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    • She Dreams : Live The Life You Were Created For (Unabridged)


      Every woman was born to dream-to live a life of beauty, passion, adventure, and purpose. Our dreams, no matter how big or small, push us to become women of courage, grace, and grit. In His goodness, God breathes new dreams within our hearts and revives the dreams that have died, inviting us to trust Him as we follow impossible dreams that only He can bring to pass-because God not only gives dreams; He fulfills them.

      In She Dreams Tiffany Bluhm encourages you to discover and follow your God-given dreams as you consider how dreams take shape through practices such as reflecting, collaborating, lifelong learning, pursuing passion, counting the cost, praying, holding onto hope, and trusting God. Looking to the biblical story of Moses, who lived out the God-sized dream given to him, she exposes the ancient wisdom God offers every woman with a dream within her soul. Through the encouraging account of God’s heart and hand in Moses’ life, as well as the examples of ordinary women, she dares you to say yes to the dreams the Lord is stirring in your own heart, trusting Him to bring them to pass as He breathes blessing and hope into your soul. The companion study guide and DVD will help you to dig deep into the life of Moses for a six-week study experience. From his birth in Egypt to his life in the wilderness, Moses’ story reveals how God calls, equips, and trains us to pursue the dreams He plants within our hearts. The study guide includes everything needed for a group study, including five personal lessons for each week, guided video notes, group discussion questions, and tips for leaders/facilitators.

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    • Life And Theology Of Paul (Unabridged)


      Much of what we know about theology–about justification, adoption, sanctification, and glorification–comes directly from the writings of the Apostle Paul. If we removed Paul’s writings from Scripture, our understanding of these truths would be greatly impoverished. Paul’s inspired writings and the story of his life continue to be a precious gift to the church. Dr. Guy Prentiss Waters leads us on a doctrinally enriching and spiritually edifying journey from Paul’s life, conversion, and call to key themes in his theology.

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    • David The Great (Unabridged)


      KING DAVID was a complicated, conflicted man of flesh. But too often he is viewed as an Americanized shepherd boy on a Sunday school
      felt board or a New Testament saint alongside the Virgin Mary. Not only does this neglect one of the Bible’s most complex stories of sin and
      redemption; it also bypasses the gritty life lessons inherent in the amazing true story of David.

      Mark Rutland shreds the felt-board character, breaks down the sculpted marble statue, and unearths the real David of the Bible. Both noble
      and wretched, neither a saint nor a monster, at times victorious and other times a failure, David was through it all a man after God’s own heart.

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    • Courageous Women Of The Bible (Unabridged)


      How Women Can Live with Boldness and Confidence Every Day

      Every woman knows it’s easy to lose sight of the heavenly power of God at work in our lives during times of hardship, exhaustion, stress, and change. But no matter the situation–whether it’s our health, marriage, finances, family, or vocation–God has equipped all women with the power and influence to live freely and confidently.

      With warmth and a welcoming style, speaker and award-winning writer LaTan Roland Murphy illuminates eleven courageous women in the Bible and shows how each was uniquely positioned for success because of her courageous choices. From Deborah to Jael to Mary, Murphy shows that these women chose to draw near to God; as a result, they were equipped with power for the supernatural ability to live courageous lives despite often undesirable circumstances. These stories will inspire women of all ages to trust God, minister to others, and live confidently and courageously no matter the season of life or what lies ahead.

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    • Empathy For The Devil (Unabridged)


      Do we have anything in common with the bad guys of the Bible?

      The sins of wrath, idolatry, and abuse of power are closer to us than we think. How do we guard against them? We learn not only by following moral exemplars we also need to look at the warnings of lives gone wrong. In this fictionalized narrative, JR. Forasteros reintroduces us to some of the most villainous characters of Scripture. He shows us what we can learn from their negative examples, with figures such as Cain, Jezebel, King Herod, and even Satan serving as cautionary tales of sin and temptation. Forasteros vividly tells their stories to help us understand their motivations, and his astute biblical and cultural exposition points out what we often miss about their lives. We soon discover that we might have more in common with these characters than we would like to admit. But by the grace of God, we can avoid their mistakes and be freed from our own villainous tendencies.

