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Gods Army Arising In Love

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In the kingdom of God, our every work will be measured by love. There are many that believe they know Jesus and serve Him. There are others that are deceived in believing that their works are from the Holy Spirit. However why is it that there are still divisions in the church? Why do people not discern the works of the Holy Spirit? Why is everyone that is supposed to be on the same team working against one another? Why do many take on the position of the accuser of the brethren? Every team needs to work together not against one another and love is the answer. We need to be like minded and walking in truth, because those that are led by Holy Spirit will be called sons of God. If you have questioned the works of the Holy Spirit, then this book will challenge you to consider whether or not you truly can call Jesus Christ Lord. By loving Him we will love others, and where the church is going we must have one accord love.

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