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Charismatic Interests

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  • 7 Divine Mysteries


    God’s abundance is waiting for you. Are you ready to go deeper?

    There comes a point in our spiritual journey when we must no longer sit and wait. Instead, we need to stand up and walk boldly in God’s purposes for us. We have to progress toward the blessings and provision He has shown us in the glory realms.

    There isn’t a single area of your life for which God does not have a promise of victory. He has proclaimed breakthroughs, blessings, and, yes, miracles. In 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Discovering Unlimited Abundance by Joshua Mills, you will find out how to connect to the manifest promises of God as you stretch your faith, work the Word, and allow the Spirit to lead you into overflowing abundance for spirit, soul, and body. The seven mysteries include the mystery of divine vision, the mystery of the seed, the mystery of working with angels, the mystery of gratitude, the mystery of divine connection, the mystery of divine placement and positioning, and the mystery of divine timing.

    There is an entire realm of supernatural abundance just waiting for you to explore and put to work in your life. In these days, God is opening untapped abundance for restoration, healing, deliverance, relationships, finances, creative ideas, and more. Many people have been waiting for God to move in their lives, but He is waiting for us to move in faith toward His promises. We must activate what He has spoken to us about-or risk losing the opportunity. God is looking for men and women who will rise up and choose to receive every promise He has given.

    As God’s children, we can confidently ask Him for miracles and provision in areas where we have experienced difficulty or lack in the past. We just need to give Him permission to upset the daily routine of our lives and let His glory flow from heaven to earth. Then, we need to take hold of our portion as it comes down from the throne.

    Joshua Mills and his wife, Janet, have proven these seven scriptural principles in their own lives, and this book is filled with faith-building testimonies, practical keys, and activations for readers to apply directly to their own circumstances.

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  • Power Of Your Words


    I agree that I have what God says in His Word that I have!

    If you lack anything, tend to be your own worst enemy, or fail to accomplish what you say you will do, then this book will show you how to:

    *Have strong faith
    *Live in the positive
    *Possess what you confess

    There is nothing that equals the power of your words!

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  • Divine Revelation Of Heaven


    Caught Up into Heaven

    In A Divine Revelation of Heaven, after thirty nights in which God gave her visions of the depths of hell and the punishments of the lost, Mary K. Baxter was shown for ten nights the glories of heaven–the home of redeemed souls. Included in this book are her depictions of heaven’s gates, angels, music, worship, storehouses of blessings, joyful heavenly citizens, four living creatures, and brilliant throne of God. Mary also describes heaven’s perfect order and purpose, what happens to children, and much more. These breathtaking glimpses of heaven, interspersed with applicable Bible verses, will turn your heart toward the beauty and joy that await every believer in Christ.

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  • Smith Wigglesworth : Powerful Messages For Living A Radical Life


    Twentieth-century minister, Smith Wigglesworth was a man of radical, legendary faith-the kind that raised people from the dead and moved in signs, wonders, and miracles.

    When this simple, illiterate plumber was baptized in the Holy Spirit, he began pursuing God with a bold faith, and God responded in powerful ways. People are still talking about his faith today!

    In Smith Wigglesworth: A Man Who Walked in the Miraculous, author Roberts Liardon has compiled first hand testimonies, biographical information, and original sermons from this apostle of faith who has inspired millions worldwide. Some of the powerful sermons from Rev. Wigglesworth are…

    *Cry of the Spirit
    *Mean Business with God
    *Temptation Endured
    *The Clothing of the Spirit for the World’s Need
    *Praying for the Sick
    *The Secret Place

    This collection of Smith Wigglesworth teachings is still preaching faith today, and God is no respecter of persons. Catch hold of the spirit of faith that was upon him and walk in the same miraculous power!

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  • Breaking The Miracle Barrier


    Throughout the Bible, we read stories of individuals praying desperate prayers–and receiving miracle answers. This leaves us with a question: What does it take to push through–to break the miracle barrier?

    In this powerful new release, apostolic leader Jennifer LeClaire reveals a surprising key to obtaining breakthrough, veiled in the prayer lives of people crying desperately to see godly desires manifested, loved ones delivered, and enemies defeated. She teaches believers how to cry out to God, and how to sustain the desperate kind of faith undaunted by obstacles, opposition, and odds–prayer in faith that breaks the miracle barrier.

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  • Unlocking The Code Of The Supernatural Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    The Mystery of Being a Christian

    It can be hard for us to admit we are dissatisfied with our spiritual life. That we are in a place where going to church is not yielding the victory we desire. A place where we pray things like, God, I will never do that again, yet find ourselves doing it again and again.

    If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are in fact a new creation. How would you like to start really experiencing that new life? Once you do, you will discover a world of unlimited spiritual possibilities.

    Being a Christian is a mystery in which Christ lives in us through a radical transformation of our spiritual DNA. We have a relationship with the living Jesus that changes every dynamic of our life. And we are given our own access code, which is the Word of God. This is how we enter into the benefits and features of our new life.

    What you need in order to overcome sin, sickness, poverty, and defeatism is to become conscious of, and intimate with, the indwelling Christ. Once you do, you will never again be manipulated by fear and insecurity. You won’t be caught in a vicious cycle of striving for God’s love and acceptance. You will be confident in your new identity, which will empower you to live the supernatural life God intends for you. You will operate in revelation knowledge, wisdom, spiritual understanding, and miracles. The bondage of sin, shame, and condemnation will be released by the power of the Holy Spirit. Demons won’t be able to oppress you because you will have an overwhelming consciousness of God’s love.

    Whether you are a new Christian or a long-time believer who has never been able to fully apply Christ’s victory to your life, this companion study guide to Unlocking the Code of the Supernatural will help you become all God created you to be. You will no longer be a victim, defeated, or broken. God wants to use you for His glory! From this day forward, there are no more limitations on your life.

    Designed for both individual and group study.

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  • Unlocking The Code Of The Supernatural


    The Mystery of Being a Christian

    It can be hard for us to admit we are dissatisfied with our spiritual life. That we are in a place where going to church is not yielding the victory we desire. A place where we pray things like, God, I will never do that again, yet find ourselves doing it again and again.

    If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are in fact a new creation. How would you like to start really experiencing that new life? Once you do, you will discover a world of unlimited spiritual possibilities.

    Being a Christian is a mystery in which Christ lives in us through a radical transformation of our spiritual DNA. We have a relationship with the living Jesus that changes every dynamic of our life. And we are given our own access code, which is the Word of God. This is how we enter into the benefits and features of our new life.

    What you need in order to overcome sin, sickness, poverty, and defeatism is to become conscious of, and intimate with, the indwelling Christ. Once you do, you will never again be manipulated by fear and insecurity. You won’t be caught in a vicious cycle of striving for God’s love and acceptance. You will be confident in your new identity, which will empower you to live the supernatural life God intends for you. You will operate in revelation knowledge, wisdom, spiritual understanding, and miracles. The bondage of sin, shame, and condemnation will be released by the power of the Holy Spirit. Demons won’t be able to oppress you because you will have an overwhelming consciousness of God’s love.

    Whether you are a new Christian or a long-time believer who has never been able to fully apply Christ’s victory to your life, Unlocking the Code of the Supernatural will help you become all God created you to be. You will no longer be a victim, defeated, or broken. God wants to use you for His glory! From this day forward, there are no more limitations on your life.

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  • Activate Heaven : Use The Power Of Your Voice To Win Your Battles And Walk


    Some things will not happen until you open your mouth. Your voice has the power to bring heaven to earth.