      Take a fresh look at the scoundrels of Scripture, and find sound pastoral guidance here to walk the path of righteousness.

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    • World David Knew (Unabridged)


      The World David Knew will reveal to readers how the story of David fits into major events in the world of his time.

      The profound contrast between story and facts will take the reader on an intriguing and thought-provoking journey into the compelling challenges of David’s life as a shepherd boy turned king and the powerful faith of one of the Bible’s most beloved characters. In addition to painting emotional and sociological struggles, modern readers will learn of the difficulties and challenges of daily living, such as sourcing water, living in new lands, dealing with different people groups, enemies, family struggles and more. Woven throughout, readers will learn much about the broader ancient world.

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    • Paul And His Team (Unabridged)


      What can we learn about leadership and influence from Paul?

      Most Christians know something of the Apostle Paul’s life and ministry, but what about the incredible team of influencers he assembled and mobilized? Who were they, and how did Paul lead this team to accomplish God’s purposes? Even more, what can we learn from their successes and failures, and how can we imitate their qualities?
      These are the questions that inspired Ryan Lokkesmoe, PhD, to write Paul and His Team.
      Like a church-ministry version of Team of Rivals, it reveals important principles about leadership and influence by showing how this early ministry team:
      Adapted to cultural, doctrinal, and interpersonal challenges
      Found common ground with their audiences
      Led baby believers toward maturity
      Stayed united despite differing opinions
      Equipped others for the work of the ministry
      Conducted their lives with self-discipline
      Built and maintained strategic partnerships
      Navigated sensitive cross-cultural situations
      Persisted through difficulty, frustration, and fractured relationships
      Persevered when ministry was discouraging
      Developed leaders to replace them

      Whether you are in a position of leadership or are simply a passionate follower of Christ, you are an influencer that God is using to build His church. And while Paul and His Team certainly reveals a lot about Paul’s character as a leader, it also highlights both prominent and obscure members of his team to offer a textured portrait of the early church’s influence in spreading the gospel.

      Let’s learn from the men and women God used to build the church, letting them shape our leadership and influence as we continue their work.

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    • Really Bad Girls Of The Bible (Unabridged)


      When it Comes to Badness, There’s Nothing New Under the SunIn her best-selling book Bad Girls of the Bible, Liz Curtis Higgs breathed new life into ancient stories depicting eight of the most infamous women in scriptural history, from Jezebel to Delilah. Biblically sound and cutting-edge fresh, Bad Girls already has helped thousands of women experience God’s grace anew by learning more about our nefarious sisters.And there are more where they came from! With Really Bad Girls of the Bible, Liz reveals the power of God’s sovereignty in the lives of other shady ladies we know by reputation but have rarely studied in depth: Bathsheba, the bathing beauty. Jael, the tent-peg-toting warrior princess. Herodias, the horrible beheader. Tamar, the widow and not-so-timid temptress. Athaliah, the deadly daughter of Jezebel. And three ancient women whose names we do not know but who have much to teach us: the ashamed Adulteress, the bewitching Medium of En Dor, and the desperate Bleeding Woman.The eye-opening stories of these eight Really Bad women demonstrate one really life-changing concept: the sovereign power of God to rule our hearts and our lives with grace, compassion, and hope.

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    • Bad Girls Of The Bible (Unabridged)


      Women everywhere marvel at those good girls in Scripture– Sarah, Mary, Esther, but on most days, that’s not who they see when they look in the mirror. Most women (if they’re honest) see the selfishness of Sapphira or the deception of Delilah. They catch of glimpse of Jezebel’s take-charge pride or Eve’s disastrous disobedience. Like Bathsheba, Herodias, and the rest, today’s modern woman is surrounded by temptations, exhausted by the demands of daily living, and burdened by her own desires.

