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    • Illustrated And Annotated New Testament For Catholics


      The Illustrated and Annotated New Testament for Catholics contains the complete text of the New Testament from the New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE), ideal for devotional reading and study. It includes the full NAB introductions and notes to facilitate understanding by providing details about the text and translation, as well as historical and theological context.

      The notes included in the side margins are new to this New Testament. Written in an accessible style, they help the reader understand the world of the Bible and connect the text to our lives as Christians in today’s world.

      This 608-page book includes hundreds of color illustrations to enhance the reading of the text: great artworks from the past millennium as well as photographs of places mentioned in the biblical text.

      The Illustrated and Annotated New Testament for Catholics is a unique and attractive instrument to encourage Bible reading and study among youth and adults alike. It is an effective tool for youth and adult Bible study as well as Confirmation and RCIA programs.

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