    God has given believers the ability to speak as He spoke, causing things that were not to be. The believer’s voice pulls, roots out, throws down, destroys, and builds up and plants (Jeremiah 1:10). When we speak according to the Spirit of God, our voices bring heaven to earth. When we open our mouths, heaven is speaking. When we prophesy, heaven is speaking. When we speak by the Spirit of God, heaven is speaking. No matter how much it seems like hell is raging, when we open our mouths and speak God’s Word, heaven comes.

    In Activate Heaven, John Eckhardt shows you how to use your voice to advance God’s agenda in the earth and equips you to stand against everything the enemy uses to silence your voice, from depression and confusion to sickness, pain, and rejection. The enemy would like nothing more than to silence the church. But when we open our mouths, the sick get healed, demons flee, miracles and finances are released, resulting in situations turned around. Speaking the will of God-speaking forth that which is in heaven-is the essence of the prophetic. Therefore, it’s time to stop complaining and start prophesying. It’s time to stop talking about how bad things are and begin to open our mouths and declare that as we speak heaven comes.

    This book will teach you how to use the most powerful tool you possess: Your voice. You will be empowered to rip off the muzzle placed upon you by man, and you will exercise the supernatural power of your voice.

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  • 10 Levels Of Glory


    You can have a tangible encounter with glory!

    Have you been longing for an encounter with God’s glory, an experience where Heaven and earth collide, and your limited perspective is blown apart by the sheer awesomeness of God?

    Hrvoje Sirovina believes that you were made for these kinds of glory experiences, and that every encounter with God’s glory propels you to live an increasingly extraordinary life in an ordinary world.

    In 10 Levels of Glory, Hrvoje guides you through ten powerful encounters with God’s tangible presence.

    Witness His glory in each of the 10 levels…
    *Signs and Wonders
    *Experiencing God
    *Knowing God
    *Seeing God
    *The Fear of the Lord
    *Walking with God
    *The Face of God
    *Unity with God
    *The Unapproachable Light

    With each encounter, you will be filled with a fresh hunger, inspired towards deeper worship, and overcome by a greater fear of the Lord.

    God is calling you to a new experience of His glory! Will you say yes?

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  • Redeeming Your Timeline


    Haunted by your past? Anxious about the future? The omnipotent God of the Bible is not confined by the limits of time. He is not ashamed of your past or uncertain about your future. Every moment of your life is always held in the palm of His hand.

    Troy Brewer – pastor of OpenDoor church, founder of Troy Brewer Ministries, and dynamic prophetic voice – shares a revolutionary teaching on your relationship to time.

    As a believer, you can invite Jesus into your personal timeline to supernaturally redeem your past and miraculously prepare your future. Past sins can be erased, while trauma, abuse, and heartbreak can be redeemed. Future fears can be put to rest, as stress, anxieties, and uncertainties are surrendered to Him.

    Redeeming Your Timeline guides you through a personal encounter with Jesus to…
    *Overcome paralyzing guilt and shame.
    *Conquer the crippling fear of failure.
    *Silence the whispers of anxiety.
    *Break free from the bonds of childhood trauma.
    *Experience freedom from panic attacks.
    *Discover deep, lasting inner peace.

    Discover the supernatural freedom that comes when Jesus enters your timeline!

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  • Portraits Of Revelation


    Release untapped supernatural power!

    In a world of pain and confusion, you have the supernatural keys to bring heaven to earth.
    From angelic visitations and revelatory visions, to supernatural healings and prophetic utterances, Jerame Nelson teaches you to operate in new spiritual dimensions. Here Thy Kingdom Come is not just religious rhetoric; it is a demonstrated reality.

    Push back the forces of darkness, disease, and torment by unlocking the supernatural flow of the miraculous!

    *Encounter the power of God’s fiery love
    *Use the keys of authority, already entrusted to you
    *Unlock ancient portals of Kingdom revelation
    *Listen to God’s voice in dreams, visions, and visitations

    Experience and release the Supernatural Power of Thy Kingdom Come!

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  • Releasing The Miraculous


    Open Yourself to God’s Manifest Spirit!

    Your impact on the world can be measured by the degree to which you allowed God’s Spirit to flow through you.

    1 Corinthians 12:7-11 tells us that God empowers every Christian with specific manifestations of the Spirit. Through each of the nine supernatural gifts, God’s Spirit breaks into our natural world, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

    Author and Pastor, James Tann believes that every Christian has the ability to function in at least one of the nine gifts of the Spirit, and as you surrender to the Holy Spirit, God will begin moving through you in increasingly miraculous ways!

    In Releasing the Miraculous, Tann helps you sharpen your spiritual senses. Within these pages you will find…

    *Practical, scriptural studies on each of the nine gifts

    *Exercises for sharpening your spiritual senses

    *Guidance on yielding yourself to higher operations of the Spirit

    *Insight for flowing in tongues as a doorway to greater supernatural encounters

    *Wisdom on sustaining an environment in which the gifts can flourish

    Witness the incredible impact that God will have on your world, as you allow Him to manifest His spirit through you in greater measure!

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  • Raising Spirit Led Kids


    With all the responsibilities parents have raising children, one key area is often neglected: helping sons and daughters understand and grow in their spiritual gifting–at any age.

    In this groundbreaking resource, children’s pastor Seth Dahl helps parents minister to and with their children, shaping them into the gifted individuals God designed them to be, while simultaneously doing damage to the kingdom of darkness. He covers important topics such as:
    – creating a culture of faith at home
    – helping your children navigate spiritual realities
    – guiding your children to live out the kingdom in their everyday lives
    – and more!

    By using the practical tools offered here, you will guide your children effectively and confidently. Bring the life-changing power of God into your home–and raise Spirit-led kids.

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  • Rekindle The Altar Fire


    Few believers experience God’s altar–a place of pure and wholehearted relationship and worship where our holy God can meet with us and the fire of his presence can fall. But such an altar is necessary in our personal lives, our marriages, our churches, and our nations so that we are strengthened, empowered, and equipped for every good work.

    In this influential, modern-day call back to the altar, Chuck D. Pierce and Alemu Beeftu invite readers to find their way to rebuild the place of God’s presence to allow the fire of God–his presence and power–to fall. When we rekindle the altar fire, our lives, prayer, and worship are transformed.The time to rebuild altars for fresh fire is now!

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  • Prophetic Manifesto For The New Era


    Prophetic Strategies and Warnings for the Next 10 Years  At the inauguration of the year 2020, Christian prophets unanimously recognized that the Church was not merely entering a new year or season, but an entirely new era. To align with God and His purposes for this New Era, it is vital that every Christian is aware of God’s directives, so they can move in sync with His Spirit in the coming days. In A Prophetic Manifesto for the New Era, globally recognized prophet and bestselling author, Patricia King offers a prophetic plumb line-a prescient standard for believers to walk in Kingdom success.  Uniquely presented through 31 easy-to-read chapters, with accompanying prayers of activation and devotional insights, Patricia shares how to walk vigilantly and victoriously in this new era. Includes prophetic words on… Cultural ReformationIncreased Supernatural VisitationEscalated miraclesThe fear of the LordThe Call to ConsecrationA Breakthrough EraThe Days of AweGreat Shakings: Wars, Rumors of Wars, Natural Disasters, and PlaguesDivine Wisdom and the Counsel of God Don’t be blind to the season you are living in! Discover God’s word for this era, and start walking in His eternal purposes!

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  • What Is Heaven Saying


    God’s Prophetic Voice is Our Only Hope

    As Christians, if we are not careful, we will allow our culture or circumstances to influence our perspective of reality, rather than relying on the voice of God. As we live in the last days, it is crucial that we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit, and speak forth His words.

