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  • Purpose Pattern And Character Of Worship


    Within the broad range of Christianity we find diverse understandings of what makes for good worship. This book develops a typology of Christian worship to provide a method of assessing the decisions of congregations and leaders in forming and changing the orders of their worship.

    Among contemporary western Protestants, we find at least six discrete characteristics of worship:
    -the Revival,
    -the Sunday School,
    -the Aesthetic Revival,
    -the Pentecostal/holiness movement,
    -the Prayer Meeting,
    -and the twentieth-century Catholic Liturgical Renewal.

    These patterns find contemporary expression as:
    -Seeker Worship,
    -Creative Worship,
    -Traditional Worship,
    -Praise Worship,
    -House Church Worship,
    -and Word and Table Worship.

    Absent an overall authority for the structure of worship (such as the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer), many Protestant congregations have developed a conflation of patterns, which often creates incoherent worship. This book helps leaders define the purpose, character, and pattern of their community’s worship.

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  • God Made Me For Worship


    God Made Me for Worship (a part of the God Made Me series) by Jared Kennedy helps children understand the complexity of a Christian worship gathering by using the vision of Isaiah 6. This beautifully illustrated children’s book celebrates how God reveals himself to his people in the movements of worship.

    Sitting in a worship service for any young child can be a difficult experience. One minute everyone is singing loudly, the next everyone is sitting and listening quietly (without talking!). Sometimes the adults know something that should be said out loud, like, Thanks be to God! How did they know what to say? How do people know when to talk to one another and shake hands?

    God Made Me for Worship focuses on teaching kids about the key liturgical movements in a worship gathering, including the call to worship, praise and adoration, confession, assurance and passing the peace, ministry of the Word and sacraments, and benediction and sending.

    Kennedy guides parents to help their kids understand why we’re intentional about worship, encouraging them to engage–not just to manage behavior during a worship gathering, but to invite kids to respond to God along with the whole church body.

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  • Liturgies From Below


    This book offers a wealth of resources from forgotten places to help us create a new vocabulary for worship and prayer. It is a collection of prayers, songs, rituals, rites of healing, Eucharistic and baptismal prayers, meditations, and art from four continents: Asia-Pacific Islands, Africa, Americas, and Europe.

    Liturgies from Below is the culmination of a project organized by the Council for World Mission (CWM) during 2018-2019. Approximately 100 people from four continents worked with CWM, collaborating to create indigenous prayers and liturgies expressing their own contexts, for sharing with their communities and the rest of the world. The project was called Re-Imagining Worship as Acts of Defiance and Alternatives in the Context of Empire. The author and others spent weeks living in each of four communities for several weeks/months, getting to know the people, and then facilitating the people’s own creation of prayers and liturgies. The author, other scholars, pastors, artists, activists, and students all came from radically different ethnicities, races, sexualities, churches, and Christian theologies. The people in each location were poor, living in very challenging communities, living in oppressive and seemingly hopeless situations. After some time, they wrote prayers and stories of their experience trying to live the Christian faith in utterly abandoned places. What we have here is an immensely rich and varied collection of liturgical sources from various communities dealing with issues of violence, immigration, drugs, land grabbing, war, misogyny, militarization, and climate change.

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  • Worshp And The World To Come


    Christians sing because we are people of hope. Yet our hope is unlike other kinds of hope. We are not optimists; nor are we escapists. Christian hope is uniquely shaped by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and by the promise of our own future resurrection. How is that hope both expressed and experienced in contemporary worship? In this volume in the Dynamics of Christian Worship series, pastor, theologian, and songwriter Glenn Packiam explores what Christians sing about when they sing about hope and what kind of hope they experience when they worship together. Through his analysis and reflection, we find that Christian worship is crucial to both the proclamation and the formation of Christian hope.

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  • Does God Care How We Worship


    Does God care how we worship? For thousands of years, believers have answered with a resounding yes! Ever since the days of Cain and Abel, God has emphasized right worship, and it’s clear that careless worship can have serious consequences.

