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    Pre-Algebra Algebra I and Algebra II

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    • Pre Algebra Power Program 1 The Basics


      With all those Xs and Ys, pre-algebra can be very intimidating. But with the right preparation, pre-algebra is as easy as 1-2-3! Building on your knowledge of basic math, The Standard Deviants eliminate the intimidation factor by presenting the material in an easy-to-understand manner using plenty of examples and computer graphics.

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    • Pre Algebra Parts 1 And 2 Pack


      A great introduction to the basics of algebra, Pre-Algebra covers everything from exponents, roots, prime numbers and absolute value to variables and graphing X & Y coordinates. Using computer graphics and animation, the Standard Deviants will help you solve the trickiest pre-algebra problems with step-by-step explanations and helpful hints. The Pre-Algebra DVD 2-Pack includes Pre-Algebra Power and Pre-Algebra Part 2.

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    • Pre Algebra Program 2


      This series lays the foundation for understanding higher-level math. Give your students a good grasp of integers, factoring, exponents, and other basics.

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