      So what’s a good girl to do? Learn from their lives, says beloved humor writer Liz Curtis Higgs, and by God’s grace, choose a better path. In Bad Girls of the Bible, Higgs offers a unique and clear-sighted approach to understanding those other women in Scripture, combining a contemporary retelling of their stories with a solid, verse-by-verse study of their mistakes and what lessons women today can learn from them.

      Whether they were Bad to the Bone, Bad for a Season, but Not Forever or only Bad for a Moment, these infamous sisters show women how not to handle the challenges of life. With her trademark humor and encouragement, Liz Curtis Higgs teaches us how to avoid their tragic mistakes and joyfully embrace grace.

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    • Day I Met Jesus


      Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ met face-to-face with people just like you. Broken, imperfect, sometimes fearful and without hope. The Day I Met Jesus is a beautifully crafted narrative that chronicles the remarkable encounters of five women in the Gospels who were desperate to find wholeness, security, and purpose. Like all of us, these women struggled with the regrets of their pasts, the stresses of their presents, and the worries of their tomorrows.Join Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth on a fascinating journey back in time as they retell the dramatic accounts of five women who met Jesus. Each narrative is told from each woman’s unique perspective, yet tightly grounded in the Gospel accounts and faithful to first-century history. Elegantly written and profoundly stirring, this book blends creative narrative with uncommon insight, spiritual depth, and practical application.If you are someone who seeks a renewal of hope, faith, and love, The Day I Met Jesus will make your Bible come to life and usher you into a fresh encounter with your Lord.

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    • Life And Theology Of Paul (Unabridged)


      1, Introduction To Paul
      2. The Conversion And Call Of Paul
      3. Paul’s Gospel And The Two Ages
      4. Paul’s Gospel – Sin I
      5. Paul’s Gospel – Sin II
      6. Paul’s Gospel – Justification I
      7. Paul’s Gospel – Justification II
      8. Paul’s Gospel – Sanctification I
      9. Paul’s Gospel – Sanctification II
      10. Paul’s Gospel – Sanctification III
      11. Paul And The Church
      12. Paul And The Future

      Additional Info
      Before being beaten and imprisoned, planting multiple churches, and authoring much of the New Testament, Paul had no equal as a Pharisee in his dedication to the law and his persecution of the early church-but God called Paul to be an Apostle. Join Dr. Guy Waters in this twelve-part series as he identifies key moments in Paul’s life and considers the essence of Paul’s God-centered theology. Paul’s inspired writings and the story of his life continue to be a precious gift to the church, used by God to encourage and equip His people in every generation.
      Twelve 23-minute messages, including Spanish navigation and dubbed equivalent.

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    • Apostle : A Life Of Paul (Unabridged)


      An acclaimed biography of the early church’s greatest evangelist–the Apostle Paul. Master storyteller John Pollock makes Paul and his amazing story freshly alive.

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    • Tale Of Three Kings (Unabridged)


      This modern classic will bring light, clarity, and comfort to the brokenhearted.

      Many Christians have experienced pain, loss, and heartache at the hands of other believers. To those believers, this compelling story offers comfort, healing and hope. Christian leaders and directors of religious movements throughout the world have recommended this simple, powerful, and beautiful story to their members and staff.

      You will want to join these other people who have been profoundly touched by this incomparable story.

      This tale by Gene Edwards is based on the biblical figures of David, Saul, and Absalom.

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    • Job : A Man Of Heroic Endurance (Unabridged)


      The trials of Job are legendary. One righteous man suffering so many calamities, so much heartache. But despite the fact that many have heard about Job and his trials, not many people truly understand what those trials were all about and what God was trying to accomplish through them. Job himself was confused about it all. What did I do to deserve such suffering? Job cried out. // Eventually, though, through tough questions and unexpected answers from God, Job gained new insights on suffering, patience, and endurance. And, more importantly, he learned how deeply he was loved by God. // Sooner or later, we all go through our times of suffering and heartache, and the ancient story of Job offers timeless truth for us if we’ll only listen. Now, in this illuminating study of Job’s life, Charles Swindoll, in his trademark warm and insightful style, helps readers understand the key to developing heroic endurance.

