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  • Worlds Greatest Sermons And Preachers


    Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have compiled some of the signature sermons of the greatest Christian preachers in history. Join these fathers of the faith as they discuss a wide range of subjects, including the key to evangelism and how to reach souls.

    Thanks to this treasured collection of classic Christian wisdom, you can experience…
    *The eloquence of Charles Spurgeon
    *The zeal of John Wesley
    *The effectiveness of Jonathan Edwards
    *The passion of Martin Luther
    *The power of George Whitfield
    *The brilliance of R. A. Torrey
    *The influence of Gawin Kirkham

    These men laid the foundation of evangelical Christianity that we carry on today. Discover the secret of their success and the truth that you, too, can win the lost!

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  • No Little People


    16 Encouraging Sermons on Human Weakness and God’s Sufficiency by Francis Schaeffer

    Most Christians take an honest look at themselves and conclude that their limited talents, energy, and knowledge mean that they don’t amount to much. Some even ask Can I really make a difference? This is a result of a culture that emphasizes power and influence as signs of success. Francis A. Schaeffer counters this claim with truth from the Bible, arguing that there is no such thing as little people when they are wholly consecrated to God.

    This repackaged edition of No Little People contains 16 sermons from Schaeffer that explore the weakness and significance of humanity in relationship to the infinite and personal God. The focus of this collection is the lasting truth of the Bible, the faithfulness of God, the sufficiency of the work of Christ, and the reality of God’s Spirit in history. Readers will be encouraged by the value that God places on each person made in his image to accomplish his redemptive plan.

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  • Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God And Other Sermons Enlarged And Expande


    Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide open, and He stands crying out to all to accept His call. Delivered more than 250 years ago, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards remains the most famous sermon ever preached in American history. He presents a clear picture of the predicament of every sinner and lukewarm Christian, while showing how we can know we have God’s favor, avoid the tricks of the devil, and find our reward in heaven. With compelling words and now-classic imagery, Edwards describes the shaky position of those who do not follow Christ and God’s urgent call to receive His love and forgiveness today. This new, updated edition includes two other sermons that demonstrate the great mercy of God as well as Edwards’ own pastoral heart: Pardon for the Greatest of Sinners and Many Mansions.

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  • Fierce Urgency Of Prophetic Hope


    In this prophetic collection of sermons, pastor, judge, and prophet Wendell L. Griffen challenges followers of Jesus, those social justice-minded pastors, congregational leaders, religious educators, grassroots activists and advocates, and other faithful persons, to ponder these questions:

    * What does it mean to be a prophetic follower of Jesus?

    * How will lessons in Scripture and across human history inform our action in the world?

    * How can we speak of hope in a time of deep division-a time too often defined by racism, misogyny, materialism, militarism, religious nationalism, and xenophobia?

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  • Preach For A Year 4


    The third and fourth books in the best-selling Preach for a Year series provide pastors, who are always pressed for time, with 104 sermon outlines, enough for two sermons every Sunday of the year. Jump-start sermon preparation with these practical and easy-to-use outlines that are each structured in three steps:

    1. Introduction – provides attention-getting thoughts for sermon starters
    2. Body – gives alliterated sermon points with biblical exposition
    3. Conclusion – suggests practical questions and thoughts for application

    All outlines include numerous suggestions for application plus cross-references. A complete Scripture index rounds out each volume of this comprehensive resource.

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  • Preach For A Year 2


    Two outlines for every Sunday of the year. A comprehensive and complete resource to help pastors preach the Word for an entire year. Complete with Scripture index.

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  • Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God


    For more than two centuries, Jonathan Edwards’ messages have brought conversion, hope and spiritual awakening to the generations. Updated and revised, these classic sermons will bring a fresh awakening to today’s generations seeking God.

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  • Holy Spirit And Power


    This book contains ten Spirit-empowered, original sermons of John Wesley from John Wesley’s Standard Sermons, parts of John Wesley’s testimony, material from The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley, portions from Wesley’s letter to Dr. Conyers Middleton, Holy Spirit power points at the end of each message, a subject index, and a full index of complete Holy Spirit passages from The King James Version of the Bible.

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  • In Search Of Blessings


    Jesus teaches His people through the Beatitudes that they can live a blessed life full of comfort, peace, fulfillment, strength, and relationship with God – the greatest blessing of all. Kathryn Kuhlman in her simple way explains that every person is given a choice – live in self-will or God’s will. She teaches how God’s children can take hold of his kingdom now through His promises. Why walk alone when you can walk with God?

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