaning and the Holy Spirt and His Gifts that Jesus well share and understand the Holy Spirt with you.

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  • Bible Faith Study Course (Workbook)


    The Bible Faith Study Course is a concentrated study on the subject of faith—the key to receiving from God. God’s children will walk into the realms of victory when they study and absorb in their spirits the rich teaching in each of the 24 sections.

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  • Dont Blame God


    1. Why Me?
    2. Don’t Blame God
    3. Redeemed From The Curse
    4. Don’t Die Like This
    5. Secret Things

    Additional Info
    Many wrongly harbor resentment against God for tragedies in their lives. Learn where tragedies really come from and who the Deliverer is.

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  • Plans Purposes And Pursuits


    1. Visitation
    2. Plans, Purposes, Pursuits
    3. Except The Lord Build The House
    4. What’s Your Purpose?
    5. Walking In The Light
    6. Change In The Order Of Worship
    7. Dancing In The Flesh Or In The Spirit
    8. Reverence: Key To God’s Presence And Power
    9. Be Being Filled – Speaking
    10. Demonstration Of The Spirit
    11. True New Testament Worship
    12. Paying The Price

    Additional Info
    Man has done in this day the same thing that was done in King Rehoboam’s day. In the Old Testament, the enemy came in and stole the gold out of the temple of the Lord. Then king Rehoboam came in and stole the gold out of the temple of the Lord. Then king Rehoboam came along and substituted brass for gold. Christians have done the same thing today. They have substituted the gold of the temple – God’s plans, purposes, and pursuits and pursue the true worship of God. The Body of Christ is in the shallow waters of a new beginning of God’s glory manifested in the earth, but that new wave of God’s blessing can only occur as the Body of Christ gets the brass out of the temple!

    Chapter titles include:
    Plans, purposes, pursuits
    What’s Your purpose?
    A change in the Order of Worship
    Reverence: Key to God’s Presence and Power
    Demonstration of the Spirit
    Paying the Price

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  • Porque De Las Lenguas


    Los beneficios de ser llenos del Espiritu Santo y de hablar en otras lenguas son discutidos en este importante mini-libro.

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  • El Shaddai : The God Who Is More Than Enough


    1. The God Who Is More Than Enough
    2. Seven Things God Wants To Do For You
    3. How To Enjoy A Long Life
    4. The Man Who Could’nt Be Saved

    Additional Info
    When Kenneth E. Hagin was a bedridden teenager, Satan tried to rob him of his life. Then the Spirit of God spoke the following phrase of Scripture to his spirit: With long life will I satisfy him (Ps. 91:16.)
    Studying the Scriptures, Kenneth E. Hagin learned that God did indeed promise His people a long life, and that His Word declares that there are certain things believers can do to make their lives shorter or longer. The word El Shaddai is one of the seven covenant names through which God revealed himself to Israel. In hebrew, El Shaddai means the All-Sufficient One, or the God who is more than enough. El Shaddai is based on one of Rev. Hagin’s best-known and best loved sermons, a sermon that shows that our loving Heavenly Father is a God of abundance – and long life.
    Find out all that God intends for you to enjoy in our life in El Shaddai.

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  • Understanding The Anointing


    In the forward to his book Understanding the Anointing, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin writes, When I started out in the ministry more than sixty years ago, I wish we’d had the material that’s available today. Our ministries and lives would have been different.

    That’s the reason I want to share with other ministers _ especially young ministers _ what it took some of us so many years to learn. There is much about it in my spirit to share with you.

    Rev. Hagin divided this book into three sections. In the first, he discusses the individual anointing that all believers have in the New Birth _ an anointing that is increased when one is baptized in the Holy spirit. In the second section, Rev. Hagin shares that there is also an anointing upon ministry gifts, and in the third section he takes up the subject of an even stronger anointing, the corporate anointing.

    In this book you will learn:
    The Anointing On Jesus
    Anointing on Ministry Gifts
    Peculiar Anointing
    The Healing Anointings

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  • How To Turn Your Faith Loose


    1. Three Kinds Of Confession
    2. Confession The Key To Faith
    3. Positive Confession
    4. Right Confession Door To The Supernatural

    Additional Info
    The Bible teaches that if you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth, you shall have whatever you say. In How To Turn Your Faith Loose, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin expounds upon that truth and clearly shows that confession is faith’s way of expressing itself.
    In this exciting slimline book you will discover:
    The three kinds of confession
    Why faith has to be exercised, released, or turned loose in order to work.
    Why confession is the key to receiving from God
    How the right confession opens the door to God’s supernatural blessings.
    How to build a solid, positive faith life!

