God's Creative Power Will Work For You
Bestseller - Over 4 Million Copies in Print
Capps, Charles By (author)

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ISBN13: 9780982032060
ISBN: 0982032064
UPC: 000000068538
Vendor Name: Charles Capps Ministries
Released: Jul 27, 1985
Language: English
Group: Books
Format: Paperback
Category: General Interest, General Topic , Tracts and Booklets


This best selling minibook, in English, Charles Capps shows how you can learn to release the ability of God by the words of your mouth. Includes scriptures and confessions to follow for several subjects and circumstances. Fear-filled words will defeat you, but faith-filled words will put you over! Over 4 million copies of this booklet are in print. People use this booklet to make their daily 'Word' confessions. Many people buy dozens of these gems and give them away, producing some great miracles in people's lives.
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