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  • 3rd Grade Spelling Success Workbook (Student/Study Guide)


    KID-FRIENDLY, TEACHER-REVIEWED ACTIVITIES FOR 3RD GRADE SPELLING SUCCESS! This colorful workbook is jam-packed with fun games and exercises–perfect for third-graders tackling spelling, reading, and vocabulary.

    Good spelling skills are essential for reading and writing success in 3rd grade and beyond.

    This 128-page workbook is full of enjoyable activities that strengthen a young reader’s ability to recognize and work with words and spelling in a variety of ways. Each activity focuses on the skills needed to become a superstar at spelling, such as how to:
    *understand and identify syllable breaks
    *create and deconstruct compound words
    *recognize and employ multiple endings for verb tenses and plurals
    *use prefixes, suffixes, and silent letters
    *and much more!

    With vibrant pages full of games and puzzles, 3rd Grade Spelling Success Workbook will help your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead–and best of all, to have lots of fun doing it!

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  • Spelling 1 Student Worktext 2nd Edition (Student/Study Guide)


    Spelling 1 focuses on application through studying generalizations (word families) and using spelling as a communication tool. Enjoyable guided activities help your student learn word structure and dictionary skills.

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