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    • Childrens First Dinosaur Encyclopedia


      Incredible dinosaurs are introduced in this beautifully illustrated encyclopedia, from the gentle giants Diplodocus to the terrifying T.Rex.

      This hardback reference guide is perfect for introducing children to the wonders of the dinosaur kingdom, covering favorite and lesser-known dinosaurs, as well as the reptiles and mammals they shared their world with. Their habitat, behavior, life cycle and appearance are discussed, as well as clear explanations as to how scientists find out about these magnificent prehistoric creatures.

      Each page contains intriguing and memorable facts accompanied by eye-catching photo-realistic illustrations in full-color, ideal for children aged 5+.

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    • 1 Minute Bible Guide


      Want a better grasp of scripture?

      The 1-Minute Bible Guides offer just that!

      This easy-to-read guide covers the 180 most important theological terms and concepts of scripture, offering:
      *a representative verse
      *a concise description you can read and digest in 60 seconds or less
      *and, as a bonus, additional references if you want to dig deeper!

      Over the course of the entries–read straight through or one per day like a devotional–you’ll gain a clearer view of the often surprising yet always logically consistent Christian faith:
      *and scores of others!

      You’ll learn how each concept plays an important role in the larger story of the Bible–the ultimate story of God’s love for humanity.

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    • Super Space Encyclopedia


      Explore our wonderful universe through stunning CGI illustrations and amazing stats that bring to life the incredible marvels that populate space.Perfect for curious kids, Super Space Encyclopedia showcases everything that is enthralling and mesmerizing about space, and explains how the human race has developed the technology needed to explore its depths. From astounding features in the solar system to unimaginable wonders in the far reaches of the universe, this book helps the reader explore the cosmos at a steady pace. Stunning photographs and digestible blocks of text combine with DK’s classic tradition of depicting information in a systematic way, immersing the readers in an unparalleled journey through the universe. Unravel the mysteries of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, investigate the explosion that created the Crab Nebula, and dig deeper into radio signals from spinning stars! Find out many more interesting super facts about space with Super Space Encyclopedia.

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    • Big Book Of Knowledge


      The perfect encyclopedia for any information-hungry kid who wants to boost their general knowledge, this pocket-sized book is packed full of facts.

      From earthquakes to Marco Polo, magnets to how the brain works, this fully updated book of knowledge covers just about every topic that a curious child will want to learn about.

      The perfect resource for school-aged children, this book will be a reference point for years’ worth of homework, research, and school projects. Updated photography and illustration are combined to show what others only tell you. Annotation points out the details that you might miss at first and gives you a detailed overview of every subject you can think of.

      A whole world of discovery awaits in the Big Book of Knowledge, and it will keep curious kids endlessly entertained and captivated.

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    • Ciencia


      Science as you’ve never seen it before.Illustrated with the latest CGI technology, this children’s encyclopedia brings a groundbreaking new visual approach to the world of science. Crystal-clear computer-generated artworks pack the pages to reveal and explain spectacular aspects of the scientific world. Bursting with astonishing 3-D images, Science! reveals core science in stunning detail, from nanoparticles and elemental forces to the phenomenal wonders of the universe.Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this book is packed with essential information and quirky facts that will appeal to both curious kids and interested adults. Easy-to-read, informative text encourages reading, and families will find fun, new science facts on every page.Adopting an inventive approach to science that goes beyond the basic school curriculum, Science! interweaves core physics, chemistry, and biology topics with space exploration, life on Earth, and amazing views inside the human body. Chapters on materials and machines bring fundamental forces and chemical reactions to life and show readers how things work.A perfect gift book for children, this science encyclopedia will become an indispensable homework aid for every household and the go-to reference for all things science.

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    • Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia


      Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is widely acknowledged to be one of America’s most important theologians and considered a fountainhead of American evangelicalism. He not only played an important role in his own time but also influenced the generations that followed in profound ways.

      With more than four hundred entries, The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia provides a wide-ranging perspective on Edwards, offering succinct synopses of topics large and small from his life, thought, and work. Summaries of Edwards’s ideas as well as descriptions of the people and events of his times are all easy to find, and suggestions for further reading point to ways to explore topics in greater depth.

      Comprehensive and reliable, with contributions from the premier Edwards scholars in the world, this encyclopedia will be the standard reference work on one of the most extraordinary figures in American history.

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    • Discovery Spaceopedia : The Complete Guide To Everything Space


      From a close-up look at the planets in our solar system to a deep exploration of mysterious, far-off galaxies, Discovery Spaceopedia takes kids on an amazing journey thought the stars. Created with an expert astronomer from Discovery Channel, Spaceopedia is filled with incredible facts, more than 400 full color NASA photos, and profiles of groundbreaking astronauts and scientists including Neil Armstrong, Edwin Hubble, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

      This definitive book on outer space is perfect for any kid who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what’s really out there. Readers will learn all about black holes, orbits, planets, galaxies, and constellations with special features on the Curiosity and Rosetta Comet landings, as well as the current number of earth-like planets in the universe that may have intelligent life!

