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    • Super Space Encyclopedia


      Explore our wonderful universe through stunning CGI illustrations and amazing stats that bring to life the incredible marvels that populate space.Perfect for curious kids, Super Space Encyclopedia showcases everything that is enthralling and mesmerizing about space, and explains how the human race has developed the technology needed to explore its depths. From astounding features in the solar system to unimaginable wonders in the far reaches of the universe, this book helps the reader explore the cosmos at a steady pace. Stunning photographs and digestible blocks of text combine with DK’s classic tradition of depicting information in a systematic way, immersing the readers in an unparalleled journey through the universe. Unravel the mysteries of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, investigate the explosion that created the Crab Nebula, and dig deeper into radio signals from spinning stars! Find out many more interesting super facts about space with Super Space Encyclopedia.

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    • Interactive Notebook Earth And Space Science 5-8


      Encourage students to create their own learning portfolios with Interactive Notebook: Earth and Space Science for grades five through eight. This interactive notebook for science students includes 29 lessons in these four units of study:-geology-oceanography-meteorology-astronomyThis personalized resource helps students review and study for tests.Mark Twain Media Publishing Company specializes in providing engaging supplemental books and decorative resources to complement middle- and upper-grade classrooms. Designed by leading educators, this product line covers a range of subjects including mathematics, sciences, language arts, social studies, history, government, fine arts, and character.

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    • Lift Up Your Eyes On High Test Packet Revised Edition (Revised)


      Seven tests are used to assess the student’s knowledge of the Lift Up Your Eyes on High material. Extensive definition knowledge, as well as constellation identification and explaining how the gospel is represented in the stars, is included on the exams. A test key is located at the end of the packet.

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    • Lift Up Your Eyes On High Teachers Manual Revised Edition (Revised)


      This teacher’s manual for Lift Up Your Eyes on High includes a daily lesson plan guide and course outline. For each chapter, it provides overall objectives, a chapter outline, teaching ideas and learning activities, and the answers to the Review and Further Study questions from the text. The Appendix includes a star clock for both northern and southern hemispheres, as well as practice star charts.

      This revised edition includes general updates and corrections, including to the star clock. It also includes improvements to the star charts, as well as updated reference links for the additional research materials.

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    • Our Universe (Student/Study Guide)


      Publisher Marketing: Updated 4th Edition! Full color! Explore our solar system and the universe in this book. Learn about each planet and see how Earth was specially designed by God to support life. See God’s hand as you study nebulae, stars, comets, and meteors. Also, learn about the space program and see what it takes to be an astronaut. Learn how one astronaut used his life to bring glory to God. 35 lessons. Full-color.

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    • Astronomers


      Those who study space, the planets and stars, and the infinite realms beyond our own solar system are astronomers. They play an important role in understanding our Earth, and its place in a universe so vast, it can sometimes defy our understanding. Modern

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    • Nuestro Sol Produce Vida


      Emergent Readers Learn Facts About The Sun And The Important Role It Plays For Our Planet.

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    • Earth Is Tilting


      Intermediate Readers Learn About The Relationship Between The Earth, Sun, And Moon In Greater Detail.

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    • Planets Chart Set


      This set includes (5) 24 x 17 charts that punch apart into 10 boards featuring the planets, sun, and dwarf planets, along with interesting facts and measurements in both metric and standard. Insets show the planet’s position in the solar system and its size relative to Earth. A resource guide is also provided. Supports NSE standards.

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    • Astronomy : Our Solar System And Beyond (Teacher’s Guide)


      Reinforce good scientific techniques! The teacher information pages provide a quick overview of the lesson while student information pages include Knowledge Builders and Inquiry Investigations that can be completed individually or as a group. Tips for lesson preparation (materials lists, strategies, and alternative methods of instruction), a glossary, an inquiry investigation rubric, and a bibliography are included. Perfect for differentiated instruction. Supports NSE and NCTM standards

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    • Solar System Chart


      Convenient, useful learning tools that decorate as they educate! Related lessons and activities are provided on the back of every chart.

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    • Stars Speak : Astronomy In The Bible


      From moon dust to sunspots, from light years to black holes, the Star at Bethlehem to the Northern Lights The Stars Speak is a thoroughly readable and awe-inspiring investigation of the Lord’s spectacular handiwork that we call outer space. At the beginning and at the ending and everywhere between the true message of the heavens, the glory of God shines from every page. Dazzling color photographs included. Also includes a look into the errors of astrology.

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    • Learning Wrap Ups Astronomy Keys


      Astronomy Wrap-ups have 120 questions and answers dealing with: Ranking objects in distance from the sun, General Astronomy facts, Naming Constellations, Characteristics of the sun, Historical Firsts, Information about planets and their moons, Earth’s Moon facts, Phases of the Moon, Stellar Objects defined, and Layers of the Earth.

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