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Decision Making

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  • Making Faithful Decisions At The End Of Life


    By exploring the ethics of resisting and accepting death from a Christian perspective, Nancy Duff encourages Christians to talk about death in the context of Christian faith. Making Faithful Decisions at the End of Life helps readers use biblical and theological perspectives regarding death to inform end-of-life decisions, consider where they stand on withdrawing life support and supporting death with dignity laws, and take steps in planning for their own future.

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  • Decision Is Yours


    A quality decision – one that requires determination and discipline. From the day a person is born into this world, he is faced with a constant series of choices:

    Jesus or Satan
    good or evil
    Right or wrong

    Kenneth Copeland shares his victory over a weight problem to illustrate how vital a decision of quality is!

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  • Matter Of Choice


    In this world, making the right decisions isn’t always easy unless you already know the answers. In this straightforward minibook, Kenneth Copeland shows you how – by faith – you can find supernatural solutions to everyday problems. You’ll learn:

    How to have the mind of Christ by thinking God’s thoughts
    How to hear God’s voice in every decision you make – big or small
    How making decisions by the anointing produces holiness in your life.

    If you’re looking for the solution to a tough problem, be sure you find the right one…after all; it’s A Matter of Choice!

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  • Sign Posts On The Road To Success


    This little treasure is written in the style of Norman Vincent Peale. The book guides the reader to identify latent talents and gifts and how to bring out the best in ourselves.

    This inspiring little book will stir and challenge you. It is a collection of short talks on the secret of success… the dynamic truths contained in this little book have changed countless lives. This book should be given to every high school and college student to challenge them. Many executives of big national companies see that each salesman and company officer has a copy of this stirring little book. When you know that Christ is your Lord and Saviour, you will know that God is in you, that His ability is your ability, you will know that you can win. God will be the strength of your life.

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