    Worship consciously regulated by God’s Word is a distinct characteristic of the Reformed church. Yet today many churches do not understand that both the Old and New Testaments have much to say about appropriate worship before God. Ligon Duncan lays the foundations of the regulative principle in worship, providing full biblical support as well as historical context. He also answers objections: Is this right worship essentially European? Is it flexible to different churches and contexts? Is it really still applicable today?

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  • Abingdon Worship Annual 2021


    The Abingdon Worship Annual is lectionary-based and follows the calendar year (January – December). It offers fresh worship planning resources for all who plan and implement weekly worship. Worship leaders need to offer prayers, prepare an order of worship, select music, and even prepare a sermon. Into that weekly task, we offer this resource to strengthen your ability to lead creatively and prepare consistently. Liturgies and prayers are also included for New Year’s Day, Ascension Day, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve. Using a theme based on the lectionary readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, each week’s offering of prayers and litanies follows a basic pattern of Christian worship:
    *Invitation and Gathering
    *Proclamation and Response
    *Thanksgiving and Communion
    *Sending Forth

    The Abingdon Worship Annual is a must-have source book offering countless opportunities for planning meaningful and insightful worship.

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  • Way Of Worship Student Workbook (Workbook)


    The Way of Worship Student Workbook is a practical guide that accompanies The Way of Worship, providing questions for discussion and reflection, as well as hands-on activities to better prepare you for a lifestyle of worship. It is a resource to encourage those who are answering the calling of God on their lives to lead worship.

    The Way of Worship (available separately) provides a biblical theology of worship, as well as a practical manual for practicing private and public worship as a way of life. This accompanying workbook serves as a journal and guidebook, allowing those who read and study The Way of Worship to further explore the concepts, internalizing and applying them to life.

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  • Way Of Worship


    The Way of Worship is a practical, hands-on guide for college or seminary students, worship leaders, pastors, and youth pastors seeking to better equip themselves as worshipers. Teachers and professors can use it as a teaching resource for the classroom, while pastors will discover a long-needed tool for providing interpretation and clarification of biblical principles for worship in an ever-changing culture. Students will find a consistent tool to use in communicating Biblical principles for worship to their friends.

    Concise, well written, and thoroughly researched, The Way of Worship provides a biblical theology of worship, as well as a practical manual for practicing private and public worship as a way of life. In addition, it includes individual and group discussion questions and activities that enable readers to immediately apply what they are learning. And it serves as a helpful reference for teachers of worship, combining biblical teaching with pedagogical application of worship principles. It is uniquely designed to lend a helping hand to those realizing and answering the calling of God on their lives to lead worship.

    Worshiping the one true God is essential to the life and vitality of the churc

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  • Flow : The Ancient Way To Do Contemporary Worship


    Is there a way to do the prescribed or suggested orders of worship from denominational worship resources–such as the United Methodist Book of Worship, Evangelical Lutheran Book of Worship, the Book of Common Worship of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), or the Book of Common Prayer–in a way that feels legitimately and authentically contemporary?

    This practical, how-to book will help churches plan and implement passionate and invigorating worship. Step by step, Flow will break down the process of re-thinking what the official or recommended order of worship is truly suggesting, so pastors and worship leaders can plan and lead a service of Word and Table that feels genuinely relevant and attuned to the congregation’s culture. With this goal, Flow casts a new, but classic, understanding of traditional worship as well as spurs a reconsideration of how contemporary worship can be done by honoring the traditions of denominational congregations.

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  • When God Draws Near


    Does going to church feel more like a duty than a privilege? Too many of us are in danger of overlooking the awesome presence of God in corporate worship. We’ve missed the fact that amazing things happen when God draws near.

    Paul Engle invites us to join him at seven different biblical mountains where God met his worshipping people. Explore biblical history-from Sinai to Zion to Carmel to Gerizim to Hermon to the Mount of Olives to the heavenly Zion-and gain a fresh appreciation for the awesome privilege and reward of coming into God’s presence in God-centered assemblies today.

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  • Worship Without Limits


    Worship is a priceless gift.

    Unfortunately for many, this gift remains often unopened and unused because of a lack of understanding. In truth, worship is not christianized entertainment, a religious ritual, or zealous demonstration.