    As chaos abounds, the people of God are poised to release life and hope into the gathering darkness. In this timely book, Michael Maiden emphasizes the vital prophetic role that every believer plays in these last days, offering a prophetic handbook empowering readers to…
    *Clearly hear the voice of God
    *Boldly pursue greater prophetic activation
    *Deliver God’s letters of love to a hurting world
    *Use the gift of prophecy to bring physical healing
    *Overcome Jezebel warfare aimed at the prophetic ministry
    *Release the angelic realm

    Join the growing army of end-times prophetic warriors, and take your place on the front lines!

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  • Testing The Supernatural


    Is This Spiritual Experience Really From God?

    It’s a question many are asking, especially in these last days when dreams, visions, and new revelations seem to abound.

    In his book Testing the Supernatural — How To Biblically Test Dreams, Visions, Revelations, and Spiritual Manifestations, Rick Renner carefully and scripturally lays out how to tell what is and isn’t the voice of God and what is and isn’t a true manifestation from Heaven.

    Providing litmus tests for determining right from wrong spiritual manifestations, Rick shows you how to carefully discern what you’re seeing and hearing — and what others around you say they’re seeing and hearing too.

    Learn to perk up your spiritual ears so you can fortify yourself in the truth and not fall prey to spiritual deception!

    Topics and titles include:
    – Testing False Apostles
    – Four Questions You Must Ask
    – Initiative Belongs to God
    – Forbidden Ways To Receive Revelations
    – How God Speaks
    – Bible Ignorance — the Basis of Deception
    – When Error Is Mingled With the Truth
    – Testing the Fruit of Your Experience
    – Divinely Granted Experiences Always Glorify God
    – And more!

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  • Miracles And The Supernatural Throughout Church History


    Despite claims that miracles died with the apostles, Jesus said that every believer could do the same miraculous works as He did (John 14:12). From the book of Acts through today, the Spirit of God has demonstrated an enduring pattern of empowering Christians to confirm the gospel through signs and wonders.

    In this inspiring book, author and teacher, Tony Cooke uncovers the power of God revealed through the centuries. Discover accounts of the Holy Spirit’s miraculous work through individuals like Ignatius of Antioch, Irenaeus of Lyon, Basil of Caesarea, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, and many more.

    As you your faith in the unceasing work of the Spirit grows, you will be empowered to move in the same miracles as Jesus did! Will you step out in faith?

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  • Como Formar Vencedores De Giga


    Con honestidad, humor y perspicacia biblica, los autores de exitos de ventas, Bill y Beni Johnson lo ayudan a descubrir las claves para una crianza exitosa en el reino de Dios. Padres, gobernamos con el proposito de proteccion, pero tambien servimos con el proposito de empoderar, escriben. Queremos liberar el destino para nuestros hijos, ese es el privilegio de ser padres.

    En estas paginas obtendra la sabiduria, los conceptos del reino y las herramientas practicas que necesita para ayudar a criar a sus hijos al maximo.

    Descubrira como ser padre de su singularidad, dones y fortalezas, asi como tambien como puede demostrar y revelar quien es Dios para sus hijos. Los autores tambien abordan problemas apremiantes que enfrentan los padres hoy en dia, incluyendo como:

    * Comprometerse plenamente a escuchar lo que el Seor esta diciendo sobre cada nio
    * Mantener una relacion y disciplina
    * Desarrollar el caracter
    * Entrenar a tus hijos para la adoracion
    * Avivar la llama de lo que Dios ha puesto en sus corazones
    * y mas

    No importa la edad de sus hijos, tiene una oportunidad increible de moldear sus corazones, mentes y valores. Aqui esta todo lo que necesita para ayudar a sus hijos a caminar hacia el destino de sus vidas y verlos convertirse en las personas increibles que fueron creadas para ser.

    ?With honesty, humor, and keen biblical insight, bestselling authors Bill and Beni Johnson help you discover the keys to successful parenting in God’s kingdom. Parents, we rule for the purpose of protection, but we also serve with the purpose of empowering, they write. We want to release our children into their destiny–that’s the privilege of parenting.

    In these pages you will gain the wisdom, kingdom concepts, and practical tools you need to help raise your children to their best.

    You’ll discover how to parent to their uniqueness, gifts, and strengths, as well as how you can demonstrate and reveal who God is to your kids. The authors also address pressing issues parents face today, including how to:

    * be fully engaged in hearing what the Lord is saying over each child
    * maintain relationship and discipline
    * develop character
    * train your children for worship
    * fan the flame of what God has put in their hearts
    * and more

    No matter what age your kids are, you have an incredible opportunity to shape their hearts, minds, and values. Here is everything you need to help your children walk into the destiny of their lives and see

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  • Gods End Time Temple


    Unlock Biblical secrets concerning the church in the last days.

    This book is a prophetic vision of the end-times church. By comparing biblical accounts of Zerubbabel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Melchizedek, with recent global events, this book unlocks biblical secrets regarding these last days, preparing you to walk in the fullness of your destiny

    The call is clear: If the people of God are to bring about outpouring and revival, we must learn to function in our biblical roles as priests and kings, ministering before the Lord and boldly carrying His Kingdom into society.

    Pastor, prayer warrior, and marketplace leader, Tracy Eckert shares her incredible journey with the Lord as He revealed His blueprint for this Capstone generation of the end-times church.

    In this revelatory work, Tracy activates you to…
    *Experience 100-fold fruitfulness in prayer.
    *Decipher the signs of the times.
    *Release supernatural strategies and solutions in your sphere of influence.
    *Access heaven and apply the living word to see transformation in your life.
    *Prepare for the glory and crisis of the coming days.

    Don’t miss this timely prophetic word. You have been destined to be an agent of the impossible! Embrace the fullness of your identity as a priest and King, and usher in the return of Jesus.

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  • Praying In The Holy Spirit


    If you’ve ever been frustrated in your prayer life, this book is for you.

    Do you ever feel like your prayers are not effective? Are you ever at a loss for words when you try to talk to God?

    The secret to a thriving prayer life is not a formula it is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit! As you learn to engage with the Spirit of God, your prayer life will soar to levels you never dreamed were possible!

    In Praying in the Holy Spirit, internationally recognized evangelist, teacher, and healing minister, David Hernandez answers tough questions and offers revelatory insights to help you connect with the Holy Spirit in powerful new ways.

    This book will help you: Overcome common barriers to praying in tongues.Cultivate a desire to pray.Walk in unceasing prayer.Break off any obstructions to your prayer life.

    Your connection with God through prayer can thrive! Discover the incredible power of praying in tongues today!

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  • Power Portals Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    Joshua Mills firmly believes that all Christians are intended to live, move, and operate in the realm of the supernatural. In this study guide companion to his book Power Portals, Joshua explains how they can release the power of God in all areas of their life–spiritually, emotionally and physically. Much more than just discerning or sensing what God is doing, believers can participate in the supernatural on a daily basis. To do this, there are gates, or portals, of connection with the divine. These include the eyes, ears, mouth, heart, hands, and feet. There are also geographic portals, places that are home to great movements of God in which people are moved en masse. Places where people go in order to experience the move of God.

    The Power Portals Study Guide will help you to understand how these connections work and reveals the benefits that come to the believer when they make the connection.