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    • Paul : A Man Of Grit And Grace (Unabridged)


      Paul’s life was never dull. First appearing in the New Testament as a violent enemy of Christ, Paul later went on to not only put his faith in the risen Lord but to pen thirteen letters of the New Testament–in the midst of being beaten, shipwrecked, snakebitten, imprisoned, and chased out of town. Let Charles Swindoll be your guide as you travel down the road to Damascus with Paul and discover the passion for Jesus that drove this hero of the faith.

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    • Elijah : A Man Of Herosim And Humility (Unabridged)


      Exploring the depths of Elijah’s fascinating life as a prophet of God in Great Lives: Elijah, Charles Swindoll does not gloss over his human weaknesses; rather, he presents an honest picture of this ordinary man whom God transformed into His personal spokesman to confront idolatry and evil in the ancient world.

      Alone, Elijah faced off with over four hundred prophets of the false god Baal…and won. Yet, on another occasion, he became so terrified of a woman that he ran for his life. He was Elijah – the man in a whirlwind, the humble hero.

      In a world that has lost its way, due in part to the lack of balanced, godly leadership, we are more than ever in need of a few Elijah – like men and women who are not afraid to live courageously among their peers as they walk humbly with God.

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    • David : A Man Of Passion And Destiny (Unabridged)


      In this first volume of the Great Lives series, Charles Swindoll shows how David proved his love for God many times over in an extraordinary life that left an enduring legacy of faith.

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    • Joseph : A Man Of Integrity And Forgiveness (Unabridged)


      This third volume in Charles Swindoll’s Great Lives series presents a fresh look at one of the most intriguing characters in the Old Testament.

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    • Esther : A Woman Of Strength And Dignity (Unabridged)


      In the second volume of the Great Lives series, Charles Swindoll celebrates the story of Esther and reveals how every Christian can live a transformation story.

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    • Moses : A Man Of Selfless Dedication (Unabridged)


      In the fourth volume of his Great Lives series, Charles examines the faith and dedication of one of the most influential figures in Old Testament history.

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    • Jesus : The Greatest Life Of All (Unabridged)


      This next release in the Great Lives series unveils the life of Jesus and inspires readers with insight, teaching, and historical information. In Great Lives: Jesus, pastor and Bible teacher Charles R. Swindoll dives into the life of the Savior. The book’s message presents theologically rich content and a straightforward, honest, and chronological journey that appeals to readers’ hearts as well as their minds. Along the way, Dr. Swindoll’s trademark warmth and insight offer up life application for the reader drawn straight from the words and works of Jesus. As Dr. Swindoll writes, The power of His resurrection is a quiet, transforming force that results in the steady growth of hope and life within the believer. Encountering the great life of Jesus is all a believer needs to truly experience that power.

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    • Cultivating Purity In An Impure World


      Sexual purity . . . impossible?

      Through the encounters of Bible heroes, David and Joseph, Chuck Swindoll reveals the practical steps it takes to cultivate purity in a sex-crazed world. God offers a way of victory . . . so begin the journey today.

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    • Acts Of The Apostles


      Tongues Of Fire
      Angel In Prison
      The Persecutor From Tarsus
      Miracles Greater Than Magic
      Captured At Damascus
      The Turning Point
      A Woman Named Gazelle
      The Great Escape
      The Great Adventure Begins
      Adventures In Stormy Mountains
      The Stoning Of Paul
      Songs In The Dungeon
      Slave Boy Of Corinth
      Riot In Ephesus
      Paul, A Prisoner
      The Stormy Battle

      Additional Info
      Bible stories from the New Testament about the early Christian Church: Pentecost, Peter, James, John, life of Paul and his missionary journeys. Stories are not in other albums.