    The biblical picture of worship is an intimate encounter with the infinite God that spreads into every part of your daily life.

    Growing up on the frontlines of the Russian mission field, Phil Renner’s heart burns with a passion for sharing this amazing truth. Under Phil’s leadership, Renner Worship has become the leading worship movement in Russia.

    Whether you’re on the mission field, or the boardroom, Phil’s powerful testimonies, biblical teaching, practical application, and prayers of activation will help you access a lifestyle of encounter in God’s Presence.

    Beyond Sunday/Worship Without Limits equips you to:
    *Change atmospheres around you
    *Cultivate a spirit of humility that gets Heaven’s attention
    *Understand how to use melody and key to unleash unity from Heaven
    *Lead others into God’s presence with musical excellence and prophetic sensitivity

    Take the limits off of your worship, and encounter God’s presence in amazing new ways!

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  • Dynamics Of Prophetic Worship


    What is prophetic worship? There is a new generation of Christians being awakened to this powerful dimension of engaging Heaven. Prophetic worship is not exclusive to singers and musicians-it is an invitation for all believers to hear from Heaven, and proclaim God’s words to the earth! Kathy Summers is an internationally acclaimed worship leader, serving with Apostle John Eckhardt at Crusaders Church in Illinois. In The Dynamics of Prophetic Worship, Kathy offers revelation, practical insight and faith-stirring examples to help you step into your identity as a prophetic worshipper! Change your spiritual atmosphere by prophesying through song.

    Engage the revelatory realm of Heaven by singing what God is saying.Gain revolutionary insight on the New Order of Worship, the anointing of the New Song, and the flow of the spontaneous song.Experience the glory realm of God by opening heaven through song.

    Receive impartation to flow in prophetic worship as a music leader, songwriter, psalmist or everyday believer!

    Discover how to release Heaven’s song, see environments saturated in God’s glory, and experience the manifest Presence of God!

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  • Restoring Praise And Worship To The Church


    Release the power of true worship!

    In the most basic sense, worship is the act of offering praise to God. But worship is a much more powerful act than we are often aware! It is nothing less than an opened floodgate, unleashing a supernatural flow between Heaven and Earth!

    For the first time, multiple generations of apostolic, prophetic and warfare worship leaders join together to reveal the ways in which God is working through praise and worship today! Discover how you can participate in it, and what you can expect from this fresh move of God!
    In this unique collaboration, pioneering authors David Blomgren and Bob Sorge join with emerging voices to offer a profound vision on the supernatural power of worship.

    In Restoring Praise and Worship to the Church, you will discover… The Heart of Zion: Apostle John Eckhardt reveals the way in which worship creates a mountain of the Lord encounter for hearts that are set on Zion.

    The Prophetic Vision of Musical Eyes. Rodrigo Zablah teaches on the importance of seeing in the spirit to release the sounds of Heaven.

    The Power of Apostolic Worship: Annie Edwards teaches on how this dimension of praise and worship cleanses atmospheres, breaks open regions, and releases breaker anointings.

    The River of Healing Praise: Jenny Weaver shares how you can release the supernatural flow of God’s healing power through Scripture-soaked songs.

    The Asaph Anointing: Kathy Summers reveals keys to releasing the song of the Lord through prophetic worship!

    Enter into the powerful fullness of true worship, and watch as Heaven’s floodgates open!

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  • Pure Praise : A Heart Focused Bible Study On Worship (Revised)


    The Meaning (weeks 1 & 2)
    The Motivation (week 3)
    The Methods (weeks 4 & 5)
    The Ministers (week 6)
    The Means (week 7)
    The Mission (week 8)
    The Main Thing (week 9)

    Additional Info
    Sometimes worship feels like it’s on autopilot. This newly updated nine-week study will inspire new passion and understanding of what genuine worship looks like. Bypassing a focus on technique and timing, PurePraise (Revised) zeroes in on the hearts of both worship leaders and worshippers. This is an ideal study for both worship teams and Christ-followers grappling with the questions, What is worship-and how can I worship more authentically? Each lesson encourages you to turn to the Bible while allowing your heart and mind to meditate and absorb the truths from each reading. Pure Praise (Revised) is an invitation to a nine-week personal Bible study combined with group sessions. After selling tens of thousands of copies, Pure Praise has been updated to fit today’s church and includes renewed analogies, statistics, quotes, and lessons.