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  • Power Portals : Awaken Your Connection To The Spirit Realm


    Joshua Mills firmly believes that all Christians are intended to live, move, and operate in the realm of the supernatural. In Power Portals, Joshua explains how they can release the power of God in all areas of their life–spiritually, emotionally and physically. Much more than just discerning or sensing what God is doing, believers can participate in the supernatural on a daily basis. To do this, there are gates, or portals, of connection with the divine. These include the eyes, ears, mouth, heart, hands, and feet. There are also geographic portals, places that are home to great movements of God in which people are moved en masse. Places where people go in order to experience the move of God. As usual, Joshua’s writing is filled with amazing personal stories of the supernatural at work in his life and ministry.

    Most Christians earnestly desire to connect with the Holy Spirit, but we all need to understand that the Holy Spirit earnestly desires to connect with us, unleashing divine miracles and supernatural forces that can change the world around us. Power Portals explain how these connections work and reveals the benefits that come to the believer when they make the connection.

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  • Overflow Of The Spirit


    All of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available continuously, effortlessly, and naturally to every Christian. First Corinthians 12:7-11 reveals the nine-fold manifestation-wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, distinguishing between spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues-but the Holy Spirit has much more that He wants to share with all Christians and He is ready to fill them to overflowing.

    Most people believe they can only have one or two of the gifts mentioned in Paul’s letter, yet the Bible clearly shows that believers can receive all of them. In fact, the apostle himself probably evidenced all nine gifts. However, these are only examples of the way the Spirit of God may reveal Himself to His people. They are not the only ways He will do so.

    In Overflow of the Spirit: How to Release His Gifts in Every Area of Your Life, Dr. Mark Virkler and co-author Charity Virkler Kayembe, his daughter, endeavor to teach you how to connect with the Holy Spirit moment by moment and intentionally draw upon His supernatural abilities. You will learn how to tune to the indwelling Holy Spirit and release Him into every situation of your life. Rather than life being you in action, it will be the Holy Spirit in action through you. Blessings will overtake you as you live and walk by the Spirit.

    The overflow of the Spirit opens the door to an entire lifestyle of intimacy with God that, once mastered, releases the heavens and God’s provisions for your life. The authors’ clear, lineal, biblical teaching is interspersed with real-life stories that clearly illustrate each point. Application exercises at the end of each chapter help to guide you into putting the lessons into action.

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  • Preparing For The Great Outpouring


    Though the Holy Spirit has spoken to many in the Body of Christ that we are on the precipice of the greatest revival the world has ever seen, our hearts need to be prepared for a move of God. Preparing for the Great Outpouring: Is Your Heart Ready for A Move of God? addresses ways in which God prepares our hearts individually and corporately for a move of the Spirit. The book delves into six areas that serve as indicators that a vessel is actually prepared for revival.

    * Brokenness
    * Hunger
    * Prayer
    * Persistence
    * Thankfulness
    * Courage

    are key heart ingredients to the move of God. These indicators have accompanied past outpourings such as the Azusa Street Revival, the Brownsville Revival and the Toronto Blessing. These essential heart attitudes serve as prophetic signals that our hearts are ready for the end time outpouring that God is about to send to the world!

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  • Serving The People Of Gods Presence


    Leading theologian Terry Cross articulates the doctrine of the church’s ministry from a Pentecostal perspective, demonstrating how Pentecostals can contribute to and learn from the church catholic. This companion volume to Cross’s previous book, The People of God’s Presence, proposes a radical revision of the structural framework of the local church within the often-overlooked corporate priesthood of all believers. Cross explores principles for leadership and ministry from the New Testament and the early church, helping all believers to do the work of ministry.

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  • Spiritual Intelligence : The Art Of Thinking Like God


    Two quotients analyze our minds and emotions: I.Q. and E.Q. But Kris Vallotton believes we are ignoring a deeper dimension–spiritual intelligence. Because believers have the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit, we have the capacity for brilliance. God invites us to embark on a journey of discovery as he reveals mysteries and helps us bring our perspective in line with his–transforming our understanding and endowing us with spiritual intelligence.

    In this eye-opening new release, pastor and bestselling author Kris Vallotton says that God invites us to think like him. He answers questions such as:
    – What are the five dimensions of spiritual intelligence?
    – How can I build new neural pathways to supernatural thinking?
    – How do I recognize my sphere of influence and the borders of my divine assignment?
    – And much more!

    As you listen to the Holy Spirit and realize what it means to have the mind of Christ, you have the capacity for life-transforming spiritual intelligence unavailable in any other way.

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  • Heavenly Secrets To Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts


    Start moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit today.

    There are supernatural gifts that God has placed inside of you just waiting to be opened and activated. So, why wait a day longer? Heavenly Keys to Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts helps you identify the gifts of the Holy Spirit and teaches you how to start accessing them now. It’s never too early or too late to start.

    The first step is developing a powerful, intimate and dynamic relationship with the Gift-Giver: the Holy Spirit!

    Tracy Cooke is a respected prophet who trains and empowers everyday Christians to move in the extraordinary supernatural power the Bible claims is available today! It’s not reserved for special people or prophets; the gifts of the Holy Spirit are readily accessible to every single follower of Jesus. In this powerful book, Tracy will provide you heavenly keys to operate in these supernatural gifts.

    In this book you will learn how to:
    *Increase your relationship with the Holy Spirit and learn His signature characteristics.
    *Depend on the Holy’s Spirit’s leading as you flow in the gifts.
    *Position yourself for the Glory of God to manifest and to release through your life.

    Also included are powerful prayers for healing, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the anointing for miracles, and more!

    Learn the Bible secrets to walking in the gifts of the Spirit and releasing His power wherever you go!

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  • Triple Threat Anointing


    Everyday people flowing in the miraculous power of God.
    Normal. Commonplace.
    That’s not just for Bible times; it’s for today!

    The Spirit of the Lord spoke to Pastor Andrew Towe, revealing a prophetic glimpse of a coming outpouring: I am uprooting religious systems and tearing down man’s ways of doing things. This new move will be marked by My glory and the flow will be pure.

    In an incredible vision from God, Andrew received a prophetic announcement that there is a day fast approaching where God will move upon the Earth using everyday people that have been equipped with the Triple Threat Anointing.

    The time is now–that person is you!

    Salvation. Healing. Deliverance. This is the triple threat anointing you have been empowered to walk in!

    In this book you will learn how:
    *To flow in the Triple Threat anointing of salvation, healing and deliverance.
    *To see crisis and impossibility with supernatural eyes of faith.
    *To have an expectant heart that is ready and positioned to experience miracles.
    *To identify when the Holy Ghost Affect is in operation.
    *To overcome demonic pushback and put the devil on the run in your life!

    We should not look at the book of Acts with envy. We shouldn’t wish for what they had, when in fact, we have the same access to the same Holy Spirit that Jesus and the Apostles did. The alarm is sounding and an army is being awakened to the supernatural presence and power that is their inheritance in Jesus!

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  • Igniting Revival Fire Everyday


    Featuring powerful, Holy Spirit-filled entries by Top Revival Leaders, including:

    Randy Clark – John and Carol Arnott – Dr. Michael L. Brown – James W. Goll

    – Pastor John Kilpatrick – David Hogan – Ward Simpson

    Let your heart be ignited afresh for Awakening by some of the world’s top voices of revival!

    The nations are in uproar. It seems like daily, the world is plunging deeper and deeper into sin, crisis, and turmoil. Maybe this picture describes your life. Maybe you’re feeling discouraged, hopeless, or just longing for something more in your life and something fresh in your walk with God.

    Be encouraged and lift up your head. Revival is at hand!

    Both the Bible and history remind us that some of the world’s darkest moments were divine setups for ground-shaking Holy Spirit outpourings.