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    • Animal Planet Animals


      Introducing the first encyclopedia book from Animal Planet–the leading brand for animal lovers–that tells the story of our planet’s animal life and celebrates our vital and humanizing connection with the animal world.

      Animals are…surprisingly human. Finding the ways in which people and animals connect may inspire the next generation to be true caretakers of Earth. Animal Planet Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia is a comprehensive look at the major animal groups, highlighting their unique but also relatable personalities and behavior.

      More than 2,500 animals from the seven major animal groups: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids, invertebrates, and fish are featured in 1,050 stunning full-color photos, plus dynamic illustrations, maps, and charts.

      Special book features include:
      A giant, removable poster featuring record-breaking animal kingdom facts and amazing photos of animals in action
      Embedded QR Codes that transport readers from the book page directly to Animal Planet’s L!VE animal cams across the world
      A comprehensive glossary, index, and study resources for extended learning in geography, climate change, biology, and ecosystems
      Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R (Reach Out. Act. Respond.) facts throughout discuss conservation and animal rescue efforts

      Highly accessible for both curl-up reading and dip-in reference needs, care has been taken to offer animal-loving families less work and more wow by weaving the taxonomic and biological information throughout the individual sections rather than putting it all up front. Specialist authors and life science experts offer, in words and pictures, the most up-to-date view of the animal kingdom, making it an ideal homework helper and a crucial family reference for the school years and beyond.

      A beautiful gift for any animal lover, a portion of proceeds benefits Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. (Reach Out. Act. Respond.) animal partner charities dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our communities and in the wild.

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    • Discovery Bugopedia : The Complete Guide To Everything Insect Plus Other Cr


      Calling all bug-obsessed kids! Did you know that insects make up the largest group of animals on Earth–numbering more than 1 million species? From rhinoceros beetles and regal jumping spiders to helpful honeybees and noisy cicadas, Bugopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Insect is the ultimate visual guide to the creepiest, crawliest, and coolest creatures in the world!

      With more than 400 color photos featuring amazing macro views and life-size images of insects, Bugopedia lets kids explore species they may already know of and introduces them to all 30 classes of insects. Discover how insects play important roles within our ecosystem and learn fascinating trivia about extreme bug behaviors, record breakers, and more from the science experts at Discovery.

      Want to meet more incredible creatures? Check out the other books in the Discovery Opedia series: Sharkopedia, Snakeopedia and Dinopedia!

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    • Super Human Encyclopedia


      Children are astounded at the human body and are eager to learn about the processes that are going on inside them. Super Human Encyclopedia offers a new perspective on the human body for kids by highlighting the truly extraordinary processes behind the body’s everyday functions. Packed with interesting facts, from how we keep cool and how memories are made to how we fight infections and how many muscles we use to smile, Super Human Encyclopedia reveals the extraordinary facts about the human body from the strength and flexibility of the human skeleton to the incredible way the brain works. Featuring real superhumans, including memory champions, contortionists and free divers, the book features the characteristics that take them to human extremes and showcases their remarkable records of speed, power, acceleration, heart rate and a host of other fascinating facts. With artwork and text appropriate for children 10 and older, Super Human Encyclopedia showcases from head to toe how extraordinary the human body is. Supports the Common Core State Standards

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    • Cat Encyclopedia : The Definitive Visual Guide


      More than 86 million Americans own at least one cat (that’s 10+ million more than own a dog). Cats are truly Americans’ favorite pets.

      Offering everything you need to know about cats in one easy-reference volume, The Cat Encyclopedia features stunning photographs of cat breeds from around the world combined with expert advice on kitten and cat care, and a celebration of cats in art and culture.

      The Cat Encyclopedia is packed with information on the characteristics, origins, and behaviors of each type of cat, and includes beautifully photographed profiles of the world’s cat breeds.

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    • Enciclopedia De La Biblia


      Esta enciclopedia es ideal para nios a partir de 9 aos de edad. Contiene datos precisos y actualizados, y es ideal como recurso para la educacion religiosa en colegios. Su diseo es claro e invita a su lectura. Ofrece articulos exploratorios, ilustraciones, mapas, fotografias, diagramas y cuadros de referencia que fomentan el aprendizaje acerca de cada tema.

      Authoritative, accurate, and age-appropriate, these one-stop reference books for ages 9+ cover key areas of religious education. With a clear and engaging layout, the book features exploratory articles, illustrations, maps, photographs, diagrams, and cross-referenced side boxes to help children learn about the subject matter.