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  • Images And Idols


    God is the Creator of all things and he created us in His image. Creativity is woven into the very fabric of our humanity. Therefore, Christians should value and champion creativity. Instead Christians often don’t know what to do with creatives and creatives don’t know what to do with Christianity. On one side you have Christians who neglect or discount art, imagination, and beauty altogether. On the other, you have artists who make idols out of each of these good things.

    Ryan Lister, a theology professor, and Thomas Terry, a spoken word artist and the founder of Humble Beast, teamed up to help restore the connection between creativity and theology. Images and Idols is a theological and artistic exploration of creativity in the Christian life. It will help creatives build a strong theological foundation for their art, while challenging the church to embrace a theology of beauty and creativity.

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  • Exploring Worship Third Edition


    EXPLORING WORSHIP is a 240-page textbook that gives worshipers a balanced theology of worship, and trains your worship team in the art of leading worship. This book covers all the bases, both devotional and practical. Equip them with one of the most comprehensive tools available today for worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, and singers.

    First written in 1986, Bob completely rewrote the book in 2018, producing this THIRD EDITION. This new edition is stronger than ever and relevant for today’s changing worship landscape. Used as a text internationally, Exploring Worship is a must read for worshipers. It lays a scriptural foundation for understanding what praise and worship really is, and then provides a practical framework for implementing praise and worship in the local church. This is one of the foremost worship texts used today by Bible Schools, Universities, and local church worship ministries.

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  • Holy Roar : 7 Words That Will Change The Way You Worship


    What does it mean to praise God?

    In the ancient world, something extraordinary happened when God’s people gathered to worship Him. It was more than just singing; it was a declaration, a proclamation, a time to fully embody praise to God for who He is and what he has done. In fact, in the Psalms, seven Hebrew words are translated into the English word praise, each of which represents a different aspect of what it means to truly praise God.

    In Holy Roar, Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead share a fresh perspective from the worship practices of the ancient world. Grow in your understanding of praise as Darren offers unique insights. Be inspired as Chris shares how those insights take shape in the stories behind some of your favorite worship songs, including How Great Is Our God, We Fall Down, and Good Good Father. Whether for your own personal use or for use in your church small group, Holy Roar provides insight and encouragement to deepen your practice of praise.

    Become a part of the Holy Roar.

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  • Wallpaper Worship : Why Church Music Sounds Better Fewer Are Singing And Wh


    In Wallpaper Worship, Danny Byram makes the comparison between today’s church worship and wallpaper – meant to emphasize the design of its surrounding, but not meant to be engaged with. Through an examination of personal worship experiences, the history of worship, and examples of biblical worship, Byram unpacks this analogy. He shares how to awaken our identities as corporate and individual worshippers, and passionately participate in the God-ordained activity of worship.

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  • New Manual Of Worship


    Twenty-five years after its last revision and in time for the fiftieth anniversary of the classic Manual of Worship, published in 1968 by John Skoglund, this new edition seeks to provide today’s ministry leaders with diverse materials for planning worship services of all kinds, encouraging them always to adapt the resources to the particular context, needs, and lifestyles of their own congregations. The New Manual of Worship features numerous updates and revisions, as well as 20 new services, which commemorate special days, seasons, or themes, significant ceremonial occasions in church life, and the day-to-day times of joys and sorrows in the lives of our people. Adaptable for churches in various traditions and with various worship styles. Includes information about additional online resources!

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  • Big Idea Of Biblical Worship


    The purpose of The Big Idea of Biblical Worship: The Development and Leadership of Expository Services is to help preachers and other worship leaders focus on shared biblical content that everyone, regardless of denomination or theology, holds in common. The result? True communion and unhindered relationship with God and fellow worshippers.