    In this one-of-a-kind devotional, Pastor Todd Smith of the North Georgia Revival and pastor Christ Fellowship Dawsonville, GA has assembled together leaders from many streams-both the generals of revival and those whose names you may not know yet, but they are on the frontlines of global moves of God. Every entry will stir your faith to believe that you too can experience the fresh fire of revival in your life because each author writes from the place of authority. They’ve seen God move powerfully and want you to know that it’s possible for you to experience Him too!

    Featuring 70 powerful and inspirational mini-chapters, Igniting Revival Fire Everyday will surely ignite your heart daily to go deeper in your relationship with God, usher you into fresh encounters with the Holy Spirit, and radically inspire your faith to believe that revival is possible. In your city and nation. In your household and workplace. In your family, marriage and among your children. In your own heart and walk with God!

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  • Gods Creative Power Gift Collection


    Your words create your future.

    The entire universe was created by God’s spoken Word, and He has given similar creative power to the words you speak. The Bible is clear: your words carry power in both the natural and spiritual worlds. By speaking what God says about you, your faith-filled words can change the circumstances in your life.

    In God’s Creative Power, renowned faith teacher Charles Capps teaches you how to faithfully steward the power that God has given your words.

    With more than seven million books in print, this powerful book provides practical, concise teaching, and Scripture-based confessions to help you put God’s creative power to work in all areas of life, including…
    *Wisdom and Guidance
    *…and more!

    Start declaring God’s Word and watch as He brings blessing and abundance to your life in exciting new ways!

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  • Playing With Fire


    What is our fascination with the other side?

    Join investigative reporter Billy Hallowell as he delves into the strange phenomena of supernatural activity. Themes of demonic possession have overtaken Hollywood, with countless films and TV shows delving into the age-old struggle against evil. Why?

    Yet, with so much focus on the topic there seems to be very little public knowledge and discussion about the real-life nature and reality of demons.

    In many foreign countries, however, supernatural activity is often recorded and discussed

    *Government officials watch a nine-year-old boy walk up a wall
    *A sheriff hears a demonic voice over his radio
    *Doctors witness a child exhibit extra-human strength

    It’s no surprise international media took note. Quite often, though, many people remain silent about their experiences or resort to quietly whispering about what they’ve seen, heard, or felt for fear of being labeled insane or crazy.

    The truth is, even pastors, priests, and clergy who have observed firsthand accounts of possession and deliverance can succumb to the strange and terrifying effects of intense spiritual warfare.

    For people of faith, Playing with Fire will address these core questions:

    *Are demons active today?
    *If they do, indeed, exist, what are they? Are they fallen angels? Nephilim?
    *Can demons inhabit human beings?
    *If they exist, what can be done to stop them?

    Playing with Fire will explore the theological underpinnings surrounding demonic forces. Relying on firsthand accounts, newspaper reports, and Christian experts, Billy Hallowell will take readers through the various views and perspectives surrounding supernatural activity.

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  • Gods Armor Bearer For The Next Generation


    The devil is afraid of unified individuals, united generations, and Kingdom advancement.

    In the Last Days, Scripture reveals that there will be a great generational synergy: fathers and sons, mothers and daughters-multiple generations coming together to see the Kingdom of God advanced and the powers of darkness destroyed! For this explosive generational alignment to take place, we need a fresh revelation of what it means to serve another’s vision.

    By asking us to serve God’s leaders, God works for our growth and maturity, ultimately positioning us to walk in the fullness of our own divine destinies!

    For this new edition of his classic work, the Lord gave Terry Nance fresh prophetic language to communicate this timeless message. After a significant re-write, and brand new content, God’s Armor Bearer is a vital message for a new generation.

    You will discover how to:
    *Develop as an effective and powerful leader.
    *Model the Servant-Leadership of Jesus.
    *Operate in your identity as a son or daughter of God.
    *Be prepared, raised up, and ready for when you step into your Kingdom role.
    *Avoid stepping into premature promotion, which can destroy you.
    *Function in God’s Kingdom authority structure-which provides life and protection.

    Learn to partner with God’s work through leaders, flowing in a pure spirit of honor to release God’s Kingdom!

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  • I Hear The Lord Say New Era


    Prophetic strategies for the next phase of History!

    Have you grown weary and discouraged, waiting for the prophetic promises of God to be fulfilled in your life? Don’t despair! Don’t put those promises on the shelf! Your moment is almost here!

    Lana Vawser believes that we are about to enter a new era where we will see astounding answers to prayer. More than just a shifting of seasons, this next phase of history is a time when God will show His power like never before!

    Though Lana Vawser is an internationally recognized prophet, global minister, and bestselling author, she is first and foremost a friend of God who has dedicated her life to hearing the Spirit’s prophetic voice for the body of Christ.

    In I Hear the Lord Saying: New Era, Lana shares first-hand stories of her recent encounters with the Holy Spirit, equipping you to take your place in the unfolding of prophetic history!

    In this new era, you will witness…
    *Unusual demonstrations of God’s power.
    *Astounding answers to prayer.
    *The weighty fear of the Lord.
    *New assignments and opportunities.
    *The release of pioneers and forerunners.
    *The removal of Lids and Limitations.
    *Upgrades in prophetic ministry.
    *The awesome sound of consecration.

    The Spirit of God is summoning you into an entirely new epoch! Position yourself now to receive the strategies that Heaven is unveiling, because when God brings you into a new era, everything changes!

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  • Scribe : Receiving And Retaining Revelation Through Journaling


    An interactive guide to hearing from God.

    After centuries of neglect, the Church is re-awakening to the fact that God desires to communicate with His people through prophets and the prophetic voice. These supernatural encounters are available for every believer!

    In this bible-based, interactive journal, James Goll writes with clarity and authority. The Scribe is an interactive, step-by-step process designed to help you record, interpret, and understand the purpose and meaning of the prophetic words from the Holy Spirit.

    Learn how to:
    *Discern what God is communicating through supernatural experiences
    *Document Holy Spirit’s revelations through journaling
    *Unlock the meaning of your personal revelatory language
    *Experience the Holy Spirit in your everyday life

    If you long to hear from God, this interactive manual is a powerful resource to equip you in your pursuit of Him. Start encountering God in exciting new ways today!

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  • Prophet : Creating And Sustaining A Life-Giving Prophetic Culture


    Every believer is prophetic!

    The Bible calls prophets a gift to the body of Christ. This is not because prophets hear God in our place; rather, prophets carry an impartation to connect all believers to the frequencies of Heaven with fresh clarity so they can receive and release the word of the Lord with new confidence.

    James Goll is an internationally bestselling author and prophet to the nations. In this groundbreaking book, James connects you to the speaking voice of the Spirit at a greater dimension than ever before.

    This comprehensive and revelatory work is broken up into four sections, focusing on Prophetic Beginnings, Development, Diversity and Commissionings.

    James teaches you how to:
    *Live in a realm of prophetic sensitivity
    *Recognize the four levels of prophetic ministry and how they operate
    *Understand the anatomy of a prophetic word
    *Receive and release the gift of prophecy
    *Avoid common pitfalls of prophetic ministry
    *Seize your prophetic destiny
    *Operate prophetically in you the sphere of influence

    These words from a respected general of the prophetic movement are saturated with divine empowerment, calling forth a generation to declare words from Heaven with power, integrity and accuracy!

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  • Unlocking Wealth From The Courts Of Heaven


    Your money has a voice in the heavenly realm. What is it speaking?

    For years, there has been talk of a Great Transfer of Wealth coming to God’s people. In the midst of controversy and concern over the excesses of carnal prosperity teaching, the fact remains that believers need financial resources in order to fund the advancement of the Kingdom. For Christians to impact culture, they must understand the power of translating financial wealth into Kingdom influence. The problem? This level of wealth and influence continue to evade us, both personally and corporately. Why?

