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    Marriage Preparedness

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    • From Me To We (Unabridged)


      Engaged? Soon-to-Be Engaged? Or Just Thinking about Building a Healthy, Vibrant, Godly Life Together as Husband and Wife? . . .

      Marriage is not for the faint of heart.
      Men, look at Ephesians 5:28: So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself.
      Men, are you ready to make a commitment such as this?
      Ladies, are you ready to hop on his train? Consider Ephesians 5:22: Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord.
      How are you both going to work out that verse as a couple? Anyone fighting yet?

      From Me to We is a transparent, surprisingly honest, and widely informative guide that will inspire readers to safeguard their marriage by tackling tough questions and issues before they say, I do. Lucille Williams, pastor’s wife and trained Prepare/Enrich Marriage Facilitator, offers straight-talk about marriage with unprecedented insight as well as challenges and discussion questions–a must-have tool for premarital counseling. This compelling, entertaining, and insightful guide covers topics including the all-important question of Why are you getting married? as well as forgiveness, communication, expectations for marriage, baggage, sex, and money–all from a biblical perspective.

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    • Buyers Renters And Freeloaders (Unabridged)


      Tired of revolving-door romance? Ready for a relationship that goes the distance? Then listen for Dr. Harley’s Romantic Relationship Attitudes Questionnaire and see if you and your partner are Buyers, Renters, or Freeloaders! These three attitudes reveal what you can expect of each other in the future.

      Are you or the person you’re dating a Freeloader, unwilling to put much effort into caring for another person?

      Is one of you a Renter who views the relationship as tentative and will provide only short-term care?

      Or are you ready to be Buyers, willing to invest the time and energy it will take to make your relationship last?

      Not sure?

      Filled with personal examples and practical advice, Buyers, Renters and Freeloaders will help you assess relationship attitudes and transform a Freeloader or Renter into a fully committed Buyer. You’ll even learn how you can try out the Buyer attitude before you decide to become one. So settle in and prepare to exchange your lease for a deed!

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