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Earn Save Give Program Guide Flash Drive



John Wesley believed money was important as a way of expressing and living out Christian faith. To Wesley, the task was simple: earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can. In this essential little book, pastor and author James A. Harnish presents Wesley’s concepts and beliefs in plain, useful language, suitable for individuals to grapple with and groups to discuss and act upon. The four chapters of this book form the basis for a four-week churchwide stewardship program, along with the DVD, Leader Guide, Youth Study Book, Children’s Leader Guide, and the Program Guide on flash drive. The Program Guide, delivered in electronic files on a flash drive, gives an overview of the four-week stewardship program and provides guidance and advice on planning and implementing the program. Includes are sample announcements, letters, email and Twitter text, plus graphics for presentation slides, posters, and flyers.

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