    It’s time to renounce and revoke the enemy’s legal rights in our finances, and release supernatural abundance from the Court of Heaven.

    Robert Henderson travels the globe, teaching the concepts from his bestselling Courts of Heaven series. When applied, these Kingdom truths help believers demolish barriers to breakthrough and step into divine destiny in arena of life. In this timely new work, Henderson shows you how to enter this spiritual dimension and engage God as a Righteous Judge on behalf of your finances.

    You will discover how to:
    *Remove legal rights the enemy is using to restrain financial increase in your life.
    *Understand the economic system of Heaven: is God a socialist or capitalist?
    *Revoke the spirit of poverty that wars against prosperity and blessing.
    *Release the prophetic voice of your finances before the Court of Heaven.
    *Operate in the Biblical principles of Firstfruits.
    *Issue restraining orders against the devil and his agenda for your finances.
    *Break free from Disrupted timing and realign with God’s order of abundance.

    If you are experiencing financial hardship or sense an invisible ceiling that limits your current level of financial blessing, discover how to enter the Courts of Heaven and unlock the abundance that’s reserved for God’s people!

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  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts


    What are spiritual gifts?

    Author and pastor Sam Storms has spent several decades teaching on the topic of the spiritual gifts and equipping believers in the faithful practice of God’s gifts. Yet there remains a great deal of confusion about the nature of the gifts and how they best function in the body of Christ. In this comprehensive guide to the spiritual gifts, Storms addresses the many bizarre and misleading interpretations that abound and confronts the tendency to downplay the urgency of spiritual gifts for Christian living and ministry. He explains how spiritual gifts, both the more miraculous and the somewhat mundane, are given to build up the body of Christ. God has graciously provided these manifestations of the Spirit so that believers might encourage, edify, strengthen, instruct, and console one another, all with a view to an ever-increasing, incremental transformation into the image of Jesus Christ.

    Throughout this guide, Storms unpacks the glorious truth that there is a supernatural and divine energy or power that fills and indwells the body and soul of every born-again believer. God does not call upon us to speculate about the nature of this power or to embrace it as a mere idea. His desire is that we avail ourselves of it to partner with him in his purposes on the earth. His desire is that we cry out to him that he might intensify, expand, increase, and deepen the manifestation of this power through us in ever more demonstrative and tangible ways in our lives.

    Understanding Spiritual Gifts is useful as a reference to address common questions about the gifts, but it also serves as a training manual for using and exercising the gifts in ministry. It is perfect for any individual or group who wants to grow in their understanding of the gifts for today.

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  • Smith Wigglesworth On Healing


    Experience God’s Miracles

    Meet a minister’s wife with only one day to live, a bride who is dying of appendicitis, a betrayed husband who is on his way to kill his wife, and a woman who is completely paralyzed.

    Through Smith Wigglesworth’s words and ministry, you will discover what happened in their lives and what can take place in your own life.

    Find out how you can…

    *Walk in divine health and wholeness

    *Overcome the power of evil

    *Experience God’s power in your life

    *Do the miracles that Christ did

    *See the incurable healed

    *Lead the lost to Christ

    *Minister in God’s anointing

    In this compelling 6-CD audiobook, you will discover how you can personally receive God’s healing touch and how God can use you to bring healing to others, just as He did through Smith Wigglesworth. Christ’s transforming power and grace will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

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  • Prophetic Secrets : Learning The Language Of Heaven


    In her powerful, prophetic teaching style, bestselling author Jennifer Eivaz helps readers to continually sharpen their gifting in order to minister healing, breakthrough, and a supernatural display of God’s glory.

    Helping those with this unique and powerful anointing, she teaches
    how to:
    * learn the value of spending time in the secret place with God
    * distinguish the extraordinary voice of God
    * grow in knowledge of signs and dreams
    * avoid pet doctrines, fads, and heresies
    * understand when to keep a prophetic word, and when to let it go

    The world is desperate to hear the voice of God clearly–it is vital that his prophets give true expression to all that is on his heart. Are you prepared to become all God has created you to be?

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  • Ancient Blueprint For The Supernatural


    Lost for centuries, this ancient text is the believer’s key to unlocking the supernatural lifestyle of first-century believers.

    In the book of Acts, we glimpse the world-changing community marked by passion, authenticity, and supernatural power that was the early Church. How did the early church cultivate these kinds of powerful believers? Where does the modern church fall short? And what if you could access the early Church’s discipleship manual?

    Picture it: While browsing the stacks of a dimly lit library in the cavernous corridors of an Middle Eastern monastery, a young Greek Orthodox cleric stumbles upon a fragile parchment manuscript, containing ancient wisdom. The cleric’s name was Philotheos Bryennios, the year was 1873, the place was Istanbul, Turkey, and the incredible document he found was called the Didache, or the Teaching.

    The Didache is a transformative step-by-step training program for new believers, and offers a window into the faith and practice of the earliest Gentile disciples, when Christianity was still within the fold of Messianic Judaism.

    Written for a culture where individuals had no knowledge of Jesus or the gospel, the Didache’s timeless instruction is especially applicable for our current, postchristian era.

    Ancient Blueprints for the Supernatural contains the full text of the Didache along with extensive, revelatory commentary and application from Drs. Dennis and Jen Clark.

    You will:

    *Discover how to live as a holy vessel in a godless society.
    *Enter a new way of life that reveals Jesus of Nazareth to the world.
    *Access the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made possible through the Cross.
    *Experience the presence and power of God through ancient practices such as persistent prayer, communion, baptism, and more.
    *Gain wisdom for discerning false teaching and doctrine that obscures the fullness of God’s life and power.
    *Uncover the Biblical definition of The One New Man, and what it means for you.
    *Learn to live in watchful preparation for the Messiah’s return.

    Unleash the timeless wisdom of the Didache into your life, and begin walking in the world-changing footsteps of the early church.

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  • Show Us Your Glory


    When you touch the divine glory realm, you will never be satisfied with anything less!

    In this powerful prophetic message, bestselling author Robert Henderson extends an invitation to all believers who long to experience God in a deeper, more powerful way: You can encounter God’s glory!

    Based on Moses’ encounter with God in Exodus Chapter 33, Robert provides a biblical blueprint for experiencing new realms of God’s glory in our daily lives.

    In this groundbreaking work, you will…
    *Receive a greater vision of God’s glory
    *Discover the 5 revelations of God’s glory from Exodus 33
    *Discern the difference between manifestations of God’s presence and His glory.
    *Pray bold glory prayers like Moses.
    *Become the dominion of God: a person fully indwelt and inhabited by His glory.

    In the presence of God, we learn how to ascend into the next dimension of God: His glory realm–where the miraculous happens!

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  • Releasing Prophetic Solutions


    Our utterance activates God’s promise!

    The mystery of the Kingdom is that, through our prophetic prayers and decrees, we can partner with God to change our world.

    Seasoned prophetic intercessor, Christy Johnston shares the revelation she received when God intervened through her prophetic declarations, releasing supernatural answers for herself, her family, and her nation.

    In this book you will find:
    *Revelation of the authority you carry
    *A renewed desire to seek the answers and solutions hidden in God’s heart
    *A new expectancy for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
    *A torch that ignites prophetic declarations

    Watch God transform your world as you partner with Him in prophetic prayer!

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  • You Can Hear Gods Voice


    God Wants to Talk to You!

