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  • How To Forgive When It Feels Impossible


    On the cross Jesus prayed these dramatic words: Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. He set a powerful example for us, demonstrating that forgiveness is possible even in the face of the worst that human beings can do to one another; and it frees us from hurtful and damaging human relationships. Forgiveness is the key to restoring our relationship with God, and it is the beginning of our lifetime adventure with Him.

    This liberating teaching from Ellel Ministries founder Peter Horrobin explores the most powerful prayer on earth–the prayer of forgiveness, even toward those who don’t seem to deserve it. As we learn to set forgiveness as a foundation stone of our faith, we can rise above the bondage of bitterness. Here you will find words of healing for your past and the ability to walk through new doors of freedom in your future.

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  • Flowing From The Cross


    Christians know they’re forgiven, but many don’t realize the complexity and comfort of forgiveness. Through six clear images and biblical examples, the author, Danial Paavola, guides readers to come to a deeper understanding of forgiveness and, therefore, the cross.

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  • Forgiving What You Cant Forget


    New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst helps readers address how to stop suffering from what others have done to them while exploring what forgiveness is, what it isn’t, and how to deal with difficult relationships.

    Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of unresolved pain, playing offenses over and over in your mind? You know you can’t go on living like this, but you don’t know what to do next. And you just aren’t sure if you’ll ever get past it.

    Lysa TerKeurst has walked this journey, wrestling with deep hurts and struggling to move forward. And she’s discovered that–to find life-giving freedom–you have to let go of bound-up resentment and resistance to forgiving people who aren’t willing to make things right. With deep empathy, therapeutic insight, and rich Bible teaching coming out of 1,000 hours of study, Lysa will help you:

    *learn how to move on when the other person refuses to change and never says they’re sorry;

    *walk through a step by step process to free yourself from the hurt of your past and feel less offended today;

    *discover what the Bible really says about forgiveness and the peace that comes from living it out right now;

    *identify what’s stealing trust and vulnerability from your relationships so you can believe there is still good ahead; and

    *disempower the triggers hijacking your emotions by embracing the two necessary parts of forgiveness.

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  • Forgiveness : Reflecting God’s Meercy – 31 Day Devotionals For Life


    Are you struggling to forgive someone — or multiple people — who have deeply hurt you? Do you frequently feel bitter or offended? When the sin of the people around us looms large in our minds, we need to look to God. His great love is not only an encouragement amid our pain but also the foundation on which we build true forgiveness for others. In this 31-day devotional, through readings, reflection questions, and action points, biblical counselor Hayley Satrom turns us to Scripture to see the grace and mercy that God daily pours out on us despite our sins against him — then shows us how to forgive others in practical terms.

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  • Called To Inspire


    Do you sense God prompting you to do something special with your life? Do you feel totally unprepared to answer his call? Get ready for your heart to be emboldened and your faith strengthened! In CALLED to Inspire, Marsha DuCille, founder and publisher of CALLED magazine, leads you through a 52-question devotional experience to help you discover a rich, victorious life guided by God. With each weekly devotion, you’ll find compelling answers to life’s most significant questions. Each reading is accompanied by a powerful prayer, a meaningful verse to hide in your heart, a declaration to defend and fortify your faith, and journaling space to record your thoughts.Let CALLED to Inspire encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and give you the strength and confidence to hear God’s calling in your life. Cling to this companion week after week-and dare to render your answer.

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  • No Apology Needed


    Nathan R. Byrd was inspired to write No Apology Needed: Learning to Forgive as God Forgives during Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement and forgiveness, in 2012. As he began to research the Jewish perspective of the holiday, he realized that neither Adam nor Eve ever apologized to God for their sin, yet they were forgiven immediately.
    Byrd offers a new perspective on the concept of forgiveness, with the goal of transforming lives and communities. Exploring the Jewish roots for the Christian faith, he suggests that the practice of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, can offer Christians a rhythm for forgiveness that will have a positive impact on their whole life.
    By learning to forgive as God does, without needing any apology from those who have wronged us, we can unlock the keys to healing and healthy relationships. Looking at ancient biblical passages in a new light, Byrd reveals what we have been missing about the teachings of Jesus and the character of our God, as seen in the stories of Adam and Eve, Joseph and his brothers, and King Saul and David. In doing so, Byrd offers incredible insights into how we view relationships and the necessity of adopting a posture of forgiveness, regardless of the circumstances.

