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    • Unparalleled : How Christianitys Uniqueness Makes It Compelling (Unabridged)


      How Christianity’s Unmatched Truth Answers the Deepest Longings of Every Human Heart
      To the popular objectionAren’t all religions basically the same?pastor and author Jared Wilson answers with an enthusiasticNo!Christianity is not merely one among many similar options. It is categorically different–and it’s these differences that make it so compelling.
      InUnparalleled, Wilson holds up the teachings of the Bible to the clear light of day, revealing how Christianity rises above every other religion and philosophy of the world, and how its unmatched truth answers the deepest longings of every human heart. He provides an overview of Christianity’s key claims showing how, from top to bottom, it is distinct from all other competing ideologies, religious and secular. Christians will come away with a fresh sense of the truth of their faith and nonbelievers will be compelled to consider the relevant claims of Christianity in a drastically new light.

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    • New Birth Or Rebirth


      In this thought-provoking evangelistic tool, Subramaniam, a real-life Hindu of the twentieth century, observes a fictitious conversation between two religious figures as they respond to each other’s views of life and the afterlife. Soon Subramaniam joins in with hard questions of his own. Meanwhile, Richard, a fictional character, eavesdrops, asking himself the most important question of all: Does it really matter what I believe?Written by a Hindu who converted to Christianity, New Birth or Rebirth invites readers into a balanced and insightful dialogue between Jesus and a deity of the third-largest religion in the world. The fourth book in the Great Conversations series by Ravi Zacharias, this creative narrative is for readers interested in knowing the facts about Christianity and Hinduismand in discovering why faith really matters.

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    • Agape Love : A Tradition Found In Eight World Religions










      Native American Spirituality

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      Overall, this compact book offers the reader insights into love and the commonality and thread by which all religions are united. Sir John Templeton offers a unique look into what all religions have to offer in agape.

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