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    • Journey Into Ryhthms


      GeoDeo Educational Resources

      Have you seen an African dance performance or a Native American powwow where drummers gather in a circle around dancers wearing beautiful costumes? Have you ever seen a music stand in front of these drummers? No! The reason? These musicians know how to improvise. The music comes from deep within the person. The Journey Into Rhythms CD teaches how to bring out the inner beat. All you need are your hands and a love for music. Your students will learn rhythms and apply them to your favorite songs. These techniques can be applied to any instrument and to dancing. Research shows rhythm brings out creativity, builds confidence, and enhances learning. Free lesson plans available. Details enclosed. Let the music begin! Ages 5-Up

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    • Journey Into Africa Songs


      This rollicking Journey Into African Songs CD will help your children learn and remember facts about each African region covered in the Journey Into Africa Resource Book. They’ll sing about the queen of Sheba, gorillas in the Congo rain forest, and camels crossing the Sahara. They’ll retain all the countries of Africa (and you will, too.) Traditional African songs are also included. Free full page printouts of the songs with guitar chords are available.

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