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    • Parlezvous Francais Learning French CD ROM The Basics


      Parlez-vous Franais? Not yet? Well, the Standard Deviants can help. In this tutorial, you will master the French alphabet, learn lots of vocabulary and how to conjugate verbs. This CD-ROM is full of examples and mnemonic devices to help you retain what you learn as you begin to speak and understand this amazing language! PC compatible. Requires Quicktime (included).

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    • French Grades 6-12


      Help your student form a solid understanding of the French language. Building on the basics, this book covers common phrases, functional vocabulary, conjugation of verbs, basic grammar, and sentence structure. Over 100 pages of reproducible activities get your students started on the path to speaking and writing French. The activities provided offer fun and varied exercises to practice concepts and vocabulary. Students learn to tell time, formulate sentences, conjugate verbs, pose and answer questions, and make comparisons – all while learning about French-speaking culture.

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    • French Grades K-5


      Help your students get a jump start on learning French. With more than 100 reproducible activity pages from which to chooses, guide your class through the basics of the French language. Begin with letters of the alphabet and numbers, then progress through functional vocabulary. Use the activities to teach your students about colors, weather, food, clothing, animals, the city, and other everyday topics. Activity pages present vocabulary in well-defined categories, and accompanying illustrations assure that your students will learn French in meaningful context. This book is a practical resource filled with fun learning activities. An absolute must for the beginning French classroom.

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