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    • Gospel Project Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 6


      The Gospel Project: Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 6 contains weekly Bible story videos to support semester 6 content.

      The Gospel Project: Home Edition allows you to teach kids in kindergarten through 5th grade that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story-the story of God’s redemption.

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    • Gospel Project Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 4


      The Gospel Project for Kids: Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 4 contains weekly Bible story videos to support semester 4 content, covering Jesus’ Birth through His Miracles.

      The Gospel Project for Kids Home Edition allows you to teach kids in kindergarten through 5th grade that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story-the story of God’s redemption.

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    • Gospel Project Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 3


      The Gospel Project: Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 3 contains weekly Bible story videos to support semester 3 content. Includes 24 Bible story videos and 24 Discussion Starter videos.

      The Gospel Project: Home Edition allows you to teach kids in kindergarten through 5th grade that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story-the story of God’s redemption.

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    • Gospel Project Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 1


      The Gospel Project for Kids Home Edition Bible Story DVD Semester 1 contains 26 Bible story videos to support semester 1 content.

      The Gospel Project for Kids Home Edition allows you to teach kids in kindergarten through 5th grade that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story-the story of God’s redemption.

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    • Story Of The Bible 1 Video Lecture Series


      This lecture series accompanies the text book from the immensly popular Bible History program, The Story of the Bible.Presented by Brian Kennelly, author of several books and co-editor of Story of the Bible, these videos lead students on a chapter-by-chapter narrative review. Each lecture, which averages just short of 15 minutes in length, includes:

      a discussion of key figures and events
      historical context to help frame the Biblical stories
      lessons relating to everyday life
      engaging visual aids and graphics
      …and more

      Parents can use these lectures in conjuction with the text book to allow a more hands-off approach to their lesson planning. After watching, students can turn to their workbooks and test books with confidence.
      The Story of the Bible product line uses the Schoolhouse Model and has over ten different components for kids of all ages. The lecture series is recommended for middle school students using the text book, but could be enjoyed by some younger children laying a foundation of Biblical knowledge.

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    • Story Of The Bible 2 Video Lecture Series


      Children should not just read the Bible, but experience it. In The Story of the Bible young readers will discover not only the sanctity and wisdom, but the excitement of the stories and events that shaped human history and brought about our salvation. Help the children in your life come to know and love the Bible through this groundbreaking new series, The Story of the Bible. Their encounter with Scripture will never be the same.

      This companion video series, featuring Editor Brian Kennelly, leads students on a chapter-by-chapter narrative review. Each lecture includes a discussion of key figures and events, historical context to help frame the Biblical stories, lessons relating to everyday life, and engaging visual aids and graphics. After viewing these lectures, students will be better equipped to turn to their activity books and test books with confidence.

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    • New Testament Canon


      SKU (ISBN): 9781618901002Monica MillerBinding: Video DVDPublished: 2014Catholic Courses #Publisher: Tan Books

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    • Daniel : Apocalypse Of The Old Testament


      Symbols of Divine Providence

      The Book of Daniel, on the surface, tells a powerful story of God’s faithfulness and constancy, even in the midst of great trial. Understanding the book’s symbolic language and images, however, requires some outside research. Join Paul Niskanen, Ph.D., as he analyzes and explains Daniel’s content and symbolism, revealing the book’s rich significance to the New Testament and to modern Christians.

      Echoes of Revelation

      Daniel is considered a work of apocalyptic literature, meaning that its contents are primarily symbolic. The book does, however, contain real historical figures, and takes place during real historical events. Over eight lectures, Dr. Niskanen explains the relationship between history and symbolism in Daniel, making sense of key figures and themes:

      * The close relationship between religion and politics in ancient Israel
      * The meaning and significance of Daniel’s dream visions
      * God’s hand and the role of free will in human history
      * Daniel as a bridge to the New Testament

      Far from being an isolated work of spiritual wisdom, Daniel reverberates throughout the New Testament. By illuminating the symbolism and connecting the dots between Daniel and Jesus Christ, Dr. Niskanen’s course shows the breadth and profundity of Daniel’s significance.

      Why study Daniel?

      The Book of Daniel invites the reader to explore a unique chapter in salvation history. Today’s Christians can feel intimidated by society’s increasing disdain for religion, something which Daniel understood all too well. God’s faithfulness to Daniel during his persecutions and sufferings is the same faithfulness he offers us today. Daniel is thus a very timely book for today’s Christians, reminding us of the unchanging nature of God’s love and fidelity, even in the midst of darkness.

      Our History

      Daniel demonstrates how God unfolds his plan of salvation through human history. This is a history in which we as Christians participate. Studying Daniel helps us to better understand our place in that history, and it gives us an enhanced perspective on God’s role in that history. In these eight lectures, Dr. Niskanen shows how we can find ourselves in this book, and how it is no less relevant today than in centuries past.

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    • God Of The Old Testament


      The unpopular part of the Bible.

      A lot of people today don’t seem to like the Old Testament. Even among Catholics, a pretty hostile attitude seems to hang around this sizable part of the Bible. In this course, Professor Paul V. Niskanen takes a closer look at the Old Testament and the God it reveals, clearing away a lot of the darkness and false rumors to find out what the text is actually saying, and why it’s so highly regarded in the Catholic tradition.

      The Bible is not just a history book.

      It’s important to remember that the Bible is not a history book. It contains history, but the Old Testament is not only concerned with relating literal historical events. Truth is conveyed in a lot of different ways. For example, in the parable of the Prodigal Son, you could ask if it really happened in that exact way-but is that really the point of the story? Of course not. Many genres exist in the Old Testament, including poetry, that are designed to make a point and teach a specific lesson. Truth-including transcendent truth-is not limited to the historical.

