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    Theology Proper (God The Father)

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    • Where Did God Come From


      Teaches Christians how to defend their faith when they encounter questions regarding creation vs. evolution: How can we know there is a God? Can we see any evidence of God’s handiwork today? Can the Bible be defended by real science?

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    • God Sends Us Special Grace


      SKU (ISBN): 9781580020855Bob Lord | Penny LordBinding: Video VHSPublished: 2000Scandal Of The Cross And Its TriumphPublisher: Journeys Of Faith

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    • God We Worship


      6 messages

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      Ancient Hebrew names were more than arbitrary tags. They meant something. The names of God in the Old Testament help us to see various important aspects of His nature. The God We Worship is an intriguing study of God’s character traits as revealed by His titles. Standard-definition DVD. Six 23-minute messages.

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