    Many people go through life wishing they could hear from God. They long to know His plans and purposes for their lives, and they long to benefit from His direction in their daily decisions.

    The truth is, you were made to hear God’s voice! God created you for intimacy with Him, and He longs to speak with you, moment by moment!

    My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. –John 10:27, NLT

    In his latest book, You Can Hear God’s Voice, author Kevin L. Zadai helps you develop your ability to hear God’s words every day.

    *Learn to recognize God’s voice apart from other voices
    *Encounter new clarity in knowing God’s will
    *Access your many rights and privileges as a believer
    *Walk in increased discernment through Holy Spirit power
    *Experience transformation by renewing your mind

    As you walk and talk with God, you’ll find yourself living the abundant life of blessing that you were meant to live!

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  • Breaking Generational Curses


    Are you held captive by a generational curse? Take the test and find out!

    Do you or a family member…
    *Exhibit anger issues?
    *Suffer mental illness?
    *Have a history of abuse or chronic illness?
    *Face failure after failure?

    A generational curse from your family line may be the root cause of these issues. Don’t let past sins from your family tree continue to wreak havoc in your life. God has a bright future planned for you!

    In Breaking Generational Curses, international speaker and author Marilyn Hickey teaches how Jesus Christ reversed every curse. She shares powerful lessons and worksheets to help you overcome these curses from the past. Take the complete test inside, identify generational sin, and break free from the curse once and for all!

    Now is the time to shatter evil from the past and take control of your future!

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  • School Of The Miraculous Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    What if you could experience something miraculous every day?

    Many Christians think of miracles as rare events for a select and fortunate few. But miracles don’t have to be something mysterious and out of reach. They don’t have to be the exception. Just as they were common in the early church, they can become common for you.

    School of the Miraculous Study Guide, based on Dr. Kynan Bridges’ School of the Mlraculous, can help every believer develop a miracle mind-set, operate in miracles, and establish a lifestyle in which miraculous events occur.

    Dr. Kynan has encountered many believers who are frustrated because they are not seeing evidence of God’s power in their circumstances. They have a growing desperation for more of His intervention in their lives. This book was designed to answer that cry for more.

    The Holy Spirit is the Miracle Worker-but most miracles involve human participation in some way. Dr. Kynan reveals that our growing intimacy with God’s Spirit will lead us to see and participate in His miracles-living in His power and setting our expectations increasingly higher for His miraculous works in our lives.

    This practical study guide, suitable for individual or group study, is filled with ideas for personal application and spiritual activation prayers for tapping into the miraculous. Enroll in the School of the Miraculous today!

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  • Unshackled : Breaking The Strongholds Of Your Past To Receive Complete Deli


    Jesus didn’t come to earth just to save us from hell. He suffered, died, and rose again for the complete deliverance and healing you long for. Soul wounds affect each of us and leave broken places in our lives that need healing. When we seek inner healing but don’t also close demonic doorways to the enemy, we simply mask the issue temporarily and may find ourselves in more bondage than we experienced previously.

    A respected minister of deliverance, Kathy DeGraw will show you through biblical insights, real-life examples, and practical instruction how you can:
    * discern and destroy the root of fear, anger, addictions, rejection, and other strongholds that just won’t go away
    * use repentance, forgiveness, and robust spiritual warfare prayers and declarations to possess freedom
    * minister deliverance and inner healing to others
    * and more

    The Holy Spirit wants to open your eyes to the strongholds that have kept you stuck. It’s time to be unshackled and free!

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  • Why Am I Not Healed


    Two common questions generally rise to the surface for those seeking healing: Is it God’s will to heal? And is it God’s will to heal me?

    From his personal story of suffering with coronary artery disease, to the loss of his sister to cancer, and his daughter’s diagnosis of arthritis at a young age, Pastor Glen Berteau approaches these life-altering events with firsthand insight and revelation. He explains how, even in the most challenging circumstances, God can turn the worst into the best and use it all for our good.

    By countering seventeen hindrances to prayer for healing, Pastor Berteau breaks through possible misunderstanding regarding God’s good intentions for his children. This book can initiate in your heart the faith that moves mountains–why settle for anything less?

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  • Lightnings Of God


    God longs to make Himself known to all people–and He wants to use you to do it!

    Whether or not you believe it, God has given all believers the ability to walk in the same miracle-power as Jesus.

    Only two simple things are required: faith and preparation. The Lightnings of God offers profound insight for both.

    Joe Oden has trained thousands of people to walk in the fullness of their God-ordained destinies by operating in the miraculous. He shares true stories of everyday encounters where signs, wonders and miracles impact real people.

    In this powerful book, Joe imparts…
    *Confidence for laying hands on the sick, and expecting healing
    *Strategy on positioning yourself for encounters with the fire of God.
    *Boldness to prophesy and move in prophetic evangelism
    *Hunger for a prayer life filled with Holy-Spirit power
    *Practical tools for releasing God-encounters to the people around you

    So arise and claim your destiny as a vessel through which the Holy Spirit can release The Lightnings of God!

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  • Grace Of Healing


    Why does God heal some people, but not others?

    Do you have questions about Divine healing? How does it work? What is required? How much faith is necessary?

    In The Grace of Healing, Pastor, author, and renowned Bible teacher, Bob Yandian answers these questions, while revealing the missing ingredient to the healing you’ve been praying for: grace!

    Over the course of church history, the doctrines of grace and faith have been taken to separate extremes as they relate to healing. The result is that many believers struggle to understand or receive healing from God. Those on the side of grace deny the need for faith, believing that God only heals a select few. For those who only see a need for faith, the pursuit of healing becomes a legalistic struggle to change God’s mind.

    But Pastor Bob takes a different approach, offering practical and straight-to-the-point biblical teaching that balances the elements of grace and faith–so your health can spring forth speedily.

    You’ll find the healing you’ve been waiting for when you find the missing ingredient of grace!

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  • Thank You God For Grandpa


    Thank You, God, for grandpas, pops, and papas too. For granddads, gramps, and grandpappies–they’re great gifts from You!

    No matter what you call Grandpa, there is nothing like the love between a grandpa and his grandchild! With whimsical rhymes and charming illustrations, Thank You, God, for Grandpa (Mini Edition) encourages little ones to treasure God’s special gift of grandfathers.

    Grandpas and their grandchildren alike will love this heartwarming story that celebrates their sweet relationship.

    Amy Parker’s children’s books have sold more than a million copies, including two Christian Retailing’s Best award-winning books and the bestselling A Night Night Prayer. She lives outside Nashville with her husband and two children.

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  • Supernatural Courage : Activating Spiritual Bravery To Win Today’s Battle


    Our world is full of fear: fear of death, public speaking, flying, drowning, failure, rejection, snakes, needles, heights, darkness, enclosed places, and countless more. Satan uses fear to steal joy, kill opportunity, and destroy hope. God has an antidote: supernatural courage.

    Our favorite Bible heroes achieved results greater than their natural abilities because of bravery that came only from God. Followers of Jesus throughout history have had the Holy Spirit come upon them to achieve supernatural outcomes. In Supernatural Courage, Robinson uses biblical examples, interviews, and testimonies, along with Bible promises, prayers, and activations to impart spiritual bravery for strength to live a life beyond what’s normal.

    These pages will help activate supernatural courage in your life so that you can hope–and then persevere through overwhelming challenges, stand against intimidation, believe for the impossible, forgive amid injustice, use spiritual gifts for spiritual victories, and finish the race God has given you.

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  • Prophetic Warrior : Operating In Your True Prophetic Authority


    When God gives prophetic words, we must fight for their manifestation!

