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    • Aristotles Ethics : A Guide To Living The Good Life


      The Video DVD set includes the DVD course and one study guide.

      Everybody wants to do the right thing, be the best person they can be, and help their family and friends do the same. But why does man have this innate desire to be good? What does goodness look like? Are good and evil the same for everyone? Using Aristotle’s Ethics as his guide, John Cuddeback, Ph.D. answers these questions and more, showing how man is shaped by the choices he makes, and how continually choosing the good inevitably leads to happiness.

      The Fundamentals of Happiness

      To study ethics is to seek to understand the true order of human actions, Dr. Cuddeback discusses what that order looks like, and how it is tied to man’s happiness, by examining these key topics from Aristotle’s Ethics:

      * The objectivity of good and evil
      * The pursuit of the chief good, or human happiness
      * The moral, intellectual, and cardinal virtues
      * Habits and vices, and how they shape human character

      Aristotle’s timeless assertions on the nature of humanity are invaluable in their cogency and simplicity. Dr. Cuddeback’s teaching of the text from a Catholic perspective makes for a deep yet accessible lesson on the profound spiritual dimension of everyday life.

      Why study Ethics?

      The increasing pervasiveness of moral relativism can complicate the modern Christian’s understanding of good and evil. A choice to study ethics is a choice to clarify one’s knowledge of goodness. If we are confident in our understanding of good and evil, we can more assuredly pursue lives of Christian holiness. Dr. Cuddeback’s lectures are rich sources of inspiration and insight into human goodness. Choosing goodness means choosing happiness for ourselves and those around us.

      Education for the Mind and the Soul

      While the study of ethics is an intellectual endeavor, it pertains to all aspects of the human person. Dr. Cuddeback’s sensitivity to the Catholic’s quest for holiness allows him to apply ethics to our everyday spiritual lives. Learn how St. Thomas Aquinas’ own study of Aristotle’s teachings left an indelible mark on the Catholic understanding of virtue. Renew your desire to overcome bad habits by understanding the transformative power of good ones.

      In this course, Dr. Cuddeback invites you to feed your mind and your soul with timeless teachings on humanity’s pursuit of happiness.

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