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  • Forgiven : A Story Of Redemption


    She was only 5 years old when she would encounter her first experience of betrayal with the unwelcomed and inappropriate touch of someone she trusted. When these experiences escalated throughout her childhood, and teenage years, she evolved from a free-spirited little girl, into an angry woman who needed to survive.

    Then one day, everything changed. Redemption visited her in the night. The 5 year old little girl that had been trapped inside of her was freed! Complete healing happened to her and in a moment of time, and the shame and rage that had kept her bound for so many years, melted away in the loving arms of Jesus. This is her story.

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  • Forgive Your Way To Freedom


    Do you ever feel angry with someone who has hurt you? Or angry at yourself when you’ve hurt someone else?

    Despite our best intentions, we’ve all been hurt and we’ve all hurt others. That’s why forgiveness is a critical skill for our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. But how do we forgive when it’s hard?

    In Forgiving Your Way to Freedom, Gil Mertz shares his inspiring story of forgiving his difficult and distant father, and lays out a biblical and highly practical forgiveness process that will help you:

    -Recognize the pain from your past that’s holding you back
    -Release the transformative power of forgiveness
    -Restore peace in your daily life
    -Reclaim hope and purpose for your future

    Forgiveness lies at the heart of the gospel and is the key to greater peace, joy, and purpose. Learn to forgive, be set free, and start living the abundant life God has for you.

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  • Father Effect : Hope And Healing From A Dads Absence


    Based on the feature film, THE FATHER EFFECT is a must read for the millions of men and women who have lost their fathers through divorce, death, or disinterest.

    John Finch always struggled after his father’s suicide when he was eleven, but it wasn’t until he was raising his own three daughters when he truly understood their futures relied on him coming to terms with his past. To move forward, he needed to forgive both his father for choosing to leave, and himself for not being the best father he could be.

    This journey led to THE FATHER EFFECT, a book containing practical help for any person, man or woman, with a deep father-wound from losing a dad through divorce, death, or disinterest. It will lead you through positive lessons on forgiveness and how to change your legacy as a parent, partner, and person.

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  • You Will Not Be Remembered For That


    Have you made a big mistake? Have your experiences left you shattered? Do you battle feelings of loneliness and fear? Do you feel that your life could just never be the same? Then, you are not alone. Many people are struggling with the shame and guilt of their past, trapped in a vicious cycle of taking 10 steps forward only to have a painful memory pull them 15 steps back. Olivia Moore has been there. Overwhelmed with hurt from the past, she began to believe that she was no longer qualified to be a part of anything significant and was convinced that her life?s purpose was lost. But, then, one day, a text from a friend changed everything. She was finally free to receive God?s amazing love. Her eyes were opened to the truth that when God thinks about us, He does not think about everything we have done wrong. He simply sees us and loves us. Become refreshed and empowered as you share Olivia?s journey and how you too can forgive yourself and move forward.

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  • I Forgive You But


    Have you ever been hurt, betrayed, used or done wrong? At some point in life, we all experience wounds from others. But, staying hurt is not okay. When we refuse to let go of the hurt, it turns to unforgiveness and unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die. It eats our lunch. This book is all about HOW to forgive, how to dig into the Bible when you’?ve been hurt and let the Word set you free. Forgiveness is how God does do-overs and it?s how He makes things new and gives us a fresh start. You and I were made new because He forgave us. Forgiveness is the key to cut the chain to our past hurts and to walk away free. This book shows the power of forgiveness and includes miracle stories about people who thought that forgiveness wasn?t the answer to their problems, but when they learned to forgive, their lives were transformed!