    Many believers receive encouraging prophetic words, but grow increasingly discouraged as time passes, and the word goes unfulfilled.

    Emma Stark believes that there is one missing ingredient preventing prophetic words from becoming reality: boldness.

    Growing up in Northern Ireland, prophet Emma Stark was raised in an environment that cultivated boldness. In her ministry, she has become known for a no-nonsense approach to the prophetic. Now, she releases an impartation of boldness, courage, and faith to help you war for every promise from God.

    In The Prophetic Warrior, you will learn to:
    *Conquer the spirit of timidity and fear when it comes to the prophetic
    *Operate in supernatural boldness to move mountains, release miracles, and enter into new realms of divine encounter
    *Break free from passivity, and war for God’s promises
    *Prophesy the changes that God longs to release into impossible situations.
    *Expect responses from Heaven
    *Receive a spiritual determination to see measurable breakthrough

    You carry words from God that are meant to transform earth. Step out in boldness and manifest Heaven’s realities!

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  • Destined To Reign Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)


    You were made to reign in every way!

    Author, evangelist, and pastor, Joseph Prince uncovers the secret to reigning over adversity, lack, and destructive habits. Discover how to experiencing the success, wholeness, and victory that God created to enjoy.

    In this powerful book, Joseph Prince reveals that…
    *It’s not about what you must accomplish. It’s about what has been accomplished for you.
    *It’s not about a list of rules. It’s about God’s secret to reigning effortlessly in life.
    *It’s not about your will-power to change. It’s about His power changing you.

    Start reigning over sickness, financial lack, broken relationships, and destructive habits! Discover how you can reign in life today!

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  • This Is Where Your Healing Begins


    There is no college course available that can impart the countless diverse causes and needs for healing human lives. Every soul is unique, and each has many more facets than the sixty found in the famed Hope diamond! The myriad of human need for healing and the peculiar personal histories surrounding them are as numerous as all people who ever lived on the planet! The felt needs that are shared with me, most every day, involve physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, generational, identity, relational, financial, historical, locational, racial, inter-denominational, intellectual, and other global issues of healing. These needs arise out of, but are not limited to: physical illness, sexual and verbal abuse, traumas, spiritual dysfunction, family dysfunction, abandonment, shame, guilt, rejection, doubt, fear and anxiety.

    In 1990, when God first led me into His ministry of healing, supplicants would regularly tell me, I’ve come here as a last resort. In those early days, the majority, of those who sought prayer, were females over the age of 50. Now, however, the demographics have greatly progressed. Today, men, women and children of all ages; believers and non-believers; even pet owners; come for prayer.

    While it is more likely for those in need to make a beeline from their doctor’s office, to mine; it is becoming increasingly common for people to come for prayer in advance of visiting their physician’s office. As supplicants experience God’s healing gifts in Christ Jesus, the words of the Psalmist begin to resonate with them: I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)

    Hence becoming filled with faith in The Healer leads people to a greater certainty of God’s loving-kindness and more apt to include Him in every aspect of their healing. It is no surprise that when medical concerns arise, followers of Christ, pray before seeing a doctor. If only more doctors understood that faith-filled people know that God, as their ultimate Healer, creatively heals through doctors, medicines and technology.

    Spanning nearly thirty years, this book addresses what I have identified as the core issues of everyday life: disease, diagnosis, distress, pain, fear, doubt, shame, guilt and all other manner of human concern. My prayer is that hope, in the Person of the Lord Jesus, will flow through these pages and saturate your souls with what I have learnt–as I listened, loved, and prayed healing over thousa

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  • My Fame His Fame


    The most powerful forces in the world are both exhilarating and terrifying. Awesome and terrible. Life-giving and life-threatening. In order to unleash the positive attributes of these powers, one must also confront the imposing components of them. But the ultimate example of this phenomenon is the awesome fame of the almighty God.

    My Fame, His Fame is a call for believers to heed the example of the prophet Habakkuk by stepping to their watch on the ramparts and calling for a revelation of God’s mighty acts to be repeated in our time. It is an inspiring reminder that our lives are to be lived for one aim: to increase the fame of the Famous One. Readers will encounter a radically different–and far better–approach to achieving success in life and will walk away inspired and equipped to live for the purpose of His fame.

    Rooted in Habakkuk 3:2 Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy, My Fame, His Fame will spur the reader to usher in the fame of God. It will be organized into four parts based on Habakkuk’s story: I) The Legend, II) The Proclamation, III) The Knowledge, IV) The Request.

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  • They Shall Expel Demons (Expanded)


    What are demons? How do demons gain entry into people’s lives? Do Christians need deliverance from demons? In this practical, comprehensive handbook on deliverance, author and Bible expositor Derek Prince addresses the fears and misconceptions often associated with the subject of demons. By sharing his own struggles with unseen forces, he encourages believers to become equipped to take action against these evil beings. He exposes their characteristics, activities, and entry points, and offers solid, down-to-earth advice on how to receive and minister deliverance–and how to remain free.

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  • Mind Of God


    Two realities are evident in today’s broken world: our culture is in desperate need, and our God is a miracle-working God. How do believers answer the world’s cries for help in a way that reflects God’s heart of compassion?

    According to bestselling author Bill Johnson, we simply embrace two additional realities: God’s wisdom and his power. With biblical insight and extensive experience of seeing God’s hand at work, Johnson offers keys to helping believers have the greatest impact on society. When we understand the long-term strategy of God’s wisdom and the immediacy of his miracle-working power, we can have eternal impact and live with significance in the here and now, whether in our own lives and communities or in the farthest reaches of the world.

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  • Supernatural Freedom : Overcoming The Greatest Barriers To Fulfilling Your


    Do you ever wonder why you’re not experiencing the freedom and abundant life promised in Scripture?

    Despite the freedom that Jesus purchased at the cross, many Christians still live in bondage because they are unaware of the lavish spiritual blessings that God has opened to them.

    Katherine Ruonala is a world-renowned pastor who operates is notable signs and miracles. In Supernatural Freedom, she shows that when you begin to access the true deliverance that Jesus makes available, you will run boldly towards the impossible, filled with supernatural power and confidence!

    Through Katherine’s transparent teaching and dynamic, supernatural stories, you will learn how to…
    *Live your Christian life as a child of God, seated in heavenly places with Jesus
    *Recognize common strongholds where the enemy keeps you captive
    *Use the spiritual weapons of war you’ve been granted
    *Resist temptation and receive double for your trouble in blessings
    *Experience complete freedom from guilt, anxiety, heaviness, and sickness

    Discover the incredible freedom and abundance that Jesus promised–in every area of your life!

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  • How To Contend For Your Miracle


    Claim your prophetic promise in the midst of the storm!

    What do you do when you receive a promise from the Lord but it doesn’t come to pass? How do you get from promise to fulfillment?

    When Ryan Johnson’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, God took him on a revelatory journey, showing him how prophetic promises are realized.

    In the midst of her grim diagnosis, Ryan’s mother was having recurring dreams of playing with her adult grandchildren. These dreams were prophetic signposts that the diagnosis would not be a death sentence. This gave Ryan faith to press into God for answers and contend for a miracle.

    During this process, the Holy Spirit revealed keys to activating faith and seeing promises come to pass, even when it seems like the situation is hopeless.

    How to Contend for Your Miracle will show you how to…
    *Use the dreams, visions, and prophetic words that God gives as anchors for your faith and weapons against the enemy
    *Activate the gift of faith to accelerate the fulfillment of your prophetic promises
    *Thrive in the midst of your struggle by standing on the Word of God

    Rise up! Contend for your miracle, so all of God’s promises can come to pass!

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