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  • I Believe In Visions


    1. How God Raised Me From A Deathbed
    2. Come Up Hither
    3. If – The Badge Of Doubt
    4. How Satan Influences Lives Today
    5. I Have Come To Answer Your Prayer
    6. The Angel’s Visit
    7. A Hospital Visitor
    8. The River Of Praise
    9. The Angel’s Message

    Additional Info
    I heard footsteps coming down the corridor toward my [hospital] room. I looked toward the door to see who it was, because it was only 6:30 – too early for visitors. Someone dressed in white came through the door and at first I supposed it was a nurse.
    As I looked closer, I saw it was Jesus! It seemed as if my hair stood on end. Cold chill bumps popped out all over my body, and I couldn’t say a word.
    Jesus approached my bed and sat down on a chair. He was robed in white and had some sort of sandals on.
    This is how Kenneth E. Hagin describes the beginning of his sixth major vision of Jesus Christ – an encounter in 1959 that lasted nearly an hour and a half Rev. Hagin describes in fascinating detail all of his major visions of Jesus in the book I Believe in Visions. These visions have dramatically influenced Rev. Hagin’s more than sixty years of ministry.

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  • 5 Hindrances To Growth In Grace


    This popular minibook challenges Christians to remove from their lives everything that hinders growth in grace.

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  • Woman Question


    1. Introduction
    2. Is The Man The Head Of The Woman?
    3. Must Wives Always Obey Their Husbands?
    4. Must Women Keep Silence In The Churches?
    5. Must Women Have Their Heads Covered In Church?
    6. Proper Dress And Adornment For Christian Women
    7. Conclusion

    Additional Info
    Women of today hold prominent positions as senators and even governors, as doctors and lawyers, and are very visible as directors and chairpersons of national organizations. This change has prompted a need for the teaching of sound biblical principles on the subject of women in the Body of Christ. What is the woman’s place in the home? What is her place in the church? What is her place in the marriage relationship?

    In his series The Woman Question, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin offers godly truths on women’s attire, whether or not women should always obey their husbands, and whether or not women should keep silent in the local church.

    Equipped with godly convictions and spiritual understanding, any woman can grow into a mighty vessel of God!

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  • Bodily Healing And The Atonement (Reprinted)


    Division 1
    *Reason 1
    *Reason 2
    *Reason 3
    *Reason 4
    *Reason 5
    *Reason 6
    Division 2
    Division 3
    Division 4
    Division 5
    98 Pages

    Additional Info
    The return of a classic.

    This book, a classic that was out of print for half a century, was discovered and reedited by Kenneth E. Hagin, D.D., and Roy H. Hicks, D.D. This book profoundly influenced both men early in their respective ministries. They are eager to share Dr. T. M. McCrossan’s inspired insights into the Greek text with you.

    For example, from an in-depth study of Isaiah 53 and First Peter 2:24, Dr. McCrossan clearly proves that the original manuscripts leave no room for doubt-Christ died for our sicknesses just as He died for our sins.

    Rev. Hagin has commented, I believe it is the will of the Lord that McCrossan’s book is again available to lovers of God’s Word.

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  • Must Christians Suffer


    1. Must Christians Suffer Sickness?
    2. Christians Who Suffer Unnecessarily
    3. Suffering In The Ministry
    4. Suffering Because Of God’s Call

    Additional Info
    Does the Bible say Christians must suffer sickness and disease? Does the faith life mean freedom from trials? Does the Holy Spirit ever lead a Christian into trials?
    In answering these and other pertinent questions about suffering, Kenneth E. Hagin states, I’ve never shared some of these things before. I’ve said, I’m a faith person – my faith saw me through. But the Lord began to talk to me about preaching this part. We’ve got to tell the other side.
    In this book, Rev. Hagin puts an end to confusion, showing Christians how to cope with trials and eventually rest upon the mountaintop.

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  • What To Do When Faith Seems Weak And Victory Lost


    1. Recognize The Source
    2. Be Sure The Promises Of God Cover The Things You Ask For
    3. Be Sure You Are Not Living In Sin
    4. Be Sure No Doubt Or Unbelief Is Permitted In Your Life
    5. Sincerely Desire The Benefit
    6. Ask God In Faith Nothing Wavering
    7. Do Not Tolerate A Thought To The Contrary
    8. Count The Thing Done
    9. Give Glory To God
    10. Act As Though You Have Received

    Additional Info
    How To Turn Defeat Into Victory!

    There is no need for us to be defeated. (If we are defeated, it is our fault, not God’s.) God has given us His Word. God’s Word and God’s armor are all the equipment we need . . ., Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin writes in the preface to his book What To Do When Faith Seems Weak and Victory Lost.

    Rev. Hagin continues, Yet I meet Christians all the time who have problems. They have come to the place where they say, ‘I don’t know what to do.'(Have you ever been there?) That’s the reason I wrote this book. The ten steps outlined in this book, when taken in sequence, will bring you out of defeat into certain victory!

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  • Faith Food Daily Devotions For Winter


    This book contains a daily diet for your spirit, with scriptures, bite-sized teachings, and confessions to feed your faith every day of winter!