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  • Forgiveness And Justice


    Bringing practicality back to the work of forgiveness for counselors and pastors

    Much work in both academic and clinical counseling has focused on forgiveness and what, precisely, it means. We now know forgiveness offers both physical and psychological benefits. Yet despite all this exploration, most Christians are far from having a clear, consistent, theologically informed definition.

    Bryan Maier wants this conceptual ambiguity to end, especially for the pastor or counselor sitting across from a hurting person seeking immediate, practical help. The Christian counselor needs to be able to walk the client through the question, Can forgiveness coexist with justice?

    To this end, Maier examines current popular models of forgiveness, considering where they merge and diverge, and what merits each type of forgiveness has. He then delves directly into Scripture to discover the original model of God’s forgiveness to humankind. From there, he builds a new construct of human forgiveness with practical guidance to help those in counseling understand the concept theologically. In doing so, he demonstrates that our understanding that forgiveness leads to healing is inverted; being whole leads to true forgiveness, not the other way around.

    Forgiveness and Justice is extremely useful for any practitioner needing to form a useful, theologically sound understanding of forgiveness for those who come for help.

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  • Lenguaje Del Perdon


    Love does not grow by itself. It must be nourished daily with gentle words, trust, and good communication. When we allow hate, resentment and lack of forgiveness to take over, we start killing love. Distance takes its place, along with indifference, yelling, demeaning silences, and reproaches.

    Forgiveness is the bridge that enables dialogue to regain trust and strengthen the relationship. If we don’t forgive and ask for forgiveness, we may kill the joy of sharing our lives with others.

    *When arguing, humility brings out the best solution.
    *Do not hold grudges without forgiving or asking for forgiveness.
    *Complaining, insults, and mockery turns love away.
    *Approach your partner with gentleness.
    *Hold yourself accountable for your mistakes.
    *To experience a flourishing relationship, you must give your best every day.

    When there is true love, it’s never too late to appreciate it. Today is the best day to ask for forgiveness and start all over again!

    El amor no crece solo. Debe alimentarse cada dia con palabras de afirmacion, afecto, confianza y dialogo. Cuando dejamos que el rencor, la amargura y la falta de perdon se apoderen de nosotros, vamos matando el amor lentamente hasta producir un distanciamiento que se manifiesta con indiferencia, gritos, silencios que castigan y recriminaciones.

    El perdon es el puente que facilita el dialogo para recuperar la confianza, y fortalecer la relacion. Si no pedimos perdon y no perdonamos, podriamos matar la ilusion y la alegria de vivir juntos.

    *En una discusion, la mejor solucion la alcanza la humildad.
    *No acumules situaciones sin perdonar o pedir perdon.
    *La queja, el reclamo, los insultos y la burla alejan el amor.
    *Comunicate con amabilidad.
    *Admite los errores.
    *Decide cada dia que daras lo mejor de ti para hacer crecer la relacion.

    Cuando hay amor de verdad jamas es tarde para apreciarlo. !Hoy es un buen dia para pedir perdon, y volverlo a intentar!

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  • I Will Heal Their Land


    Burkhart Books
    Nancy and Bill spent over 30 years of their lives together and apart. Both highly educated people found themselves driven apart by fear and anger, medicated with substance abuse. Divorced, and in the midst of failed marriages, they found forgiveness for one another and healing for their marriage as they focused on the needs of their son. Enduring Nancy’s battle with cancer, Nancy and Bill are an example of God’s amazing grace.

    I Will Heal Their Land is the story of a couple who lost and found one another, and regained their purpose for living to serve God. They are living examples of the power of God to heal as promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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  • Forgiveness : The Freedom To Let Go


    I forgive you. These three little words are so simple, so complex, and yet so powerful! These words give us permission to let go of recent irritations or long-held grudges of minor offenses or festering hurts that keep us up at night. Relationships filled with resentment ultimately perish. Relationships filled with forgiveness ultimately prevail. Learn how you can be an expression of God’s grace by forgiving others and find the freedom He intended you to have.

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  • Forgiveness : How To Deal With Offenses


    It is impossible to avoid being offended. At some point in your life you must choose to forgive those who hurt you.