    The components of worship emerge from its content as filtered through a complex variety of contexts: denominational, cultural, ethnic, regional, generational, seasonal, theological, and more. If those involved in worship are in agreement about its basis in Scripture, then they can bring that common biblical content to their particular set of contexts. This book will help worship coordinators and ministry leaders develop worship services that fully re ect what God is saying in his word in ways that can be received and reechoed in the uniqueness of particular communities.

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  • Promise Of The Presence


    The Promise of the Presence inspires with a compelling vision of the effects of pure, unadulterated worship – worship with such abandon and passion that God is able to pour out on us the abundance of his presence. In that presence, so tangible and heavy, we encounter heaven, the love of God, and an outpouring of his power. In Acts 15, the Apostle James echoes the words of the prophet Amos and speaks about what will happen when the ‘tabernacle of David’ is restored: humanity will seek the Lord. The powerful presence of God will bring home the lost, heal the hurting and broken, and transform them for his glory. Worship in spirit and truth is the place of encounter!

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  • Worship In The Way Of The Cross


    Preface And Acknowledgments

    Part I: The Story That Shapes Cruciform Worship
    1. The Stories That Transform (or Deform) Us And The World: The Narrative Background To Cruciform Worship
    2. The World That We Shape And The World That Shapes Us: The Transformative Power Of Cruciform Worship

    Part II: Cruciformation: Worship In The Way Of The Cross
    3. An Introduction To Cruciformation (or, Toward A Theology Of Family Resemblance)
    4. Cruciform Knowledge: Encountering Christ Through Cruciform Worship
    5. Cruciform Perfection: Completion In Christ Through Cruciform Community
    6. An Apology For The Church

    Part III: Cruciform Counterculture
    7. Worship At The Karaoke Chapel: From Subculture Of Sameness To Counterculture Of Cruciformity
    8. How The Many Become One In Christ: From Homogeneous Unit To Multicultural, Multigenerational, Countercultural Family
    9. Cultivating A Counterculture Of Cruciform Worship: Some Basic Principles, Paradigms, And Approaches

    Part IV: Interpersonal Cruciformity
    10. Introduction To Interpersonal Cruciformity
    11. Interpersonal Cruciformity In The Congregation
    12. Interpersonal Cruciformity Within The Pastoral Staff

    Part V: Cruciform Liturgy
    13. The Liturgy Of Cruciform Worship: Cruciformation Through Liturgical Ideation
    14. The Cruciformational Prayers Of The People: Ideation Through Supplication
    15. The Cruciformational Preaching And Singing Of The Word: Ideation Through Proclamation And Melodic-Harmonic Incarnation
    16. Cruciformation Through Holy Communion: Ideation Through Sacramental Participation

    Part VI: Cruciform Mission
    17. Cruciformission


    Additional Info
    Too often worship is seen as just the music, an on-stage performance that puts the spotlight on the worship leader. But worship is fundamentally an other-centered, self-giving act of service. Worship properly directed to God for his glory also results in the Christlike formation and transformation of both worship leaders and congregants. Worship leader and biblical scholar John Frederick unpacks the shape of worship in the way of the cross, where leaders act not as lords but as servants. With a mix of biblical exposition and practical insights, he explores a cruciform theology of worship: as the cross demonstrates the nature of God, worship in the way of the cross transforms us into the image of God who is love. Thus worshipers and worship leaders alike can come to embody the other-centered humility of Christ. This paradigm has implications for how worship leaders and pastoral staff relate to one another, and for renewing the artistic output of the church. In cruciform worship, we encounter the Son of God and embody the love of God. Discover how in worship we can empty ourselves for the transformation of others.

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  • Priority Of Praise And Worship Portuguese


    In this book, Dr. Ron Kenoly teaches from his unique position as a world-renowned worship leader about the place of praise and worship should hold in the life of every Christian. As you worship in spirit and truth, you will learn that worship is the key to your personal relationship with God the Father; the truth is that you were created for praise and worship – just as a fish needs water to live. Learn more about that one single thing that God takes away from a church service which is the key to creating an atmosphere for His presence.

