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Earth Science

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  • Building Blocks In Earth Science


    Discover how God’s world and God’s Word agree about Earth’s history and Earth’s destiny!

    To understand earth science, it requires teamwork, combining the methods and evidences of both science and history. And if you also use the history book of the world, the Bible, you can make sense of the Earth’s surface – altered, formed, and weathered over time, the landscapes and vistas we enjoy today.

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  • Earth : Its Structure And Its Changes


    Explore the planet like never before with 20 fun and educational experiments!
    Learn how to identify different rocks and what they reveal about Earth’s history
    Discover insight about earthquakes and volcanoes, and what they tell us about the structure of the planet
    Explore minerals – what they are, how they are formed, and how people made tools from them

    Geology is at the heart of the newest book in the Investigate the Possibilities series. This is a comprehensive study of our planet and the amazing geological features that are so readily seen, guided with inexpensive activities. Filled with color photos and helpful diagrams, the book will make elementary Earth science a delight!

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  • Concepts Of Earth Science And Chemistry


    Package Includes:
    Exploring Planet Earth
    Exploring The World Of Chemistry
    Parent Lesson Plan

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    Christian scientists and explorers are at the heart of a study of chemistry and our planet! Amazing discoveries and core knowledge forming the basis of many inventions and innovations are highlighted. Read of the people and places that have shaped both science and history with illustrations and facts to get a solid grasp of important concepts.

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