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  • DaySpring Hope And Encouragement Bible


    The DaySpring Hope & Encouragement Bible is an extraordinary women’s devotional Bible published by Tyndale. A visually and spiritually rich pantry of devotionals, inspirations, and promises provides year-long encouragement to complement the Bible text in the clear and trusted New Living Translation.The DaySpring Hope & Encouragement Bible will be published at a time when people need the perspective and reassurance that only God’s Word can provide. Through the pages of this Bible, readers will be reminded that God will sustain and encourage them as they seek to emerge from dark times. This pandemic, together with issues that stressed a divided country, has exacted a toll. But the Bible reveals a God who is able and willing to do more than we can ask or even think. This Bible is important because as we seek God in his Word and in our weary prayers, he will show us the way forward.

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  • THRIVE Devotional Bible For Women


    The THRIVE Devotional Bible for Women is for every woman who wants to know God more deeply and follow Him more closely. God’s design for His children is that they live flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives in Christ. Bestselling author and beloved speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd has devoted over 30 years of her ministry to helping women learn how to thrive in Christ, reflect God’s glory, and gain an eternal perspective.Sheri Rose invites women to join her on a yearlong journey through the Bible in THRIVE. The daily devotionals capture the very heart of her ministry by helping women discover their identity in Christ; God’s purpose and plan for their lives; and how to flourish in a faith that is pure, genuine, and life-giving.Each day’s devotional reading contains a key Scripture, a love letter from God, a reflection from Sheri Rose, a treasure of truth, and a special prayer for the reader.Sheri Rose encourages women to leave all their concerns and struggles at the foot of the cross so they can truly thrive as the women God created them to be.This beautiful women’s devotional Bible features a rose and black interior printed on high-quality cream Bible paper.

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  • Everyday Matters Bible For Women


    Here is a Bible for today’s busy Christian woman that addresses everyday matters important to her daily life. Interspersed throughout the text are more than 300 entries written by well-known Christian writers that address 24 elements of everyday life that refresh, nourish, and invigorate. Every article, profile, Q&A and sidebar note carries the topical icon that it refers to, and appears with a related Bible passage. The Everyday Matters Bible for Women uses the New Living Translation (NLT) and is the one Bible every woman will love!

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