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    • Lion Encyclopedia Of Jesus


      This complete reference book to the life and work of Jesus covers not only the biblical information, but also sets the life of Jesus within the historical and geographical context of the first century. It also demonstrates how Jesus’ teaching inspired the Christian faith and continues to influence the world. Episodes from Jesus’ life are told through extracts and adaptations from the Gospels, selected and arranged to present His birth and boyhood; His ministry, teachings, parables, miracles, friends, and enemies; the events leading up to His death; and the impact of the resurrection. These are all linked to information about how the gospels came to be written, where the events took place, and what else we know about the historical background. Feature-length articles are accompanied by a range of illustrations, maps, photos, and diagrams to produce a clear and engaging visual layout, resulting in a refreshing, appealing, and accessible onestop guide to learning about Jesus. Comprehensive yet accessible, this family reference will inform both children and parents.

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    • Encyclopedia Of Christian Literature


      The written word is one of the defining elements of Christian experience. As vigorous in the first century as it is in the 21st, Christian literature has had a significant function in history, and teachers and students need to be reminded of this powerful literary legacy.

      Covering 2000 years, The Encyclopedia of Christian Literature is the first encyclopedia devoted to Christian writers and books. In addition to an overview of the Christian literature, this two-volume set also includes nearly 40 essays on the principal genres of Christian literature. This work also contains more than 400 bio-bibliographical essays describing the principal writers and their works. These essays examine the evolution of Christian thought as reflected in the literature of every age.

      The companion also features bibliographies, an index, and illustrations, including photographs of rare Bibles and Books of Hours, as well as contemporary Christian authors and books. Other special features include a chronology of Christian Literature and rankings of both the 100 Greatest Christian Writers and the 100 Greatest Christian Books.

      The encyclopedia will appeal not only to scholars and Christian evangelicals, but students and teachers in seminaries and theological schools, as well as to the growing body of Christian readers and bibliophiles.

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    • Lion Encyclopedia Of World Religions


      This illustrated, high-quality reference book provides students and families with concise, accurate, and age-appropriate information on the variety of faiths around the world today. Each entry includes color maps, graphs, and sidebars to put the faiths into a broader context, making this a great resource for Christian school and home school families.

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    • Fundamentals Of Catholic Dogma


      Long considered to be one of TAN’s most essential titles, The Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, is widely recognized as one of the greatest summaries of Catholic dogma ever put between two covers.

      This one-volume encyclopedia of doctrines explains exactly what the Church teaches on any particular topic. It includes information on when a pronouncement was made and provides the sources from Scripture, Church Councils, Papal statements and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

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    • New Encyclopedia Of Archaeological Excavations In The Holy Land 1-5 (Revised)


      This revised and updated edition of the classic in its field is an essential reference tool for all students of Christianity. Listing archaeological sites vital to an accurate understanding of the origins and developments of the great western religions, it also contains app. 100 pages on ancient Churches and Monasteries. Organised alphabetically and in four volumes this comprehensive work contains over 400 articles prepared by more than 150 scholars around the world. Lavishly illustrated with more than 2000 maps, plans, charts and drawings.

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    • AMGs Encyclopedia Of Jesus Life And Time


      SKU (ISBN): 9780899574769Mark WaterBinding: Cloth TextPublished: 2005Publisher: AMG Publishers

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    • Encyclopedia Of Catholic History (Revised)


      Still the most comprehensive, most critically acclaimed, single-volume compendium on the Church’s past – from Pentecost morning to today’s pontiff.

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    • Enciclopedia De Problemas Sico


      SKU (ISBN): 9781560630005English: Encyclopedia Of Psychological ProblemsSpanishClyde NarramoreBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2004Publisher: Editorial Unilit Print On Demand Product

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    • Encyclopedia Of Contemporary Christian Music


      This groundbreaking work covers both major and minor Christian music artists and those associated with Christian music from the ’60s to the present day, highlighting their influences, their struggles, and their achievements. Powell treats each artist or group with a balanced, intriguing, and fresh look into their background and discography. Every entry summarizes critical response to the group, and provides band member lists, complete discographies, lists of awards, artist website addresses, and biographies of the artists. The fun, easy-to-read writing style provides fans with accessible information on their favorite artists, while also encouraging them to greater appreciation of the stylistic breadth and historical depth of the music they have come to love. The CD-ROM features a searchable version of the complete text for both Windows and Macintosh systems, as well as live links to artist-websites, album information, and music clips.

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    • Nichols Pocket Bible Encyclopedia (Large Type)


      Answers many questions about Christianity and the Bible. About the size of a pocket New Testament. Fits in a pocket or purse. Excellent for new Christians and for Christians doing personal work. An ideal graduation gift.

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    • New Encyclopedia Of Archaeological Excavations In The Holy Land 1-4


      Organized alphabetically, this comprehensive work describes and analyzes archaeological excavations carried out during the past century or more in the Holy Land, on both sides of the Jordan. With 365 articles prepared by more than 200 scholars from around the world, the Encyclopedia presents a rich and extensive body of archaeological material. An extensive bibliography is appended to each article. No other work compares with the scope and authority of this Encyclopedia, or its scholarly significance.

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