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  • To None But God


    Melody Lavin challenges pastors, worship leaders, music ministers, choir directors and worship team members in her new book. The author presents 8 challenges that lead to an honest evaluation of self. She follows that with an activity to evaluate lyrics used on a consistent basis in worship sets and how they line up with Scripture and scriptural definitions studied in this book.

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  • Music Architect : Blueprints For Engaging Worshipers In Song


    Guidance for Leaders Seeking a Richer Way to Employ Worship Music
    Worship expert Constance Cherry offers comprehensive guidance to Christian leaders seeking a deeper, richer way to employ worship music in engaging ways for twenty-first-century worshipers. Following Cherry’s successful book The Worship Architect, this work helps Christian leaders think theologically and act pastorally about worship music in their churches. It addresses larger issues beyond the surface struggles of musical styles and provides tools to critically evaluate worship songs. The book is applicable to all Christian traditions and worship styles and is well suited to both the classroom and the local church. Each chapter concludes with suggested practical exercises, recommended reading, and basic vocabulary terms.

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  • Growing As A Prophetic Singer


    A prophetic singer is someone who sings on a worship team and seeks to minister to the Lord and His people through singing the Scriptures. The varying challenges and glories that prophetic singers face are many, but they are surprisingly common to all.

    Growing as a Prophetic Singer is a resource to equip prophetic singers and strengthen them in their calling. It teaches how to reach for excellence and anointing with endurance. The book’s instructional approach is paired with personal experiences from Anna Blanc’s years as a prophetic singer and worship leader at the International House of Prayer. It addresses practical issues of the heart and offers instruction on how to grow vocally and how to develop in the Word. This informative, and approachable resource is for any singer or worship leader who is involved, or who desires to be involved, with a house of prayer or a church worship team.

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  • Worshiper Church Kit


    The Kit Includes:
    * Resource DVD With Five Clips From The Movie Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, The Movie Trailer, And A Countdown Clock
    * 5 Customizable Sermons
    * Campaign Planning Guide
    * Web And Social Media Graphics
    * A 5-week DVD-Based Study With Leader’s Guide And Participant’s Study Guide
    * PowerPoint Templates And Bulletin Insert Template
    * Sample Invitation Tools

    Additional Info
    Hillsong UNITED continues to have a profound impact on how Christians worship. On any given Sunday, more than 50 million churchgoers around the world are singing their songs. This five-week sermon series, based on the movie Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, will take church members and visitors deeper into the ways of a worshiper. They will learn how to direct their focus and love to God, connect deeply with Him, and be transformed as they make worship a way of life. Through these topics, churches will help their
    members discover that worshiping is not just something we do-a worshiper is who we are:
    WEEK 1: Worship with All Your Heart
    WEEK 2: Worship with All Your Soul
    WEEK 3: Worship with All Your Mind
    WEEK 4: Worship with All Your Strength
    WEEK 5: Worship with Your Whole Life

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  • Worship Sourcebook (Reprinted)


    The Worship Sourcebook is a collection of more than 2,500 prayers, litanies, and spoken texts for every element of traditional worship services held throughout the seasons of the church year. This indispensable resource for worship planners and pastors includes texts that can be read aloud as well as outlines that can be adapted for your situation. Teaching notes offer guidance for planning each element of the service. Thought-provoking perspectives on the meaning and purpose of worship help stimulate discussion and reflection. The companion CD contains the entire text of the book for easy cutting and pasting into bulletins, PowerPoint slides, orders of worship, and more. This second edition includes new and revised liturgies, additional prayers for challenging situations facing today’s church, and new appendices.

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  • Rhythms Of Grace


    Confusion abounds when trying to define the term worship. Is it singing? A service? Something that encompasses all of life? Bringing biblical truth to bear on this critical issue, Mike Cosper, an experienced worship leader, argues that all true worship has one object (God), two contexts (the gathered church and the scattered church) and three audiences (God, the church, and the world). Writing from the conviction that the gospel is the heartbeat of true worship, Cosper explores four key practices (liturgy, song, style, and creativity), showing that worship is fundamental to spiritual formation. This eminently readable book, designed for church leaders and laypersons alike, offers a vibrant theology of worship that is biblical yet contextual, and systematic yet practical.

