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    Cults and The Occult

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    • Halloween


      The Word For Today is pleased to present a brand-new Halloween DVD featuring Pastor Chuck Smith with co-host of Pastors Perspective, Don Stewart.

      Join Pastor Chuck as he answers America?s questions and concerns regarding the most popularly celebrated holiday, next to Christmas.

      This new DVD discusses the origins and roots of Halloween, the meaning behind rituals and practices, and the always-asked question: should a Christian take part in this celebrated tradition.

      Features Include:

      ? Background and origins of the pagan practices and occults associated with Halloween

      ? The Scriptures that testify to the significance of demons and those who practice demonologies

      ? What the Bible has to say about Magic, witchcraft, sorceries, spiritism, and demonic practices

      ? Today?s relevance of the effects of Halloween in our nation and the effect it has on our society and culture

      ? Pastor Chuck responds to questions asked by those who doubt the harms associated with Halloween.

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    • Invisible Denomination The New Age


      The New Age movement can be likened to an old melody played by a new band. What makes this new band significant for our times is that over forty million people, in the US alone, are now dancing to its melody. In this talk, Ray Yungen examines the source and nature of this modern spiritual movement and gives credible evidence to its widespread influence in our culture. If you only have a limited understanding of what things like Reiki, chakras, and metaphysical self-help are, this lecture will be of great importance because these once obscure practices are now poised to touch every family in the Western world. Yungen refers to this as the invisible denomination because it is found in business, health and fitness, education, and religion but yet is not readily identifiable by the average person as actual denomination or spiritual body.

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    • Kabbalah : And The Rise Of Mysticism


      Whether disillusioned by the self-imposed blinders and myopia of contemporary science, or frustrated by the moral bankruptcy of unbridled materialism, increasing numbers of desperate people are now seeking answers outside the realm of natural phenomena and are pursuing the supernatural. The anguished plea of the disenfranchised now begs the question, Is there anyone out there?

      Beyond the beguiling allure of many contemporary forms of ancient paganism, such as the New Age, Wicca, and others, many people have become attracted to a form of Hebrew mysticism known as Kabbalah. The popular press is speckled with articles of prominent Hollywood personalities who have taken up a popular contemporary version of Kabbalah

      It is particularly paradoxical to find these occultic practices embedded within Judaism, despite the numerous explicit prohibitions against all forms of the occult recorded throughout the very Torah that is so highly venerated among the Jews. . .

      . . .Anyone with a modicum of Biblical literacy should realize that occult practices are expressly prohibited in the Scriptures. Scripture condemns by name spiritism, mediumism (channeling), and necromancy, and various forms of sorcery and divination, including astrology and magic. In ancient Israel, divination was a capital crime; if someone was caught casting a horoscope, or other occultic practice, they were put to death. Why?

      Because God is jealous of His uniqueness, and He alone knows what the future holds. To intrude on His office is to attempt to intrude on His glory. Occult activity also courts deception and betrayal from the demonic realm, and promotes evil under the guise of legitimate religious practice. Occult involvement will eventually lead to judgment for those who refuse to forsake it.

      Join Chuck as he delves deeply into the hidden world of Kabbalah and exposes the lies and traps that Satan has laid there for the unwary.

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    • New Age The Great Deceit


      SKU (ISBN): 9781580021012Bob Lord | Penny LordBinding: Video VHSPublished: 2000Scandal Of The Cross And Its TriumphPublisher: Journeys Of Faith

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    • Pelagianism : Man Can Be God


      SKU (ISBN): 9781580020947Bob Lord | Penny LordBinding: Video VHSPublished: 2000Scandal Of The Cross And Its TriumphPublisher: Journeys Of Faith

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