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    • Adventuring With God


      Individual Messages In This Series:

      Reaching Our World
      Birthing The Church
      Touching Others’ Lives
      Being Transformed
      Prevailing Through Prayer
      Adjusting To Change

      Additional Info
      The writer of the book of Hebrews said, Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

      Faith played a critical role in the early church; God’s hand was constantly at work in the book of Acts. By faith in God and through the power of the Holy Spirit, the church took root and grew boldly and boundlessly. The Christian life was an adventure!

      We have that same Holy Spirit at work in our lives today. What serendipitous adventures might God have in store for us? We can trust God while Being Transformed and expect God’s movement as we are Prevailing through Prayer, even in seemingly impossible circumstances. Consider this series by Chuck Swindoll a catalyst to submitting your life to the adventure of faith God has in store for you.

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    • Retreat With John The Evangelist


      SKU (ISBN): 9780867164701Raymond Brown | Narrator: Ronald WitherupBinding: Audio CassettePublished: 2001Publisher: Franciscan Media

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    • Fascinating Stories Of Forgotten Lives


      Individual Messages In This Series:

      Often-Overlooked Lives Of Significance
      Cain: The Farmer Who Murdered His Brother
      Abraham: The Father Who Released His Son
      Esau: The Son Who Couldn’t Win
      Achan: The Man Whose Sin Brought Calamity
      Samuel: The Boy Who Heard God’s Voice
      Saul: The King Who Refused To Bow

      Abigail: The Woman Who Saved Her Husband’s Neck
      Absalom: The Rebel Prince Charming
      Rehoboam: The Reckless Phony
      Jabez: The Unknown Who Became Well Known
      Naaman: The Officer Whose Leprosy Was Cleansed
      Gehazi: The Servant Who Got Greedy
      Uzziah: The Leader Who Became A Loser

      Additional Info
      Do you want to be famous?
      Many people would answer that question without hesitation-yes! But God, more often than not, does some of His most significant work through His forgotten few, as Chuck Swindoll reminds us in this Old Testament study.

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    • Paul : A Man Of Grace And Grit


      Individual Messages In This Series:

      May I Introduce To You Saul Of Tarsus
      The Violent Capture Of A Rebel Will
      The Memorable Faith Of A Forgotten Hero
      The Necessity Of Solitude, Quietness, And Obscurity
      Mission Underway . . . Thanks To The Lesser-Known
      Out Of The Shadows
      Finding Contentment In God’s Sufficient Grace
      The Pleasure Of Being In Ministry Together
      Released In Order To Obey
      The Jagged Edge Of Authentic Ministry
      A Game Plan For Facing Extreme Circumstances

      The Day Two Missionaries Duked It Out
      Traveling As Paul Traveled
      Preaching As Paul Preached
      Leading As Paul Led
      Responding As Paul Responded
      Thinking As Paul Thought
      Dealing With Critics As Paul Did
      Standing Tall As Paul Stood
      How To Handle A Shipwreck
      Arrested, Confined, But Still Effective
      Shackled, Deserted, But Still Undaunted

      Additional Info
      Ever feel like the worst of sinners? So did Paul.

      But God’s mercy changed a man of hate and self-righteousness into a person of grace and grit. Join Chuck Swindoll as he examines how the Lord helped Paul through rejection, distress, harm, solitude, and suffering-all because of the overwhelming sufficiency of God’s grace.

      True grit. True grace. The same can be true of you.

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    • Life Of David


      15 Messages

      Additional Info
      Shepherd, hymn-writer, and murderer – God chose a man who would fill each of these roles to sit on the throne of Israel. And it was through his family that the great king of the Jews would come. In this series, R.C. Sproul examines the life of David and his character as revealed in Scripture. In honestly evaluating this flawed leader, Dr. Sproul reminds us that David’s repentance is what made him a man after God’s own heart. Audio CD. Fifteen 23-minute messages.

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