    Pastor Guillermo Maldonado is a man of God with a strong calling in the apostolic ministry. He is the founder of El Rey Jesus Church, which is recognized as the largest hispanic church in the nation known by its fast growth and great manifestations of the Holy Spirit. He received his Doctorate of Divinity at the Wagner Leadership Institute, and recently his Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Counseling at Vision University located in Lake Worth, Florida. Pastor Maldonado has spent the past 18 years dedicating himself to the study of God’s Word.

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  • Forgiveness : Releasing The Power Of Grace (Reprinted)


    We are commanded to forgive as we have been forgiven. Since we have been forgiven all, we must forgive all. This book will help you release the power of grace in your life.

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  • Avoiding The Trap Of Being Offended


    It’s easy to get offended at someone. Another driver cuts us off in traffic. The store clerk overcharges us. Our boss-or worse, our spouse – doesn’t treat us right. Sometimes all the facts tell us, You’re right and they’re wrong. You don’t have to forgive them! But forgiveness brings great rewards – greater than we realize. Readers learn in this no-nonsense message from seasoned author and pastor Kenneth W. Hagin that staying offended costs us, but forgiving those who wrong us pays the rich dividends of peace, restored relationships, and harmony.

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  • Choosing Forgiveness : Your Journey To Freedom


    Scripture says that offenses will happen. People will let us down and we will let others down, too. Forgiveness is left up to us to pray about and then practice. Far from minimizing the hurt of the offense, readers are called to understand that offering forgiveness and letting go of bitterness is the only way to walk in faithfulness. Drawing on biblical teaching of our call to forgive, Nancy shows the reader that forgiveness is a choice, and the only pathway to true freedom.

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  • Forgiving Others : Joining Wisdom And Love (Reprinted)


    Forgiving Others is a practical booklet on the art of forgiveness from a biblical perspective. Author Timothy S. Lane explains what forgiveness means, how to offer forgiveness, how to ask for forgiveness, and reasons why we don’t forgive – and how to change that.

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  • Total Forgiveness : When Everything In You Wants To Hold A Grudge Point A F (Rev


    It’s the most obvious and fundamental teaching of the New Testament, and yet it’s perhaps the hardest issue you will struggle with. After reading the best-selling Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall, you will want to go deeper with his life-changing message. Ideal for personal Bible study or discussion groups, this is a practical manual on how to forgive others and yourself.

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  • Forgiveness : The Mystery And Miracle


    When Annette Stanwick’s brother was tragically murdered, she never dreamed her journey of healing would take her to a place of forgiveness.

    The journey of healing wasn’t easy as she moved through the stages of grief, experiencing the pain, anger and confusion we all experience when crisis hits.

    Through an amazing turn of events the author felt led by God to publicly forgive her brother’s murderers in the courtroom. Forgiveness created a miracle in her life and heart; changing her so dramatically she developed a passion to help others find a way to heal from their own painful life situations, whatever they might be.

    That passion has taken her into university settings, inside prison walls, around boardroom tables, on speaking platforms and interacting with people living on the street.

    FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE – Finding Freedom and Peace at Last is an amazing account of that miraculous journey.

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  • Forgiveness : The Ultimate Miracle


    Forgiveness was written from a practical and personal point of view for one purpose – to set readers free! This book provides 10 practical steps to forgiveness. Readers will learn the life changing benefits of making forgiveness a habit.

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  • Forgiving Others : Key To Healing And Deliverance


    A Frank Hammond Booklet. ‘Forgiving Others: A Key To Healing & Deliverance.’ Unforgiveness brings a curse, and can be a major roadblock to the deliverance and freedom of your soul. Find the spiritual truths regarding the necessity of forgiveness and the blessings of inner freedom which result! Find out why 70 times 7 is for our benefit as much as for the people we forgive. Topics include: The Liberating Benefits of Forgiving Others, The High Cost of Not Forgiving Others, Characteristics & Benefits of True Forgiveness, A Specific Prayer For Forgiveness and For Forgiving Others, and more.

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