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  • Americas Sacred Sites


    Make your next vacation a spiritual pilgrimage. The National Park Service oversees more than the 61 national parks; hundreds more monuments and historic sites mark where important events in America’s story occurred, protect unique natural landmarks, and remember those who changed history. From the Statue of Liberty to Harper’s Ferry to Devil’s Thumb, these national landmarks offer more than nature and history – they offer opportunities to think about our faith and our values. America’s Sacred Sites digs deeper into America’s historic landmarks with scripture, reflections, and a trio of questions to help you consider how you can better live out your faith.

    America’s Sacred Sites explores an NPS site in each of the 50 states, from Mount Rushmore, Pearl Harbor, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, to the lesser known Knife River Villages, New Orleans Jazz Historical Park, and Dinosaur National Memorial, to name just a few. As authors Brad Lyons and Bruce Barkhauer reflect on the history and significance of each site, they consider a unique trait of each landmark and connect it to your own life. Courage, mercy, leadership, liberty – these are just a few of the themes you’ll explore on this unique journey through America’s sacred sites.

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  • Rock The Road And The Rabbi


    As a lifetime student of scripture, Kathie Lee Gifford has been traveling to Israel since she was 17 years old. She even missed her high school graduation so she could attend the first Jerusalem Conference on Biblical Prophecy in 1971.

    In a continuation of that love for this astounding land of faith, The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi is an examination of a decades-long desire to know more and understand more than the typical Sunday School teaching so prevalent in our churches today.

    With a father who was Jewish, Kathie Lee has always felt what she calls, a deep resonance in my very being for the Jewish people and Land of the Covenant-Israel.

    But it wasn’t until she started studying the original texts in Hebrew and Greek and actually hiking the land herself with teachers who taught the messianic rabbinical way, that she finally began to find what her soul had been longing for.

    Something profound happens when one follows along the ancient paths in the actual places that Jesus taught, healed, lived, died, was resurrected and ascended into Heaven. He is indeed the Rock, the Rabbi whom we follow on the Road, and when we are introduced to the mysteries of the Word by teachers who are actually trained in the ancient rabbinical way, radical transformation begins to renew our hearts and minds.

    As Kathie Lee shares her transformative experience, readers will also be introduced to her teachers on the journey, Ray Vander Laan, Rod Van Solkema, and Rabbi Jason Sobel, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi who has been opening hearts and minds around the world with his historical analysis and eye-opening revelations. The book will include pictures of the actual sites, and stories both old and new of what happened there.

    At the end of each chapter Rabbi Sobel takes the reader even deeper into understanding Hebrew culture, language, and the means of connection that opens up an understanding of faith and heritage like never before.

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  • Holy Land For Christian Travelers (Reprinted)


    Biblical scholar and guide with over twenty years of experience helps readers connect what they’ve read in the Bible to their Holy Land tour as they visit sacred places, see biblical sites, and walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

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  • Jerusalem A Carta Map


    Jerusalem: Biblical Archaeology is a detailed and colorful map designed especially for tourists that elegantly displays all the archaeological sites one may visit in and around Jerusalem. This treasure trove of information was developed in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority and contains the most up-to-date available archaeological data.

    More than just a map, it also contains additional information about Jerusalem’s most precious archaeological sites, such as Mount Zion, the Mount of Olives, the Kidron Valley, the Ben Hinnom Valley, the Via Dolorosa, and the vitally important water aqueducts that permitted the ancient city of Jerusalem to flourish.

    Jerusalem: Biblical Archaeology also boasts:
    * An enlarged map of the historic Old City of Jerusalem.
    * A guide to Jerusalem’s ramparts and Old City walls.
    * Photographs of exciting finds retrieved from Jerusalem’s past.
    * Sites from many different time periods, including the biblical and pre-biblical, New Testament and Roman, Second Temple and Hasmonean, Byzantine, Crusader, medieval, and Islamic eras.
    * Holy sites.

    Jerusalem: Biblical Archaeology is a powerful witness to the centrality of Jerusalem in the world’s most widely read book-the Holy Bible-and by extension, in the history of Western Civilization. A must have for anyone interested in the fascinating history of this holy city!

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  • Old City Of Jerusalem


    On reverse: map of Jerusalem center and index to street names.

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