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  • Commonsense Guide To Fasting


    1. Fasting:
    A Look At The Old Testament
    2. Fasting:
    A Look At The New Testament
    3. Why Doesn’t Paul Tell Us To Fast?
    4. Fasting And Self-Control
    5. Fasting In My Life
    6. Pushing To Extremes
    7. Different Kinds Of Fasts
    8. What Can I Accomplish By Fasting?
    9. Setting Free The Oppressed
    10. A Final Word

    Additional Info
    Fasting has been a common practice in every age and among every nation. In A Commonsense Guide to Fasting, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin gives long overdue insights from the Old and New Testaments into this subject.
    Rev. Hagin explains that Fasting does not change God. Heis the same before, during, and after you fast. But fasting will change you. It will help you keep the flesh under. It will help you become more sensitive to the Spirit of God.

    In A Commonsese Guide to Fasting, Rev. Hagin encourages Christians to examine and follow the scriptural reasons for fasting.

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  • Turning Hopeless Situations Around


    1. What Can You Believe?
    2. What Do You See?
    3. Plead Your Case
    4. Correct Your Situation
    5. Favorite Of The Father

    Additional Info
    Be assured that nothing is hopless with God – no matter what the doctor’s diagnosis indicated, no matter what the devil ceaselessly torments you with. Nothing. Not cancer, not drugs, not a loved one’s problem.
    Why? Because Jesus said…If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth(Mark 9:23).
    In the book Turning Hopeless Situations Around, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin examines the story of Old Testament King Hezekiah, who faced a seemingly hopeless situation. Not only had his doctors declared his case incurable; the nation’s most renowned prophet, Isaiah, had prophesied that he would die.
    But King Hezekiah knew ther was a higher power to turn to. He turned his face to the wall and prayed to God. The king’s earnest praer – with tears – touched the heart of God and turned his hopeless situation around. Study the message of this book and turn your hopeless situation around, too, with prayer.

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  • Real Faith


    1. Two Kinds Of Truth
    2. Two Kinds Of Faith
    3. Two Kinds Of Unbelief
    4. Enemies Of Faith

    Additional Info
    Thousands of, people are praying to get faith, when faith comes only by hearing the Word of God, Kenneth E. Hagin writes in his book The Real Faith. Rev. Hagin points out that because we live in the natural realm, we tend to rely on our senses rather than on the truths of God’s Word He adds that real faith is an Abraham-type of faith, based not on physical evidence but on the Word of God.

    There has been criticism of the mass healing meetings because in many cases the healings do not last, Rev. Hagin notes. This is true because where a mass faith is present, people can be temporarily helped. But to maintain their healing, these people should continue to feed upon God’s Word in this area of faith.

    Chapters titles include;

    * Two Kinds of Truth
    * Two Kinds of Faith
    * Two Kinds of Unbelief
    * Enemies of Faith

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  • Healing Belongs To Us


    I have prayed and prayed. I have been in healing meetings all over the country and have been prayed for many times, but still I am not healed. Can you help me?

    The answer to these plaintive words can be found in Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s book Healing Belongs to Us. In this insightful book about the believer’s rights in Christ concerning healing, Rev. Hagin explains that Isaiah 53 tells us Jesus bore our sicknesses and carried our pains. He also reveals why healing is sometimes blocked.

    One chapter of the book is devoted to the ministry of laying on of hands. Rev. Hagin shows why the manifestation of healing doesn’t always come instantly. He also clearly explains why symptoms sometimes come back.

    Healing, says Rev. Hagin, is an accomplished fact? He devotes the final chapter of the book to Possessing the Promise. This concise, easy-to-read summary of a believer’s rights concerning healing is a must for every serious student of Gods Word.

    Chapter titles include:
    * Our Twofold Redemption
    * Our Healing: An Accomplished Fact

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  • Gift Of Prophecy


    Prophecy is a supernatural utterance in a known language. Paul urged Christians to seek this gift above all others.

    Kenneth E Hagin, whose ministry has spanned nearly half a century, is generally acknowledged to stand in the office of the prophet. In the Gift of Prophecy, Rev. Hagin explain explains the differences between the simple gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet; between prophecy in the Old and New Testaments; and between interpretation of tongues and prophecy.

    He shows why scathing denunciation is not the gift of prophecy in operation; what part our personality plays in the operation of the gift; why you should be careful concerning prophetic guidance; and how you can learn to judge prophecies.

    The Gift of Prophecy is a book you will want to refer to again and again to answer your questions about this important spiritual gift.

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  • How You Can Know The Will Of God


    1. The Inner Man – The Real You
    2. Guidance Through The Inner Man
    3. Guidance Through Visions
    4. Guidance And The Gift Of Prophecy

    Additional Info
    Guidance Through the Inner Man

    Many have difficulty finding the will of God. But as Kenneth E. Hagin shows in HOW YOU CAN KNOW THE WILL OF GOD, guidance through the inner man is something that can be learned and developed.

    Rev. Hagin begins by explaining who the inner man is, and then points out the difference between the inner witness and the inner voice. He also shows how Christian scan receive guidance through visions. He concludes by illustrating how prophecy can be used for guidance.

    Finding God’s will is not difficult when the believer learns to follow his inner man. Rev. Hagin believes that our spirits have been kept locked away in a prison, so to speak, and that most Christians have let thoughts or feelings guide them. By learning to hear the voice of the Spirit of God, we can depend on our own spirits to help us flow with God in every facet of life.

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