      A much more important part of the Bible than we may think.

      It might come as a bit of a surprise to us today, but the first Christian Bibles did not include the New Testament, and Paul wrote its first books as late as 50 AD. It goes to show you how important the Old Testament is, since the Church has never existed without it. The Church has always kept these ancient books in the official canon of Scriptures. Against popular belief, the Old Testament God and the New Testament God are not two different deities-many people today think that the Old God is full of anger, wrath, and vengeance, while the New God is all about love and warm feelings. It’s a common misconception, and one that Professor Niskanen addresses in this course.

      Discontinuity or Continuity?

      There are two main ways of looking at the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament, which are discontinuity and continuity.

      – Discontinuity: the two Testaments have nothing to do with each other.
      – Continuity: The two works are compatible. This is the position that the Catholic Church holds.

      Jesus himself emphasized the continuity of the two parts of the Bible in the Sermon on the Mount, when he affirmed that his mission was to fulfill the law and the prophets-not to abolish them. In fact, the phrase God of the Old Testament is a bit misleading, since the same God has revealed himself through both Testa

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    • Secret Book Of John


      Modern novels and movies claim the Church suppressed secret writings about Christ and his apostles for centuries…and they’re right!

      If you’ve heard of The Da Vinci Code, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Jesus Scroll, Holy Blood Holy Grail, Foucault’s Pendulum, or The Golden Compass, you’ve been told that the Church hid the truth from the world.

      In a way, these novels and movies are right. The Catholic Church did suppress and constrain the publication of these so-called gospels. And with good reason. The Gnostic writings were circulated by pseudo-Christian sects who had broken communion with the Church. Many Gnostic texts claim to be eye-witness accounts of the apostles or secret divine messages which expand on Christ’s public revelation. All of the Gnostic texts contain elements of heresy.

      Claims to Secret Knowledge

      Gnosticism comes from the Greek word gnosis which means knowledge. In itself, knowledge is not a bad thing. However, in the Early Church, there were many groups of people who claimed to have received secret revelations about Christ, his mother Mary, or even the apostles.

      Among these revelations are those contained in The Secret Book of John, a Gnostic text that rewrites creation and salvation history. Along with many other Gnostic texts, it was excluded from the formal list of the books of the Bible – called the canon of Scripture – by the Council of Carthage in 419 A.D. The Secret Book of John details a vision received by John the Apostle from Jesus.

      Retelling the Story

      Jesus tells John the secret truth about the creation of the world. He claims to be the Father, the Mother, and the Son, part of the incorruptible Monad – the great spirit who rules over all. In this reimagining of the Holy Trinity, there is the One (the Father), Barbelo, (a female emanence from the One), and Christ.

      The Monad created aeons – pairs of male and female spiritual beings who are like angels. One of these aeons, Sophia, sought to conceive a son without her male counterpart. This son was born a monster, and he is called Yaldabaoth. This monster-spirit then becomes the god over physical creation.

      According to The Secret Book of John, Yaldabaoth is the Yaweh of the Old Testament; an evil and perverse god who trapped the spiritual souls of Adam and Eve in matter. Yaldabaoth’s wicked designs are perpetuated by human procreation… because bringing forth new life into a material world is a process of ensnaring more spiri

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    • Unveiling The Apocalypse


      End-times hysteria peaked during the late 1990s as the millennium drew near. It has resurfaced in more recent years because of evangelical prophecies and an end-times fever which increased again near the end of 2012.

      Does the Book of Revelation disclose the date of the end of the world? When will the seven years of tribulation happen? Are we actually living in the end times?

      The Book of Revelation is probably the most frightening and perplexing book of the New Testament. Full of signs and symbols, predictions and warnings, it speaks of extraordinary times marked by falling stars, a bloodcovered moon, the collapse of empires, and widespread havoc. Such hyper-dramatic language characterizes all apocalyptic literature.

      Fr. Alfred McBride, O. Praem. sets the record straight with an authentic Catholic interpretation of the Book of Revelation. He gives you three keys to understanding the Book of Revelation and offers sustaining hope for Christians who have experienced or will experience the trials and persecutions that have always accompanied the Church.

      In addition to discussing the end of the world, Fr. McBride presents authentic Catholic teaching on topics including the Rapture, the mark of the beast, the Antichrist, the thousand years of peace, and more in this course, Unveiling the Apocalypse.

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    • Astronomy And The Bible


      An analysis of the scientific evidence for the age of the solar system
      A Biblical and scientific analysis of the origin of stars
      A closer look at the evidence being used to support the big bang
      The Bible and big bang cosmology: are they compatible?
      Mike Riddle has a degree in mathematics, a MA degree in education, and 25 years in the computer field. He was a Captain in the USMC and a national champion in track and field, specializing in the decathlon. He has spent the last 20 years traveling throughout the U.S. speaking on the scientific and Biblical evidences for creation at all levels (primary grades through adult). Mike has been a keynote speaker at home school conventions and summer camps. His focus on education and equipping techniques has helped attendees defend their faith in the Bible and become better witnesses. Prior to becoming president of Training ETC, Mike was a technical specialist and managed Microsoft’s worldwide training for system and sales engineers. He has taught at the Institute for Creation Research’s graduate school.

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    • How Well Designed Was Noahs Ark


      What were the most important factors in ark construction? Stability, then, efficient use of material. This semi-technical presentation shows that the dimensions of Noah’s ark were optimal for both!

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    • A Is For Adam


      This best-selling book is now available in animated format and also for the hearing impaired. Children will be enthralled by the animation that accompanies the A-Z rhymes, while at the same time learning about the true Genesis history.

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