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    • Beyond Design Is The Designer (Unabridged)


      You’ve just moved into your new house or apartment, and you don’t know where to begin. Should you paint? Should you try and accommodate everything you need to decorate? How do you find those things? Maybe you are wondering what to keep and what to discard. Whether you’re married or single, and whatever your questions, Beyond Design is the Designer will assist you in all your design and decor needs. But wait. There’s a twist. Author Vikki DelGado reveals how to find the only true peace in decorating your new abode. Whether a studio apartment or a mansion, every homemaker must look to the Creator in deciphering what will work to help them find peaceful design in their home. Don’t just fill your house with idols or decor that you don’t know the origins of. Don’t just buy into Feng Shui without learning what it really is. DelGado’s Beyond Design is the Designer will help you put more thought into your design and provide practical solutions and pertinent Scriptures along the way.

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    • Decorating With God (Unabridged)


      ‘What would it take for you to feel confident in decorating your home? We pray for all sorts of things, but have you ever prayed for guidance from God concerning your house? Do you have financial concerns? All the more reason to involve God in your decisions; God is the ultimate decorator.’ In this inspiring book, author Jan Scurlock combines spiritual belief with practical applications to help readers find peace in their decorating decisions. She puts an interior design spin on clothing personalities, shares fun facts about color, and adds a Christian take on feng shui, all of which can aid in determining your color scheme, furniture arrangement, and accessories. Also included is a question-and-answer session with a professional contractor, who provides insight into the world of painting. And through it all, Jan will show you how asking God for guidance in every design choice can make a huge difference in the way your home comes together. Bring balance and order into your home by Decorating with God today!

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    • 1 Plus 1 Equals 1


      The main theme of 1+1=1 is the message of the angel which deals with the final destiny of man, but there are many personal stories that will increase your faith and give you courage for the days ahead. There is truth in this book that you may have never read before. It is the author’s desire that you see as far and as clearly as he does.

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