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  • Tis The Season


    The 18 programs in this creative and practical church program book are designed to connect God’s people with God’s story, from generation to generation, across the ages. Author Rachel Gilmore takes traditional Christmas stories and weaves them into the big picture of God’s salvation plan. The diverse selection of worship and learning formats includes:

    Interactive worship services
    Quiet vesper services
    Special celebrations
    Faith and fellowship events
    Compelling dramas
    Intergenerational hands-on workshops
    Overarching Advent themes of hope, love, joy, peace, light, and eternal life meet with lessons on responsible stewardship, freedom from sin, sharing the Good News, and giving back to God through service.

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  • Let It Rise


    Let It Rise:is a comprehensive resource for worship leaders and worshippers alike.
    A collection of theological and practical insights gathered from over 30 years of
    worship ministry. This books is practical, informative, and easy to read.
    Written with a great mix of common sense, humor, and sensitivity, Let It Rise is an
    invaluable resource for worship leaders everywhere, particularly those who are just
    getting started in the worship ministry. It is a working manual that covers all
    aspects of worship leadership.
    As an added bonus, this book gives the reader a free download of Holland Davis’s
    platinum-selling song Let It Rise.

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  • Purpose Of Man (Reprinted)


    Worship is man’s full reason for existence. Worship is why we are born and why we are born again.–A. W. TozerA. W. Tozer earned a legendary reputation as a prophetic voice, and he continues to be a bestselling author half a century after his death. A preacher at heart, he found his greatest joy in practicing the presence of God. Worship was his focus and his passion. His sermons were such a strong declaration of what he discovered during private prayer and worship of the triune God that he had both the ability and the Spirit’s anointing to move his listeners to wrestle with what God was saying to the Church. His writings carry the same message to a new generation of worshipers.The Purpose of Man is the perfect introduction to Tozer. Drawn from messages he called his best teaching, this book will also delight those already familiar with, moved by, and changed by his other classics. What Tozer offers on the subject of worship here in The Purpose of Man will challenge you to reconsider your life’s priorities while at the same time hold out a cup of Living Water for your soul.

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  • Worship In Song


    This book by an author educated in both musicology and theology explains the doctrine of Sola Scriptura and how it applies to all areas of life, including our musical choices.

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  • Cantemos


    Cantemos! Ha sido creado por la pasion del canto congregacional de Keith y Kristyn Getty y ha sido formada a traves de viajes, presentaciones, al escuchar, discutir, aprender y ensenar a traves de todo el mundo.
    Al crear este material ellos tenian cinco objetivos clave:

    –Descubrir por que cantamos y la abrumadora dicha y el santo privilegio que proviene de cantar.
    –Considerar que cantar impacta nuestras vidas, corazones y mentes.
    –Cultivar una cultura de familia que canta, en nuestra vida familiar diaria.
    –Equipar a nuestras iglesias a cantar con sinceridad al Senor y a los demas en una expresion de unidad.
    –Para inspirarnos para ver el canto congregacional como un testigo radical para el mundo.

    Tambien se han incluido pistas adicionales al final, con sugerencias practicas para usarlas con grupos que estan mas profundamente relacionados con el canto en la iglesia.
    El proposito de Dios a traves de esta irresistible vision de ver a Su pueblo cantando (personas que alegremente se unen a cantar, hermanos y hermanas alrededor del mundo y alrededor de Su trono) es incluirte, el quiere que tu, y que nosotros cantemos.

    Sing! has grown from Keith and Kristyn Getty’s passion for congregational singing; it’s been formed by their traveling and playing and listening and discussing and learning and teaching all over the world.
    And in writing it, they have five key aims:

    – to discover why we sing and the overwhelming joy and holy privilege that comes with singing
    – to consider how singing impacts our hearts and minds and all of our lives
    – to cultivate a culture of family singing in our daily home life
    – to equip our churches for wholeheartedly singing to the Lord and one another as an expression of unity
    – to inspire us to see congregational singing as a radical witness to the world

    They have also added a few bonus tracks at the end with some more practical suggestions for different groups who are more deeply involved with church singing.
    God intends for this compelling vision of His people singing–a people joyfully joining together in song with brothers and sisters around the world and around his heavenly throne–to include you. He wants you, he wants us, to sing.

