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  • Beyond Colorblind : Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey


    Part I: Redeeming Our Ethnic Stories
    1. Beyond Colorblind
    2. Ethnicities Made For Good
    3. The Cracks In Our Ethnicity
    4. Ethnicities Restored For Better
    5. Redeemed Ethnic Identities Sent Out To Heal

    Part II: Stewarding Our Ethnic Identities
    6. Trust-Building With Ethnic Strangers
    7. Crosscultural Skills In Community
    8. Responding To Crosscultural Conflict In Community
    9. Prophetic Ethnic Justice
    10. Culture Re-creators


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    For a generation or so, society has tried to be colorblind. People say they don’t see race. But the reality is that this approach has its limitations. In our broken world, ethnicity and racial identity are often points of pain and injustice. We can’t ignore that God created us with our ethnic identities, and he made them for good. We bring all of who we are, including our ethnicity and cultural background, to our identity and work as God’s ambassadors.

    Ethnicity and evangelism specialist Sarah Shin reveals how our brokenness around ethnicity can be restored and redeemed, for our own wholeness and also for the good of others. When we experience internal transformation in our ethnic journeys, God propels us outward in a reconciling witness to the world. Ethnic healing can demonstrate God’s power and goodness to others and bring good news to the world. Showing us how to make space for God’s healing of our ethnic stories, Shin helps us grow in our crosscultural skills, manage crosscultural conflict, pursue reconciliation and justice, and share the gospel as ethnicity-aware Christians.

    Jesus offers hope for healing, both for ourselves and for society. Discover how your ethnic story can be transformed for compelling witness and mission.

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  • White Awake : An Honest Look At What It Means To Be White


    Foreword By Brenda Salter McNeil
    1. The Day I Discovered My World Was White
    2. Flying Blind
    3. What Is Cultural Identity?
    4. Encounter
    5. Denial
    6. Disorientation
    7. Shame
    8. Self-Righteousness
    9. Awakening
    10. Active Participation

    Additional Info
    Daniel Hill was surprised to discover one day that his world was white and that he didn’t know what that meant. This book reflects his journey into exploring both his own ethnic tradition and also into broadening the scope of his world.

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  • Restored To Freedom From Fear Guilt And Shame


    SEANET proudly presents Restored to Freedom from Fear, Guilt, and Shame, volume 13 in its series on intercultural and inter-religious studies. These three cultural orientations impact the shaping and expression of worldview. While all are present to a certain extent in every context, this volume draws from the expressions and insights found from within the Buddhist world. Understanding orientations differing from our own helps us understand more of ourselves, part of the enrichment resulting in the process of encounter. We require the lens of the world in order to better recognize our own cultural blindness. We use the word restoration believing that it is God’s purpose to restore all that was lost through fear, guilt, and shame back to the original status of power, honor, and innocence through reconciliation on all levels. This volume is for all who seek restoration to freedom for self and others.

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  • Intercultural Ministry : Hope For A Changing World


    Why are most churches still segregated by race and culture? Is it possible to build intercultural ministries today? What are the challenges of creating and maintaining these ministries? How do intercultural churches give equal power and privilege to each culture? How do they avoid assimilating minority cultures into dominant cultures? Intercultural Ministry explores these questions and more with chapters from a racially and denominationally diverse group of pastors, theologians, and teachers who reflect on their experiences and experiments in intercultural ministry. Contributors include Peter Ahn, Amy Butler, Brad Braxton, Brandon Green, Daniel Hill, Angie Hong, Karen Oliveto, Carlos Ruiz, Sheila Sholes-Ross, Christine Smith, and more!

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  • Becoming The People Of God


    How do Christ followers celebrate unity in the midst of diversity? How do we become the people of God in more than name only? A unifying Christ-centeredness demands living out kingdom values and bearing witness to transformation in and through a multitude of cultural manifestations. We struggle to serve, worship, and witness in the midst of this age-old challenge. This collection of perspectives come from settings where the good news of Jesus has not been the dominant historical norm. All contributors in this volume are practitioners. They have a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage and important moral values found in Buddhist contexts. We believe these chapters hold valuable lessons that speak to all of the family of faith. Here you will find a wide range of topics and approaches that address what it means to become the global body of believers. These can speak to you wherever you are called to participate with God’s work in the world. Christ followers are in the process of becoming what will one day culminate in a huge and starling celebration of people from all of God’s beloved creation. If you are interested in hearing from those discovering what that might look like outside traditional packaging, this book is for you. Book jacket.

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  • Telling Gods Stories With Power


    This is a complete and practical introduction to storying, especially for people who want to learn about using biblical storytelling in cross-cultural contexts and who want to train others to become storytellers. It includes many fascinating accounts of the responses of tribal people to the first proclamation of the gospel through storytelling.

    The result of years of research and field testing, Telling God’s Stories with Power is a product of the author’s own journey as he confronted the challenges of teaching the Bible in parts of the world where people are unaccustomed to a Western style of learning. Full of innovative and groundbreaking insights, this study is packed with ideas, explanations, and constructive suggestions stated in clear and simple language.

    Throughout the book there are extensive examples from the storytellers’ own experiences. Tracing the movement of the biblical stories across multiple generations of tellers and listeners, storytelling is found to be superior for knowledge transfer and for bypassing resistance to the gospel in oral contexts, thus presenting clear evidence of the effectiveness of biblical narrative among oral learners.

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  • Power And Identity In The Gobal Church


    Power and Identity in the Global Church: Six Contemporary Cases applies contemporary sociological, theological, and New Testament insights to better understand how God’s people can, do, and should interact in the field, thereby laying the groundwork for better multicultural approaches to mission partnership. The authors-six evangelical anthropologists and theologians-also show that faithfulness in mission requires increased attention to local identities, cultural themes, and concerns, including the desire to grow spiritually through direct engagement with God’s word. In this context, failure to attend to power imbalances can stunt spiritual and leadership growth. Attending to those imbalances should make Christian churches more truly brothers and sisters in Christ, equal members of the one global body of which Christ alone is the head.

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