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Examining Exclusive Claims For The King James Bible

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Manufactured On Demand Title Is there only one inspired Bible? The debate over the veracity of modern translations of the Bible continues to create confusion in the minds of believers who know that Scripture lies at the heart of the Christian faith. Yet many don't understand why some believers insist that the King James Version is the only accurate translation of the Bible. "King James Only" proponents claim it is the only choice for those who want the "inspired" Scripture as their guide for faith and practice. Pastors and church members alike need solid, sensitive answers to the ongoing questions they confront in ministry regarding the KJV. This honest examination of the "King James Only" position offers a balancred and scholarly presentation of the issues based on biblical and historical evidence. The authors, each associated with Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, address the issues of origin, textual variant, and fallibility by drawing on the best current scholarship.

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