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  • Effective Praise And Worship Leader


    World-renowned worship leader Dr. Ron Kenoly offers his insight on the role of a contemporary praise and worship leader-a position that has been generally undervalued and grossly misunderstood. The education you will receive from this book will prepare you to properly demonstrate a balance between worship and the Word. You will learn how to prepare your heart as a worshiper and how to use the gift God gave you to create an atmosphere for God’s presence. This book is written to pastors, worship leaders, and anyone desiring to know what God is looking for in a true worshiper.

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  • Worship Matters : Leading Others To Encounter The Greatness Of God


    Nothing is more essential than knowing how to worship the God who created us. This book focuses readers on the essentials of God-honoring worship, combining biblical foundations with practical application in a way that works in the real world. The author, a pastor and noted songwriter, skillfully instructs pastors, musicians, and church leaders so that they can root their congregational worship in unchanging scriptural principles. Bob Kauflin covers a variety of topics such as the devastating effects of worshiping the wrong things, how to base our worship on God’s self-revelation rather than our assumptions, the fuel of worship, the community of worship, and the ways that eternity’s worship should affect our earthly worship. Appropriate for Christians from varied backgrounds and for various denominations, this book will bring a vital perspective to what readers think they understand about praising God. Includes a special addendum for pastors and worship leaders.

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  • Lifting Him Up


    Worship leader Dr. Ron Kenoly teams up with his pastor, Dr. Dick Bernal, in this practical guide to praise and worship. You’ll learn from the Bible how to enter into the Lord’s presence, plus you will gain valubale insight into the scriptural role of praise and worship in your life and church. Lifing Him Up also includes Ron Kenoly’s own insprational story and tells how he and Dick Bernal interact in ministry.

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  • Priority Of Praise And Worship


    Dr. Ron Kenoly travels world-wide creating an environment for God’s presence. He is known for his praise & worship music around the globe. His music has become best-sellers in both the church and contemporary Christian markets. Among his popular music releases are included: Jesus Is Alive, the gold-selling Lift Him Up, God Is Able, Sing Out With One Voice and Dove Award-winning Welcome Home. Dr. Kenoly has stepped into a new season of ministry where his heart and vision are to mentor worship leaders, pastors and worshipers. Through this book, you will receive proven answers to common and uncommon issues from one of the world’s most anointed and experienced worship leading authorities. Each chapter is designed to take you to a higher level of excellence and effectiveness in your worship experience. Topics Include: . What Does God Receive from Our Church Services? . Balanced With the Word . Worship in Spirit and Truth

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  • Purpose And Power Of Praise And Worship


    Every manufactured product was made to function within the context of specified guidelines and an ideal environment in order to achieve it’s maximum performance. The presence of God is the established ideal atmosphere in which mankind was designed to function.

    From more than 30 years of ministry, teaching, and study, Dr. Myles Munroe presents rock-solid, time-tested principles that break new ground in the exploration of the complex issues of praise and worship.

    In this engaging and authoritative work you will learn:

    * The key to maximizing your full life on earth * Why God placed man in the garden of Eden * The purpose and priority of the presence of God * The seven dimensions of praise * The purpose and power of personal and corporate worship * How to practice and protect the presence of God in your life * Much, much more! This amazing book will equip and prepare you to move from ritual to a dynamic relationship, from form to fullness, and will ignite your passion for God’s presence.

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  • Dancing Into The Anointing


    Praising the Lord through dance is a spiritual principle that, when followed, yeilds rewards similar to tithing. When we follow God’s command to dance and offer our bodies as living sacrifices to Him, God opens up the windows of Heaven, pours out His blessings,and manifests His anointing in the midst of us. You will learn about the dancing Bride of Christ, the Tabernacles of Moses and David, the temple of Solomom, and the prophetic dance. You will also learn how to encourage the pastor, the musicians, the dancers, and the congregation to flow together, how to start a dance team at your church, and much more.

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