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  • Introduction To Ecclesiology (Revised)


    What is the church? Why are there so many different expressions of church throughout time and space, and what ties them all together?

    Ecclesiology–the doctrine of the church–has risen to the center of theological interest in recent decades. In this text, theologian Veli-Matti Karkkainen provides a wide-ranging survey of the rich field of ecclesiology in the midst of rapid developments and new horizons. Drawing on Karkkainen’s international experience and comprehensive research on the church, this revised and expanded edition is thoroughly updated to incorporate recent literature and trends. This unique primer not only orients readers to biblical, historical, and contemporary ecclesiologies but also highlights contextual and global perspectives and includes an entirely new section on interfaith comparative theology. An Introduction to Ecclesiology surveys.

    *major theological traditions, including Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Reformed, and Pentecostal

    *ecclesiological insights from Latin American, Africa, and Asia

    *distinct perspectives from women, African Americans, and recent trends in the United States

    *key elements of the church such as mission, governance, worship, and sacraments

    *interreligious comparison with Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist communities

    As the church today encounters challenges and opportunities related to rapid growth in the Majority World, new congregational forms, ecumenical movements, interfaith relations, and more, Christians need a robust ecclesiology that makes room for both unity and diversity. In An Introduction to Ecclesiology students, pastors, and laypeople will find an essential resource for understanding how the church can live out its calling as Christ’s community on earth.

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  • People Of Gods Presence


    In an age when the church is sometimes viewed as irrelevant and inauthentic, leading Pentecostal theologian Terry Cross calls the people of God to a radical change of structure and mission based on theological principles not programmatic ones. Cross, whose work is respected by scholars from across the ecumenical landscape, offers an introduction to ecclesiology that demonstrates how Pentecostals can contribute to and learn from the church catholic. A forthcoming volume by the author, Serving the People of God’s Presence, will focus on the role of leadership in the church.

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  • Ecclesiology In The New Testament (Student/Study Guide)


    The earliest Christians thought of themselves in communal terms. They did not simply make individual commitments to Jesus as God’s messiah; they constituted themselves as communities shaped by the in-breaking of God’s realm. They likely learned to do so from Jesus himself. When he summoned an inner circle of his followers and numbered them twelve, he signaled that his ministry had the character of a reform movement within Israel. In his work of preaching, healing, exorcism, and prophetic sign actions, Jesus shaped his followers into what would eventually become the church. By transgressing contemporary religious and social boundaries in his ministry, he planted the seeds of the church’s later inclusion of non-Jews. This book will investigate New Testament texts about the church from a comparative standpoint. That is, the various authors adopt different metaphors for their communities-family, assembly, nation, priesthood, and so on–to make varying claims about how they ought to live together and how they ought to live among their neighbors. In their descriptions of themselves as the church, Christians implicitly and explicitly describe their theology but also the Roman empire, the Jerusalem temple, the synagogue, popular philosophical circles, and first-century domestic order.

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  • 7 Practices For The Church On Mission


    1. The Lord’s Table
    2. Reconciliation
    3. Proclaiming The Gospel
    4. Being With The Least Of These
    5. Being With Children
    6. The Fivefold Gifting
    7. Kingdom Prayer

    Additional Info
    Jesus gave his followers seven key practices:

    The Lord’s Supper
    Proclaiming the gospel
    Being with the least of these
    Being with children
    Fivefold ministry gifting
    Kingdom prayer

    When we practice these disciplines, God becomes faithfully present to us, and we in turn become God’s faithful presence to the world. Pastor and professor David Fitch shows how these seven practices can revolutionize the church’s presence in our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the kingdom.

    Our communities can be changed when they see us practicing our faith. Go and do.

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  • Understanding The Holy Temple Jesus Knew


    Understanding the Holy Temple Jesus Knew: The Background to Key Gospel Events is a companion volume to Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament by the same authors. Its aim is to provide a backdrop to the Gospel scenes that depict Jesus moving throughout the courts of the Temple, a place where he performed many of his most significant acts. The authors begin at the Holy of Holies, the central focus of the complex, and follow Jesus and his contemporaries through the great Sanctuary of Israel. Stopping off at many points along the way, they reflect on scenes such as the Presentation in the Temple, Jesus’ visit at age twelve, and the rending of the veil between the Holy and the Most Holy at his crucifixion. Their exploration in Understanding the Holy Temple Jesus Knew is facilitated by the richly detailed reconstruction drawings that accompany the lively text of this latest publication by the Ritmeyers.

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  • When The Church Was A Family


    Spiritual formation occurs primarily in the context of community. But as the modern cultural norm of what social scientists call radical American individualism; extends itself, many Christians grow lax in their relational accountability to the church. Faith threatens to become
    I not us, a my God not our God concern.

    When the Church Was a Family calls believers back to the wisdom of the first century, examining the early Christian church from a sociohistorical perspective and applying the findings to the evangelical church in America today. With confidence, author Joseph Hellerman writes intentionally to traditional church leaders and emerging church visionaries alike, believing what is detailed here about Jesus’ original vision for authentic Christian community will deeply satisfy the relational longings of both audiences.

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  • Tabernacle Workbook : Lesson Guide With 12 Fun Lessons (Workbook)


    The Tabernacle Workbook
    This workbook is packed with reproducible activity and information sheets on the Tabernacle, the sacrifices, the furnishings (including the Ark of the Covenant), the priests’ garments, and the symbolism that points to Jesus. Includes diagrams of the Tabernacle, drawings of all of the furnishings, and pictures of the High Priestly garments. Includes worksheets, codes and clues, puzzles, and activities. Perfect for youth or adults.

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